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Barr, Rev. James, D.D., minister of St. Enoch's ;
house, 197 St. Vincent street.
Barr, Jas., baol^b. and stat., 21 Canning St., Calton.
Barr, James, of Hunter cj' Barr •,\ua. 42 Dundas st.
Barr, James, of William Barr ^ Son's ; house, 280
Bath street.
Barr, James, salesman, at William Hutchison tf Co-'s;
house, IG Garscadden street.
Barr, James, & Co., wholesale cap manufacturers,
145 Argyle street and 3 St. Enoch lane ; house,
89 Paisley road.
Barr, John M., baker, 24 Nicholson street.
Barr, John, at James Hutcheson cf Go's; house,
4 Jane street, Bljthswood square.
Barr, John, dairj-man, 68 St. James's road.
Barr, John, wine and spirit merchant, 74 High
street; house, 12 Ure place.
Barr, John, 3G Commerce street.
Barr, John, of White cJ- Barr ; ho. 3 Buccleuch st.
Barr, John, victualler, 138 Great Hamilton street.
Barr, John, at D. iS^ A. Cuthbertson' s ; house, 150
Buccleuch street.
Barr, John, dairy, 2 Portugal st. & 70 Saltmarket.
Barr, John, engineer, boiler-maker, and iron ship-
builder, 100 Clyde street, Anderston ; house, 15
Eichard street.
Barr, John, victualler, 149 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 145 do.
Barr, Laurence, wright, 74 Cumberland street.
Barr, Peter, rope and twine manufacturer, Upper
Crown street ; house, 22 Bedford lane.
Barr, Robert, clerk and cashier, '59 Bishop street;
house, 4 Eichard street.
Barr, Robert, & Co., com. merchts., 24 Howard st.
Barr, Robert, of Robert Barr cj- Co. ; house, 12
Florence place, Stanley street.
Barr, Robert, engineer, of D. Coo^ cj Co .; house,
12 Gloucester street, Kingston.
Barr, Robert, of Barr cj- Eiuing ; house, 76 Great
Hamilton street.
Barr, Robert, baker, 78 Thistle street.
Barr, Robert, brickmaker and builder ; brick works,
Whitevale ; house, 87 Great Hamilton street.
Barr, Samuel, teacher of music and pianoforte seller,
197 Buchanan street.
Barr, Thomas, provision merchant, 233 Argyle
street ; house, 239 do.
Barr, Walter, commission merchant, 17 Oswald
street ; house, Woodside villa. Go van.
Barr, William, oil and colour merchant, 77 Main
street, Gorbals ; house, 3 Edwin place, Surrey st.
Barr, William, of Barr cj Buchanan; ho. 12 Ure pi.
Barr, Wm., win. & spir. mer., 85, 87 Jamaica st.
Barr, Wm., of William Barr<^- Sons; ho. 7 Albany pi.
Barr, William, warehouseman, 22 Nicholson street.
Barr, William, & Sons, muslin manufacturers., 64
Gordon street.
Barr, William, general grocer, 350 Gallowgate ; ho.
63 Abercromby street.
Barr, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 26 Bedford lane.
Barr, Mrs., silk dyer and crape dresser, 143 Gallowg.
B ARRAS, William, at J. cj- G. Burns'; house, 57
Abercrombj' street.
Barrhead & Neilston Railway Station, head of
Main street, Gorbals.
BARRETT, Wm., clothier, 1 Bridgegate and 160
BAERIE, Andrew, portioner, 8 Dyer's lane, off
St, Andrew's square.
Barrie, John, grocer, 107 Nelson street, Tradeston ;
house, 105 do.
Barrie, John, hill clerk to Addle, Miller, ij- Rankin,
Port-Dundas ; house, 74 Maitland street.
Barrie, John, branch pilot, 38 Pollock st. Kingston.
Barrie, Thomas, at J. D. Barker's 18 Glassford st.
BARRON, Alexander, house factor and insurance
agent, 24 Rutherglen road.
Barron, James F., of Wilson cj Barron; house, 466
St. Vincent street.
Barron, James, engraver, 42 Argyle street.
Barron, "William, 23 South Portland street.
BARROW, F. A., drysalter and com. agt. 14 Tur-
ner's ct. ; ho. 1 6 Napier place, Sandyford.
Barrowfield Chemical Works, Duncan st. Calt.
Barrowfield Dye and Print Works, Eutherglen
bridge, Henry Monteith & Co.
Barrowfield Weaving Mill, Peel street, Mile-end.
BARROWMAN, Peter, spirit dealer, 172 New Dal-
marnock road.
BARRY & Anderson, Misses, private Asylum for
Ladies, Springbank Retreat, 369 Garscube road.
Barry, David, hairdresser, 5 Canning street, Calton ;
house, 169 Great Hamilton street.
Barrv. John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 1 5 Centre st.
BARTHOLOMEW, Alex., of Bay, Bartholomew, cj
Co. ; house, 177 Renfrew street.
Bartholomew, Hugh, engineer and manager. City
and Suburban Gas Co. ; works, 122 OldDalmar-
nock road ; house, 116 do.
Bartholomew, John, & Co., starching and d3-eing
works, 9 South Cumberland street.
Bartholomew, John, & Co., merchants, 180 West
George street.
Bartholomew, John, of J. Bartholomew cj Co. 180
West George street.
Bartholomew, Robt., of J. Bartholomew cf Co.; house,
234 West George street.
Bartholomew, Mrs., lodgings, 48 North Frederick st.
BARTON, Philip, 10 South Portland street.
Barton, Wm., rope and sail maker, 91 Warroch
street, and 106 Cheapside street; house, 21
St. Vincent crescent.
Barton, Mrs. B., 10 South Portland street.
Barton, Mrs., boarding-house, 108 Broomielaw.
Baktonshili., Coal Company, coalmasters, 159
West George street.
BASS, EatclifT, & Gretton, brewers, Burton-on-Trent;
Bulloch & Co., agents, 41 Dunlop street.
BATES, Mrs. Dr., 68 St. Vincent crescent.
BATHGATE, James, at the Glasgow Pottei-y, 353
Dobbie's loan.
Bathing Establishment, vapour baths of all kinds,
360 Argyle street, nearly opposite York street.
— See Advertisement in Appendix.
Bathing Establishment, 23 Hutcheson street.
Bathing Establishment, 36 Hill st. Anderston.
Bathing Establishment (A'ictoria), 106 W^e. Nile st.
BATTISON, J. & T., grocers & pro. dccilors. 32
Dundas st. & 3 Douglas st. ; ho. 424 Parliamen-
tary rd.
BATTY, Richard, of John APNair <^- Co.; ho. 105
Breadalbane terrace. Hill street.
BAUMAN, William, of Leisler, Bock, cf- Co.; ho. 16
Burnbank terrace.
BAXTER, A. G., of Baxter cJ- Smith; ho. 206
Baxter, Alex. W., of Wm. Chisholm ^- Co.; ho. 50
King St. Tradeston.

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