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Black, Wm., spin men, 22 Kirk St., Calt. ; ho. 16 do.
Black, William, coal-miister, Go Jamaica street ;
house, Whiteiigg (by Airdrie).
Black, William, 1 3 Blytliswcod square.
Black & Wingate, manufacturers and printers, 9
Royal Exchange square; cotton spinning und
weaving factories, Kelvinhaugh.
Black, Mrs. James, 2;J2 St. Vincent street.
Black, Mrs. John, 14 South Kiiining place.
Black, Mrs. John, 110 Hill street, GarnethilL
Black, Mrs. John, 9 Abbottford place.
Black, Mrs., Villafield house. Barony.
Black, Mrs., 17 Claremont street.
Black, Mrs., 49 West Ecgent street.
Black, Jliss, children's and ladies' dressmaker, 43
Holmhead street.
BLACKADDER, David, Bank of Scotland ; house,
129 Renfrew street.
Blackadder, James, umbrella and parasol manu-
facturer, and gutta percha merchant, 71 Main
street, Anderston ; house, 73 do.
BLACKBUKN, David, 5 Lynedoch crescent.
Ijlackburn, Hugh, professor of mathematics, Glas-
gow College ; house, do.
Blackburn, John, hosier, glover, stock, shirt, and
dressing-gown maker, 172 Buchanan street ; house,
71 Abbotsfordpl. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Blackburn, Low, & Co., ship and insurance brokers
and commission merchants, 135 Buchanan street.
BIjACKHALL & Scott, comb and brush warehouse,
63 Argyle arcade.
Blackhall, John, comb, brush, perfumery, and carpet
bag manufacturer, &c., 6 Queen street.
BLACKIE, Alexander, tailor and clothier, lOG Ren-
tield street ; house, 110 do.
Blackie, Fred., furniture dealer, 43, 44 Ea. Clyde st.
Blackie, John, sen., of Blackie <^' Son; house, 20
Kew terrace, Great Western Road.
Blackie, John, jun., of Blackie ^f Son ; house, Lily-
bank, Hillliead.
Blackie, Robt., of Blackie ij- Son ; house, 34 Lyne-
doch street.
Blackie & Son, publishers and booksellers, 36 North
Frederick street.
Blackie, W. G., & Co , pi inters and stereofypers, 50
St. James's road.
Blackie, W. G., of W. G. Blackie ij- Co. ; house,
10 Kew terrace, Great Western road.
Blackie, William, ginghnm and stripe manufacturer,
M'Neil street, Canilachie.
BLACKLEY, John, factor on Milton and Castle-
milk estates, 113 St. Vincent street ; house, 99
Breadalbane terrace, Garnethill.
Blackley, Mrs. James, 92 Sauchiehall street.
Blacklay, Mrs. Agnes, flesher, 79 So. Wellington st.
BLACKLOCK, D., & Co., ironmongers, shipchaud-
lers and flagmakers, 32 Clvde place.
Blacklock, D., of D. Bluc'klock .j- Co. ; house, 14
Gloucester street.
BLACKSTOCK, Thomas, grocer, 15 Hospital st.
Blackstock, William, at George Dalfjligh ij- Co.':;;
house, 47 North Albion street.
Blackstock, William, flesher, 379 Argyle street ;
house, 49 Cadogan street.
Jilackstock, Mrs., 1 North Albion court.
Blackstock, Mrs. James, 105 South Portland street.
BLACKWELL, Samuel, 10 Monteith row.
BLACKWOOD, Andre^y, of Blackwocd i.^- M- Lean,
8 Florence place, Stanley street.
Blackwood, George, beadle, Regent Place Church,
Blackfriars street ; house, 56 Old Vennel.
Blackwood, Geo. & Jacob, billposters, 8 College st.
Blackwood, Isaac, grain merchant, 11, 13 Macfar-
lane st. ; house, 32 do.
Blackwood, J., & Son, clothiers and outfitters, 2
Jamaica street, and 211 Argyle street.
Blackwood, James, of J. Blackwood ij' Son ; house,
Cessnock road, Govan road.
Blackwood, John, dairyman, 50 So. Cobiirg street.
Blackwood, John, draper, 26 Clyde terrace.
Blackwood & M'Lcan, merchants, drvsalters, and
commission agents, 46 Howard street.
Blackwood, William, cotton yarn agent and mer-
chant, 86 Ingram street ; house, 21 ALbotsford pi.
Blackwood, William, valuator and auctioneer. Royal
Exchange, North area ; house, 'JG Regent terrace.
Blackwood, Williim, gilder and picture frame
maker, 9 Stirling street; house, do.
BLAIKIE, John, & Co. patent machinery belt ma-
nufacturers, 22 London street.
Blaikie, John L., at T. (J- D. Wilson cf Co.'.?, 145
Ingram street.
BLAIKLEY, Samuel, 1C5 Cowcaddens street.
BL.^IR, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 7 Argyle .'■t.
Blair, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant,
131 Eglinton street; house, 100 Renfrew street.
Blair, Alexander, brewer, Alloa; Archibald Fraser,
agent, 25 Queen street,
Blair, Archibald, confectioner and pastry baker, 139
London street ; house, 49 Gallowgate.
Blair, Archibald, wriglit and builder, lOG Cam-
bridge street ; house, 21 Buckingham torracf,
Great Western road.
Blair, Camfibell, & M'Lean, coppersmiths and bras.s-
founders. Union place, North street, Anderston.
Blair, Campbell, tea and coffee merchant and grocer,
121 Trongate, and 21 Jamaica street; house, 95
Douglas street.
Blair, Dugald, grocer & provision mercht., 45 Mait-
land street; house, 106 K'enfrew street.
Rlair, George, M.A., 7G AbbotsforJ Place.
Blair, George, of Blair (f White; ho. 185 Crown st.
Blair, George, metal broker, factor, & ageiit for Bir-
mingham, Sheflielcl, and other wares, 33 Virginia
street ; house, 2 Portland jdace, Hillhead.
Blair, Horatius, writer, 62 St. George's jjlace ; ho.
Greenbank, Govan road.
Blair Iron Office, 1 Moore pi.. West Geoi'ge street.
Blair, James, of Blair, Sandeman, cf- Co. ; house,
133 North street.
Blair, James, house factor and propeity agent, 28
Crown street.
Blair, James, of Blair, Campbell, cj' St'l.eon ; ho.
16 Napier place, Jlinerva street.
Blair, James, upholsterer & cabinet maker, 128 Hope
street ; house, 25 Maxwell street.
Blair, James H-, & Co., ship chandlers, 180 Broon;-
ieUw : house, 115 Dumbarton road.
Blair, John, Broomloan cott.Tge, Govan. Letters
left at 45 West Nile sticet.
Blair, John IL, victualler, 280 High street ; houS(,
3 New Vennel.
Blair, John, of John Blair t.j Co. ; hou.'e, Knowf,
Blair, John, wine & sjiiiit merchant, 55 Clyde
place. Trade- ton.
Blair, John, painter & paper hanger, 69 Garscule
road, Cowcaddens.

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