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Audersoc, William, of William Anderson c|- Co. ;
house, 2 Kithsdale place. Paisley road.
Anderson, William, provision merchant, 133 West
Campbell street ; house, 26 Rose street, Garnethill.
Anderson, William, Rev. LL.D., John street U. P.
Church ; resid. Prospect house, near Uddingstone.
Anderson, William, & Son, manufacturers, 48 Bu-
chanan street.
Anderson, William, of William Anderson (^- /Son ; ho.
7 Hamilton crescent, Partickhill.
Anderson, Wm., spirit merchant, 258 Gallowgato
and 55 Candleriggs ; house, 1 Monteith row.
Anderson, Wm., accountant and manager of the
Western Friendly Society, 69 Ingram street ; ho.
28 Cochrane street.
Anderson, William, accountant, o/ Ker, Anderson,
6f Brodie; residence, Ledcameroch, New Kil-
Anderson, William, veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S.,
50 Sauchiehall lane ; ho. 35 Port Dundas road.
Anderson, William, provision merchant, 33 Glou-
cester street ; house, 42 do.
Anderson, V/illiam, & Co., American & Hamburgh
produce commission merchants, 19 Howard street.
Anderson, Wm., Archibald, mercht. & insur. broker.
Royal Exchange bds. ; ho. 17 Grosvenor terrace.
Anderson, AVm., dairyman, 40 and 42 Duke street.
Anderson, William, shoemaker, and church officer,
U.P. Church, 20 Duke street; ho. 19 Havannah.
Anderson, Mrs. James, grocer and spirit dealer, 46
Marlborough street.
Anderson, Mrs., 1 Cranston street.
Anderson, Mrs., victualler, 22 Cov.'caddens street.
Anderson, jMrs. Matthew, baker, 34 King st. ; ho.
24 London street.
Anderson, Mrs., lodgings, 98 So. Portland street.
Anderson, Helen, confectioner, 130^ Canning street.
Anderson, Jliss, lodgings, 50 North Albion street.
Anderson, Miss C, lace, sewed muslin, baby linen,
&c., 259 Sauchiehall street,
Anderson, Miss Agnes, lodgings, 12 Anderston quay.
Anderson, Misses, milliners & dressmakers, 139
Sauchiehall street.
Anderson, Misses, dressmakers, 1 York place, 339-^
Argyle street ; house, do.
Andeesonian Universitj', 204 George street; John
Jardine, janitor.
Anderston Bottle Work, Lancefiold street.
Anderston Cotton Works, J. Houldsworth & Co.,
cotton spinners, 93 Cheapside street.
Anderston Distillery Office, 83 Jamaica St. , John
Baird & Co., agents.
Anderston Foundry Co , machine-makers, iron and
brass founders, 100 Cheapside street ; office, 124
St. Vincent street.
Anderston Free Church, 89 Cadogan street; Rev. A.
N. Somerville, minister.
Anderston Medical Hall, 24 Stobcross st., Anderst.
Anderston Police Office, 13 Warroch st., Anderston.
Anderston Public Baths, Hill street, Anderston.
Anderston Ropework, 19 Stobcross st, Anderston.
ANDREW, Alex., of J. cf- 4. Andrew; house, 85
Cambridge street.
Andrew, George, 133 Garscube road.
Andrews, Jas., grocer & victualler, 384 and 384^
Gallowgate ; house, 3 Claythorn street.
Andrews, Jas., plasterer, 109 Main street, Gorbals
house, 14 Salisbury street.
Andrew, J. & A., drapers, 13 Sauchiehall street.
Andrew, Thomas, carter, 29 Little Dovehill,
Andrew.'!, William, accountant, at George Pantoii
4" Son''s ; house, 109 Great Hamilton street.
Andrew, William S., wine & spirit merchant, 18C
Castle street ; house, 182 do.
Andrew, Mrs. Robert, grocer & provision merchant,
201 Gallowgate.
ANGUS, David, spirit dealer, 47 Lancefield quay.
Angus, James, at Peter Morton's, 30 King street.
Angus, James, baker, 11 Anderston quay.
Angus, John, victualler, 153 Gallovigate.
Angus, John, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Norfolk
street; house, 50 South Apsley place.
Angus, John, of J. Angus cj- Co. ; ho. 39 Stock well st.
Angus, John, win. &spir. raer.,24, 28 Royal Arcade.
Angus, John, tobacconist, 161 Ingram street; house,
53^ Whitevale street.
Angus, John, & Co., saddlers, ironmongers, saddle-
tree, hame, chain, &r collar manufacturers, grinders
& polishers, 131 Trongate and 20 New Wynd.
Angus, John, wine and spirit merchant, 120 Sau-
chiehall street; liouse, 50 South Apsle}' place.
Angus, Peter, temperance hotel, 127 Argyle street.
Angus, Peter, tobacconist and cigar importer, 28
George square; house, 127 Argyle street.
Angus, Ritchie, of Ewing, Angus, cf- Co. ; house, 13
Lynedoch crescent.
Angus, Mrs., 83 Bath street.
ANNACKER, Pierre, pork butcher and sausage
maker, 103 Stockwell street ; house, 108 do.
Annacker, William, pork-butcher, sausage maker,
and importer, 2 Wellington Arcade.
ANNAN, Matthew, & Co., smiths and mangle
makers, 390 Parliamentary road.
Annan, Thomas, photographic artist, 116 Sauchie-
hall street.
Annan, William, 74 Maitland street.
Annan, William, writer, 29 St. Vincent place ;
house, 58 Rose street.
Annfield Pottery, 539 Gallov.-gate.
Annfield School, 563 Gallov/gate. Thos. O'Bierne,
Annuity Society ; Thos. Brown, Secretary, 49 Vir-
ginia street.
ARBOUIN, Marett, & Co., Cognac ; J. B. Sheriff,
agent, 6 Hope street.
ARBUCKLE, Hugh, slater, 54 John street. Bridge-
ton ; house, 1 Muslin street.
Arbuckle, James, cork manufacturer, 14 Dunlop
street ; house, 10 Snufh Wellington street.
Arbuckle, John (successor to John Kennedy), cork
manufacturer, 18^ Buchanan street.
Arbuckle, Mrs. William, cork manufacturer, 26
Stockwell street.
Arcade Office, 36 Argj-le Arcade.
ARCHARD, W. Y., apothecary, 310 Parliamentary
road; house, 7 Gay field street.
ARCHIBALD, John, spirit merchant, 67 Prince's
street ; house, 2 Springfield buildings. Paisley rd.
Archibald, Joseph, tobacconist, 8 and 10 Trongate.
Archibald, Wm., tailor and clothier, 246 Argjde st.
Architectural Exhibition, Rooms, 93 Bath st.
Abdbeg Distiller}', Islay; Buchanan, Wilson, &
Co. agents, St. Enoch sq.
Ardkek Iron Works office, 127 St. Vincent st.
Argus Life Assurance Co. of London ; Brown &
Dunlop, writers, 49 Virginia st. agents.
Argyle Free Gaelic Church, 14 Oswald st. ; Rev.
A. M'Dougall, minister; ho. 5 Holland pi.

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