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Baird, Miss, 118 George st.
BAIRDOW, Torrance, fruiterer & grocer, 36 St.
George's rd.
BAKEE, Henrj'-, scale-board manufacturer, 30 Main
St., Calton ; ho. Hamilton pi., Partick.
Baker, James, niill-furuisher & cotton- waste dealer,
13 London la., cfF 48 London st.; ho. 173 Gt.
Hamilton st.
Baker, Eichard, assistant superintendent of police,
33 Stevenson st. ; ho. Bank buildings. Canning
St., Calton.
Baker, Samuel, agent, 45 Gordon st. ; ho. Euther-
Baker, Samuel, & Co., gold beaters, &c., 45 Gordon
St. ; works Eutherglen.
Baker, William, & Co., patent lap-welded iron
boiler tube makers, Coatbridge. — See Advertise-
merd in Appendix.
BALD, James, corn factor and broker, 41 Oswald st.
Bald, John, & Co., distillers, Carsebridge, Alloa ;
agents John K. & Daniel Orr, 133r^- St. Vincent st.
Bald, J. & J. W., wholesale tea and coffee dealers,
65 Glassford street , house 64 Abbotsford place.
Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters, 45 Dunlop street.
Bald, Peter, of Peter Bald cf- Son ; ho. 4 Corunna st.
Bald, Eobt., 174 Trongate; ho. Castlehill, Hamilton.
Bald, Mrs., G4 Abbotsford place.
BALDERSTON, Ales , accountant and banker, 244
Argyle street; house 106 Bath street.
Balderston, David, agent Anchor Assurance Co.;
Eoyal Bank Branch, 244 Argyle street ; house
106 Bath street.
Balderston, John, clerk, Town's Hospital.
Balderston, E. G. Lily Bank cottage, Bishopbriggs.
BALFOUE, James A., boot and shoe manufacturer,
65 and 67 Ingram street ; house 54 Oxford street.
Balfour, James N., of William Balfour ^- Co.; house,
4 St. George's road.
Balfour, John, cabinetmaker &■ furniture dealer, 80
Maxwell st. & 53 Howard st. ; ho. 54 Oxford st.
Balfour, William, & Co., merchants & agents, 18
& 20 Springfield court; 58 Buchanan street.
Balfour, William, of William Balfour cf Co. ; house,
3 Queen's crescent.
Balfour Parish School, 24 No. Portland street ; John
Lewis, male teacher ; Miss Urie, female teacher.
BALLANTYNE, Alex., wright, 9 Green street,
Bridgeton; house, 60 do.
Ballantyne, Alex., letter-carrier, P. 0. ; house, 194
West Nile street.
Ballantyne, Andrew, provision merchant, 231 Sau-
chiehall street & 45 Stockwell street ; house 47 do.
Ballantyne, Charles, pattern drawer and printout ter,
2 North Coburg street.
Ballantyne, James, pawnbroking office, 3 College st.
Ballantj'ne, James, pawnbroking sale-rooms, 175
High St. & 74 Cowcaddens st. ; ho. 3 College st.
Ballantyne, James, dairyman, 541 Dobbie's loan.
Ballantj'ne, James, of Robert Roiertson cf- Co.; house.
Brier Bank cottage, Shawlands.
Ballantyne, John, draper, 113 Candleriggs.
Ballantyne, John, shipowner, 55 Grove street.
Ballantyne, Eobert, violin maker, 36 Brunswick pi.
Ballantyne, William, warper, 90 Bell street ; house,
60 Main street, Bridgeton.
Ballantyne, William, cabinetmaker, 38 East Clyde
street ; house, 39 do.
Ballantyne, Y/illiam, of ItPKindlay ^- Ballantyne;
Edgefauld house, Springburu.
Ballantyne, Mrs., 108 South Portland street.
BALLARDIE, John, upholsterer & cabinetmaker, 3
Carlton place ; house do.
Ballindalloch Co., 110 Brunswick street.
B ALLOC H, Eobert, of Colqulioun cfBallock; house,
5 Hampton-court terrace.
Bank of London and National Provincial Insur-
ance Association, 91 Buchanan street ; Laughland
6 Brown, local secretaries.
Bank of Scotland, 66 Ingram street ; Andrew Neil-
son, manager ; G. W. Hill, sub-manager.
Bank of Scotland, 1 Bridge street, Laurieston ; Jas.
Gourlay, agent.
BANKIEE, Alexander, flesher, 274 Gallowgate;
house, 4 Macftirlane street.
Bankier & Lietke, ship brokers, 25 Gordon street.
Bankier, W. D., of W. D. BanMer cf- Co. ; house,
319 Bath crescent.
Bankier, W. D., «S, Co., metal brokers, 25 Gordon st.
Bankier, William, at John Dennistoun cj- Co.'s ;
house, Bridgeton mills.
Bankier, William, jun., commission merchant, 15
Eenfield street ; bouse, 32 India street.
Bankier Distillery Co., Denny ; off. 14 Canon st.
Bankier Distillery Co., near Denny; John M'Intj're,
agent, 11 West Nile street.
BANKS, And. Ward, professor of music, 402 Par-
liamentary road.
Banks, John Henry, surveyor of stamps and taxes,
52 Virginia st. ; ho. Belleviewpl. 202 Garngad rd.
BANNATYNE, Andrew, writer, of Bannatynes ^
Kirkioood; house, 52 Park Circus, and Millheugb,
BannatjTie, Alexander, grain and commission mer-
chant, 60 Oswald street.
Bannatyne, Eev. Archibald, of Free Knox's Church;
house, 2 Kingston place.
Bannatyne, David, commission agent, 12 and 14
Stockwell place.
Bannatyne, Dugald John, writer, of Bannatynes cf-
Kirhioood; house, 2 14 Adelaide place, and East-
bank, Port-Glasgow.
Bannatyne, James, 94 Alma place. Paisley road.
Bannatyne, John, 98 West George street ; house,
221 Brandon place.
Bannatynes & Kirkwood, writers, 60 West Geo. st.
Bannatyne, Ninian, provision merchant, Eglinton
place, Elglinton street.
Bannatyne, Eobert, officer of fisheries, 12 Oswald
street ; house, 93 South Portland street.
Bannatyne, Mrs., general grocer, 51 Cambridge st.
BANNERMAN, David, at T. C. Orr's ; house, 1
M'Auslan street.
Bannerman, David, 43 Holmhead street.
Bannerman, John, baker, 108 Main st. Anderston.
Bannerman, John, tobacco pipemaker, 374 Gallow-
gate ; house, do.
Bannerman, John, teller, British Linen Co.'s Bank.
Bannerman, Walter, of Miller <.f Bannerman ; house,
321 West Bath st. & Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld.
Bannerman, Mrs., 27 Woodside place.
BANZIGEE, J. A., Swiss manufacturer and commis-
sion agent, 85 St. Vincent street.
Baptist Cliapel, 120 High John street; Eev.
Archibald Watson, minister.
Baptist Chapel, East Regent pi., 76 Blackfriars st.
Baptist Church, Baronial Hall, South Portland St. ;
Eev. Alexander ill 'Leod, minister.
Baptist Chapel, 41 Brown street.

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