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BIRKELL, Alexander, of Walker, Birrell, (f Co. ;
house, 2 Hampton court terrace, Renfrew street.
Birrell, Dawson, of [Vaison, Chamberland, cj- Birrell;
house, 4 Granville place, St. George's road.
Birrell, George, commission merchant and insurance
agent, 17 Gordon street.
Birrell & Iletheringtou, shoemakers and leather cut-
ters, 17 Caiidleriggs.
Birrell, J. G. & P., shoemakers and leiitlier merchts ,
24, 2G Princes st. ; ho. 8 Palmerston place. Upper
Crown street.
Birrell, William, of Win Euing tj' Co.\ house, 70
Cumberland street. Queen's terrace.
BISHOP, Archibald, baker, Sauchiehall street.
Bishop, Thomas, ironmonger, ship chandler, tin-
smith, and flagmaker, 6 Clyde place; house, 50
Dundas street, Kingston.
BISSE r, Alexander, cabinetmaker and upbolste.-er,
76 Sauchiehall street ; house, 78 di\
Bisset, Robert, wright, 91 Maitland street.
Bisset, Robert, spirit dealer, 56 Crown street.
Bisset, William, comuiis. mercht., 181 New City rd.
Bissett, Misses, dressms. & milliners, 181 N. Cityrd.
BLACK, Adam, house painter, 102 Cumberland
street, Hutchesontown.
Black, Alex., grocer, 121 Rottenrow.
Black, Alexander, of Black cj- Robson; house, 18
W^oodside place.
Black, Andrew, saddler, 7 West Campbell street.
Black, Andrew, meichant, 11 St. Enoch square; ho.
Bank Top, Johnstone.
Black, C. & R., iron merchts. and commission agts.,
155 London street ; house, 62 Charlotte lane.
Black, D. & G., bakers and flour merchants, 70
Kirk street, Calton.
Black & Douglas, wrights, 19 Marlborough street;
house, do.
Black, David, woollen draper, 28 Gallowgate; house
Hampton court terrace.
Black, David, commission merchant, 91 Hutcheson
street ; house, Partickliill.
Black, David, of D. ij- G. Black ; house, 30 Main
street, Calton.
Black, David, & Co., wireworkers and wire-cloth
manufacturers, 49 Trongate.
Black, David, carter and coal agent, 12 Low Green
street; house, 125 Saltmaiket, back land.
Black, Donald, cowfeeder, 217, 221 Holm street.
Black, Duncan, reedmaker, 2-1 High st. ; house, do.
Black, Duncan, pastry baker, 35 Candleriggs; house,
G East Nile street.
Black, Gavin, 39 Tobago street.
Black, Gavin, tobacconist, 23 Main St., Bridgeton.
Black, George, writer, 46 West George street; house,
26 Cumberland street. West.
Black, Geo., of B. (J- G. Black; ho. .SO Main street,
Black, Henry, chimney-sweeper and soot merchant,
71 Stoclcwell street.
Black, Henrj-, mason ; yard, 385 Parliamentary
road ; house, 50 Rentield street.
Black, Hugli, wine & spirit dealer, 20G Broomielaw.
Black, Hugh, dairyman, 221 Stirling's road.
Black, James, & Co., manufacturers and calico
printers, 23 Royal Exchange square.
Black, James, 17 Monteith row.
Black, James, & Co., weaving factory, 1 Peel street.
Black, James, of Marshall cJ- Black ; house, 52 Buc-
cleuch street.
Black, James Spens, of Craigmaddie, of John Black
^ Co , 64 Gordon street.
Black, James, & Son, goods and cotton yarn mer-
chants, 106 Virj;inia place.
Black, James, o/ James Black if Sun ; house, 8 Burn-
bank terrace.
Black, Jas., refiner of wine, «S; bottler, 59 Renfrew st.
Black, James, sen., 20 Monteith row.
Black, James, at W. P. Patons ; house, 34 Paterson
street, Kingston.
Black, James, commission merchant, 91 Hutcheson
street ; house, Partickhill.
Black, James, ship chandler, 26 Dale street; house,
Wellington buildings. Paisley road.
Black, James, of Black ()'■ Wingate, 9 Exchange sq.
Black, James, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Rope-
work lane ; house, 1 4 East Howard street.
Black, James, carter, 162 East Milton street.
Black, James, superintendent of City Receiving
House, 1 Shuttle street ; house, 9 College street.
Black, John, of MacCallum, Grahame, cJ- Black ;
house. Myrtle cottage, Govan.
Black, John, confectioner, 82 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 53 do.
Black, John, rf Ilarvie, Black, 4' Co. ; house. Fern-
bank, Bisho[ibridge.
Black, John, draper, 8, 9 Clyde terrace ; house, 12
Great Clyde street.
Black, John, & Co., calico-printers, 64 Gordon street ;
■works, Milngavie.
Black, .John, & Co., hemp and wire-rope, sail, and
sailcloth manufacturers, 27 Lancefield quay.
Black, John, of John Black if Co. ; ho. 5 Royal erst.
Black, Dr. John, 4 Macfarlaue street.
Black, John, clothier and hatter, 35 Queen street ;
house, 44 Noifolk street.
Black, John, fish merchant. City Fish Market, Jail
square; house, 50 Miller's place.
Black, J. & H., bakers, 157 Gallowgate.
Black, Jonathan, house factor, 36 Cavendish street.
Black, Malcolm, currier and leather merchant, 81,
83 M'Alpine street ; house, 79 do.
Black, ]\Ialcolm, drysa'.ter and commission merchant,
116 St. Vincent street; house, 9 Abbotsford pi.
Black, Patrick, spirit merchant, 80 and 82 Salt-
market ; residence, Portrush, Ireland.
Black, Peter Y., cf Baird, Black, cj- Dill; house, 12
Glasgow street, Hillhead,
Black, Philip, 31 Lynedoch street.
Black, Robert, of Black if Wingate; residence, Dal-
muir house, Dalmuir.
Black, Robert, architect, IG Cornwall pi., Grafton st.
Black, Robert, tailor and clothier, 32 Argyle street.
Black, Robert, house factor, 51 liridge street; house,
45 Wallace street.
Black, Robt. j\I., of Plncoffs (f Co.; 9 Abbotsford pi.
Black, Robert, smith, vice and machine maker, 310
Stobcross street, Finnieston; ho. 15 Cranston st,
Bl.'ick & Robson, accountants and sharebrokcrs, and
agents for the West of England Fire and Life In-
surance Company, 13 Prince's square.
Black, Thomas, spin mer., 187 Highst. ; ho. 189 do.
fjlack, Thomas, slater, 324 Hamilton pi., Partick.
Black, Thos., & Co., contractors, 30 Parkhouse la.
Black, Thomas Morton, surveyor of taxes, 52 Vir-
ginia street.
Black, Thomson, chimney-sweeper, soot-merchant,
and slater, 151 Gallowgate and 31 Renfrew lane.
Black, William, wholesalegrocer, 49 Ea. Howard st.

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