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Asylum Lifo Assurance Office ; Robert Findlay,
agent, 146 Buchanan street.
Asylum for the Blind Sale Shop, 51 Candleriggs ;
John Thomson, salesman.
Asylum for the Blind, 102 Castle street, Townhead ;
E. Thomson, superintendent ; house, do. ; David
Yuille, treasurer, 40 Miller street.
Asylum for the Houseless, 71 No. Frederick street.
Asylum, Royal, for Lunatics, Gartnavel, near Glas-
gow ; parcel office, at Mrs. Patterson's, 1 Victoria
place. West Regent street.
Asylum for Old Men, 81 Eottenrow ; Jas. Fleming,
AthenjEum & Telegraphic News Eooms, 26 Glass-
ford street.
Athenseum Eooms, 110 Ingram St.; John M'Kin-
nell, secretary.
ATHYA, John, & Co., American produce brokers &
commission merchants,'! 1 Dixon street.
Athya, John, of John Atfiya (f Co. ; ho. Langside.
ATKINSON, Misses, 17 Florence pi.. Woodlands rd.
Atlas Fire & Life ALSSurance Company of London ;
Carrick & Son, Virginia bds., agts. — See Adver-
tisement in Appendix.
Atlas Foundry, Market street, Gallowgate.
Atlas Works, 120 East Milton street.
ATTI, Atting, tea merchant, 12 & 14 Brunswick
street and 106 King street; ho. 43 Montrose st.
ATTWOOD, Jas., cook and confr., 58 Eenfield St.
AUCHINCLOSS, John, grocer and spirit dealer,
233 Main street, Bridgeton ; house, do.
AUCHINVOLE, David, manufacturer, 4 Montrose
street ; house, 114 West Nile street.
Auchinvole, John, shawl and zebra dress manufr.,
4 Montrose street; house, 30 Monteith rov.-.
Auchinvole, Wm., bookseller & stationer, 5 Main St.,
Bridgeton ; house, do.
AUCHTERLONIE, Ale.^r., of M'Crindk, Sckaw cf-
Co. ; house, 24 Lynedoch street.
Auchterlonie, Thomas, 12 Lynedoch crescent.
AUDSLEY, Charles A., fancy warehouseman, 79
Audsley, Frederick, hosier, glover, shirtmaker, and
general outfitter, 33 Jamaica street ; house,
Victoria buildings, Great Clyde street.
AULD, Alex. W., of Aidd 4' Buchanan; house, 17
'\Voodside crescent.
Auld, Archibald, of Aidd cf Cross; ho. Oswaldhill,
Auld, Berrie, & Mathieson, muslin manufacturers,
111 Union street.
Auld & Buchanan, calico prints., 14 & 22 We.Nile st.
Auld & Cross, corn factors, west entrance of Ma-
deira buildings, Argyle street,
Auld, David, engineer, 80 Canning street, Calton ;
house, 124 Great H:\milton street.
Auld, Henry, of Auld, Berrie, cf' Mathieson; house,
Lilyvale cottage, Copeland road, Govan.
Auld, James, grocer & provision mercht., Bridgeton
market, 59 Muslin st. ; ho. IG Adelphi st.,Hutchn.
Auld, John, librarian & stationer, 16 Eglinton St.;
house, 12 do.
Auld, John, painter & paperhangcr, 165 & 290 High
street ; house, 292 do.
Auld, John, f;rocer & victualler, 57 Saltmarket; ho.
16 Adelphi .street.
Auld, R. E., qfBurrell ij- Auld; ho. 51 5 St. Vincent st.
Auld, Thomas, baker, 155 Ingram street; ho. 140
George street.
Auld, T. & M., ironmongers, 8 & 10 London street;
house, 5 East Rnssell street.
Auld, Wm. of MacEwan 4- Auld; ho. 13 Woods, pi.
AUSTIN, George, writing desk, dressing case, and
bagatelle board maker, 158 Hope st. ; house, 52
Douglas St. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Austin, Eobert, pastry baker and confectioner, 34
Main street, Anderston ; house, 34 do.
Austin & M'Auslan, nursery, seedsmen, & florists,
186Trongate; nurser3',Coplawhill,PolIokshaws rd.
Austin, William, of Austin tj- JIPAvslan ; house, 217
Eglinton street.
Austin, William, clerk Imperial Insurance Office, 24
St. Vincent place; house, Govan.
Austin, Wm., flour miller, 12, 18 Bothw. St., Andst.
Australian Packet Office, 15 St. Enoch square;
Orr & Davie, agents.
AYLING, Eobert, eating house, 28 Melville street.
Aye and Glasgow Steam Packet Co., James Steel
and Son, agents, 24 Eobertson street.
AYTON, John, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 14
Dunlop street ; house, 45 Adelphi street.
BADT, Meyer, minister to the Hebrew congrega-
tion ; house, 5 East Howard street.
BAILLIE, Alex., agent, 6 Balmanno street.
Baillie, Andrew, dairyman, 16 Macpherson street.
Bailey, George, hotel keeper, 41 Glassford street.
Baillie, James, malt mer. 52 Catherine st., Anderst.
Baillie, James, of John If'Kean 4' Co.; house, 121
Hospital street.
Baillie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 144
Stobcross St., and 54 Catherine St., Anderston.
Baillies, Joseph, 1 66 Hospital street.
Baillie, Eobt., victualler, 52 Abercromby street ;
house, 4 East Rose street.
Baillie, Thomas, phial bottle manufacturer, 100
Maitland street ; house, 89 do.
Baillie, William, grocer and provision merchant ;
20 Adelphi street ; house, 87 S. Wellington st.
Baillie, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 93 Ren-
field street.
Baillie, Miss, J., dressmaker, 84 Cathedral street
BAIN, Alexander, grocer, 168 High st.
Bain, Alexander, broker, 87 King St., Calton.
Bain, Andrew, of Bell # Bain; ho. 280 W. Bath st.
Bain, Andrew, at George Bain's; 36 West Milton
street ; house, 3 Dalhousie place.
Bain, Andrew, bottling store, 65 Jamaica street;
house, 44 Maxwell street.
Bain, David, joiner, trunk, and packing-box maker,
75 Cathedral street; house, 91 No. Frederick st.
Bain, Duncan C, spir. dealer, 104 Gt. Hamilton st.
Bain, George, agent, 36 West Milton street; house,
64 Ann street, Port-Duudas.
Bain, George, tailor, 9 Blackfriars street.
Bain, Hugh, baker, 116 New City rd.; ho. 118 do.
Bain, James, of J. cj- W. Bain ; ho. 109 Argyle st.
Bain, James, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and
news agent, 199 Upper Main street, Gorbals;
house 197 do.
Bain, Jas., engineer and boilermaker. Shields Engine
Works, 246 Eglinton street ; house, 264 Lily-
bank buildings.
Bain, James, Gartsherrie Office; house, 9 Fitzroy
Bain, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 47 Steven-
son street ; house, 45 do.

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