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Alston, George, merchant, 13 Victoria place, West
Eegent street; house, 193 St. Vincent street.
Alston & Gourlaj", iron founders, British iron
foundry, 598 Gallowgate.
Alston, James, CO wfeeder& coal agt., 103 John st.
Alston, Jaaies W., of W. Stirling S; Sons ; house, 6
India street.
Alston, John, dairj-man, 14 Dyer's lane.
Alston, John, joitier, 9 Risk street, Calton.
Alston, John, & Co., wholesale tea and coffee deal-
ers, &c. 33 Virginia street
Alston, John, Son, & Co., gingham and pullicate
manufaciurers, 55 Glassford street.
Alston, John, of John Alston ^~ Co.; house, 2
Meadowbank, Particle.
Alston, John James, of Alston cj- Gourlay ; house, 18
Sandyford place.
Alston, R. F., merchant, 13 West Regent street ;
house, 125 Bath street.
Alston, William C, of John Alston, Son, (^ Co.;
house, 2 Sardinia terrace, Hillhead.
Alston, William, poulterer, 95 West George street ;
house, 99 Dundas street.
Alston, Mrs. T. Scott, 13 Elmbank crescent.
Alum, Acids, and copperas works, Springbank ;
oflBce, 3'2 Buchanan street.
AMBROSE, William, writer, agent for North of
England Fire & Life Insurance Company, 116 St.
Vincent street ; house, Bothwell.
American Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office ; G. &
J. Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
American Floating Ball Washing Machine Depot,
107 West George street (sole license for Scot-
land), W. M. Hill.
ANCELL, Joseph, baker, 55 Shuttle st., ; house, do.
Ancell, J. & J., soiree purveyors and pastry cooks,
western rooms, 312 Argylest. ; ho. 55 Shuttle st.
Ancell, William, baker, 413 &4I5 Garscube road,
Ancell, Elizabeth, lodgings, 2 Burrcll's lane.
Anchor Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London,
Hugh Tassie & Sons, 135 Buchanan street, agents
of the London Board of Directors.
Anchor Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London,
John M'llarg, local secretary, 21 St. Vincent
place — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Ancona Steam Packet Office, G. & J. Burns, 9
Buchanan street.
ANDERSON'S Academy, 12 Carlton place; house,
14 St. James's street. Paisley road— *S'ee Adver-
tisement in Appendix.
Anderson, Alexander, of J. <^- A. Anderson ; house,
6 Lynedoch crescent.
Anderson, Alexander, sugar refiner, 43 Virginia
street ; house, 1 Hampton Court Terrace.
Anderson, Alexander, manufacturer, 3 Taylor street.
Anderson, Alexander S., wine and spirit merchant,
81, 83 Trongate; house, 39 South Apsley place.
Anderson, Alex. Dunlop, M.D., 159 St. Vincent st.
Anderson, Alexander, plumber and gasfitter, 20
Ferguson street; house, 163 Cowcaddens street.
Anderson, Alexander, busk and spring maker, 77
Eenfrew street.
Anderson, Alexander, at Jack, Paterson tf Co.''s ;
house 176J Hope street.
Anderson, Allan, of A. tj- M. Anderson, tf Co. ;
agent for City of London Life Assurance Society,
141 St. Vincent street.
Anderson, A. & M., & Co., merchts., 141 St Vincent st.
Anderson, Andrew, victualler and grocer, 69 and 71
Main street, Gorbals; house, 110 Crown street.
Anderson, Andw., M.D., 2 Woodside crescent.
Anderson, Andw., Fordyce, & Co., warehousemen,
103 Glassford street.
Anderson, Andrew, wright and cabinetmaker, 77
Great Hamilton street.
Anderson, Andrew, 11 Franklin terrace.
Anderson, Angus, & Co., brassfounders, 4 Cathcart
street and 261 Buchanan street.
Anderson & Co., merchants, 51 Miller street.
Anderson & Co., silk dyers and cleaners, C3 St.
George place ; works, 37 North Woodside road.
Anderson, David, salesman, 14 North Albion street ;
house, 48 North Portland street.
Anderson, David, tailor and clothier, 16 London st.
Anderson, David, furnisher and house factor, 19
Castle street.
Anderson, David, ironmonger, tinsmith, and grocers'
shop fitting manufacturer, 84, 86 Stockwell st. ;
house, 163 Eglinton street.
Anderson, David, of David if John Anderson; ha.
43 Scott street, GarnethiU.
Anderson, David & John, manufacturers of ging-
hams, handkerchiefs, and fancy dresses, 153
Queen street.
Anderson, David, wineand spirit merchant, IC How-
ard street ; house, 1 William street, south.
Anderson, David, victualler, 407 Gallowgate.
Anderson, David, tobacconist and tallow chandler,
61 King street, Tradeston.
Anderson, David, grocer and provision dealer, 67
Richard street ; house, do.
Anderson, David, fruiter. & confecr., 215 Stirlg. rd.
Anderson, Duncan, teacher. Deaf and Dumb Institu-
tion, Barony gl., 36 Parson street.
Anderson, Ebenezer, agent, 29 Cathcart street.
Anderson & Fisher, smiths, bellhangers, tinsmith.?,
and gasfitters, 119 Cambridge street; house, 16
Cambridge lane.
Anderson, F'orbes, yarn merchant, 94 Miller street.
Anderson, Francis, furniture dealer, 16 Miller's pi. ;
house, 17 do.
Anderson, Gabriel, grocer, grain, and provision mer-
chant, 104, 166, 168 Castle street; ho. 162 do.
Anderson, Geo. B., 67 Ingram st. & 6 St. Vincent pi.
Anderson, Geo , of Thomson, Anderson, cj- Co., 7
Lansdowne crescent.
Anderson, Geo., & Co., white-lead, paint, colour,
varnish, and cement works, 58 Hydepark street.
Anderson, Geo., of Geo. Anderson ij- Co. ; residence,
Springfield, Blantyre.
Anderson, Geo., manager, St. Rollox Flax Mills;
house, 84 Charles street.
Anderson, Graham, & Co., manufacturers, 114
Anderson & Gray, muslin manufacturers and mer-
chants, 62 Queen street.
Anderson & Henderson, wrights and builders, trunk
and packing-box makers, 13 Waterloo street and
15 Mitchell street.
Anderson, Henry S., fishmonger, 325 Sauchiehall
street ; house. West Graham street.
Anderson, H. L., decorator and house painter, 19
Eenfield st. ; ho. 20 Cumberland pi. Laurieston.
Anderson, Hugh, of Reid cj- Anderson; house, 40
West Campbell street.
Anderson, James, tinsmith and gasfitter, 281 High
street ; house, 283 do.

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