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Baptist Chapel, 21 Hope street; Rev. Dr. James
Paterson, minister, 268 Bath street,
BARBER, Miss Isabella, boot and shoe binder, 19
George street.
BARBOUR, John, draper, 18 Govan street.
Barbour, Peter, grocer, 133 Ganigadrd. ; ho. 135 do.
Barbour, Robert, of Barbour cf Stewart; house, 12
Kelvingrove street.
Barbour & Stewart, plumbers and lead merchants,
118 Bothwell street.
BARCLAY & Company, commission merchants, 17
Gordon street.
Barclay, David, cork-cutter, 13 Brown street,
Bridgeton ; house, G2 Muslin street.
Barclay, Ebenezer, clothier, 19 London street:
house, 2 Morris place, Monteith row.
Barclay, Elder, & Co., merchants, 12 Dixon street.
Bai'clay, George, of Barclay, Paton, cf- Co. ; house,
22 Canning place.
Barclay, Hugh, monumental sculptor, Sighthill
cemetery; house, 58 Taj'lor street.
Barclay, James R. of Barclay, Elder, <f Co ; house ,
1 Avondale place. Paisley road.
Barclay, James, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Malta
street, Gorbals.
Barclay, John, wine & spirit mercht., 22 Cook st.
Barclay, Paton, & Co., merchants, 39 Hutcheson st.
Bai-clay, Perkins, & Co.'s London porter store,
Carron wharf, Port-Dundas.
Barclay, Phillips, & Co., ship smiths, braziers, tin-
smiths, and furnishing ironm., 58 Anderston qu.
Barclay, R., & Curie, wood and iron ship-builders,
boat-builders, joiners, blacksmiths, painters, and
block-makers, 59 M'Alpine st. ; Slipdocks, foot of
Broomielaw, and Clydeholm, Whiteinch.
Barclay, Robert, of Bohert Barclay cf Curie ; house,
G Fitzroy place.
Barclay, Robert, of James Donaldson cf Co. ; house,
12 Somerset place.
Barclay & Son, slaters, 14 Main st. Calton ; house,
133 London st.
Barclay, Robert, Dalmarnock print works, Bridgeton.
Barclay, Robert, at D. tf J. Smith's; house, 115
Thistle street, Hutchesontown.
Barclay, Thomas, of Barclay, Phillips, <^- Co. ; house
71 Waterloo street.
Barclay, Thomas, writer, &c., 41 Virginia st. ; house
174 Sauchiehall street.
Barclay, Thomas, pattern designer for woven fabrics,
59 Bridge street.
Barclav, William, spirit dealer, 1 Barony st. ; house
37 High street.
Barclay, William, registrar, and agent for the North
of England Fire and Life Insurance Co., 34 Kent
street ; house 1 North Ure place.
Barclay, William, die sinker, stamp cutter, and
wood engraver, 11 Miller street.
Barclay, William, bootmaker, 39 High street ; house,
12 Princes street.
Barclay & Watt, architects, 136 Buchanan street.
Barclay, Mrs. J., broker, 27 Bishop st. Anderston.
BARKER, D. C, at T. C. Orr's ; house, 84 North
IT iiuover street.
Baiker, George, boot and shoemaker, 2 Argj-le
arcade ; house, 6 Croy place.
Barker, Henry M., 84 North Hanover street.
Barker, J. D., general warehouseman, and umbrella,
cap, boot, and slioe manufacturer, 18, 20 Glassford
.street; house, 10 Newton street.
Barker, John, brush and basket manufacturer, 3 &
5 Candleriggs ; house, 93 London street.
Barker, Samuel, master mariner, 60 Paterson street,
BARLA.S, George, hairdresser and perfumer, 16J
Buchanan street ; house, 63 Commerce street.
Earlas, Mrs., 20 Sandyford place, Sauchiehall street.
Barlas, Misses, southern private institution for the
education of young ladies, 8 Maxwelton place.
BARLOW, Thomas C, firework artiste, 84 Pinnies-
ton street; house, 130 Brooiuielaw. — See Adver-
tisement in Appendix.
BARLOWE, T., musician, teacher of the cornopean
and clarionet, and trumpeter to the Glasgow Yeo-
manry cavalry ; house, 130 Broomielaw.
BARNES, Robert, at St. Rollox Glass Worhs ; ho.
194 Stirling's road.
BARNETT, Henry Chas., auctioneer, house factor,
and commission agent, 90 London street.
Barnett, Hugh, of Small cj- Burnett ; house 112 Rot-
Barnet, James (late of Edmiston & Barnct), joiner
and builder, 83 Paisley road ; house, SO Alma pi.
Paisley road.
Barnet, James, of Robert Alexander <f Co. ; house,
7 Clifton place.
Barnett, Samuel, at William M'Lean ^- Co.'s, ; ho,
100 Crown street.
Barnet, William Henrv, bookbinder, 3 Stanhope st.
BARNHILL, Alexander, of Alex. Barnhill cf Co.;
house, 84 Buccle.uch street.
Barnhill, Alex., & Co., commission merchts., agents
de la Corapagnie d' Assurance Generales Maritimes
de Paris, 52 Howard street.
Barnhill, James, & Co., tanners, 63 Spontmouth, &
90 Old Vennal.
Barnhill, James, of James Barnhill (|- Co. ; house,
111 Breadalbane terrace, Garnethill.
Barnhill, Mrs., senr., 90 Buccleuch street.
Baeont Church (Established), Towuhead; Rev.
N. M'Leod, minister.
Baronj' Parish Parochial Board, 14 College street.
Baronj' Parish Session Clerk'.s Office, 52 West Nile
street ; David M'Brayne, clerk.
Baronv Parish Sessional School, 3 Broomhill street.
Barony Parish Poor's Rate Assessment Collector's
Office, 14 College street ; W. Robertson, collector.
BARR, Alexander, spirit dealer, 55 Tobago street,
Calton ; house, 49 do.
Barr, Archibald, at John IPAndreics cf Co.'s ; house,
27 Castle street.
Barr, Andrew, agent for Crossmyloof Loaf Factoiy,
29 Oxford street -• house, 6 Cavendish street.
Barr, Archibald, s'.vawl and dress manufacturer,
48 Ingram street ; house, 5 Christie St., Paislej'.
Barr, Arthur, spirit merchant, 81 Dale street,
Barr & Buchanan, tea merchants and grocers, 150
and 152 High street.
Barr, Andrew, spirit dealer, 62 Sauchiehall street ;
house, 24 Wilson street.
Barr, David, of Jfoncrieff', Paterson, cj- Forbes ;
house, 4 Sandyford place.
Barr & Ewing, tobacco manufacturers, 21 and 23
St. Andrew street.
Barr, G., the city medical wet nurse registrar, 56
King street, city.
Barr^ Gavin, commission agent, 136 Buchanan
street ; house, 2 Clifton street.

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