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Patroness, The Queen. Commodore,
the Earl of Eglinton and Winton ; Vice-
Commodore, James Smith of Jordanhill.
John Bannatyne
John Houldsworth
James Macnair
R. W. Laurie
Peter M'Naughtan [
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer.
Middleton, Glasgow.
Hugh M. Lang
John G. Kinnear
John M. Rowan
Robert Aiken.
Aiken, Robert
Arbuthnot, G. C.
Buccleuch, Duke of
Breadalbane, Mar-
quis of
Bannatyne, John
Bartholomew, Robt.
Baxendale, J. H.
Beresford, J. C.
Bourne, Peter
Bourne, Thomas
Bridston, Thos. R.
Bridson, Harry
Brown, Alex. J. D.
Brown, Matthew
Bruce, William
Buchanan, J. C.
Buchanan, John
Byrne, Andrew E.
Campbell, Archibld.
Campbell, Archibld.
Campbell, Arch. O,
yr., Blythswood
Campbell, Captain,
Culbertson, Robert
Carden, Sir J., Tem-
ple m ore
Cockburn, H. D.
Collins, W. M.
Couper, Charles T.
Cowan, John
Cuthbert, R.,jun.
Dalglish, A. S.
Darcus, S., jun.
Davenport, John
Davison, Alexander
Dempster, D. F.
Dennistoun, Alex.,
Douglas, Thos. D.
Douglas, Wm.
Dunlop, Charles T.,
Craig Park
Dunlop, James
Dutertre, Ernest
Eglinton & Winton,
Earl of
Ellice, Edward
Ewing, Alexander
Ewing, Robert
Finlay, Alex. S.
Gairdner, Charles
Gascoigne, F. C.
Glasgow, Earl of
Gilmour, Thos. S.
Gilkison, R., jun.
Hamilton & Bran-
don, Duke of
Hamilton, J. G. C.
Hamilton, John
Hill, Lawrence, jun.
Houldsworth, John
Houldsworth, Wm.
Houldsworth, J. H.
Hozier, William W.
Huggins, W. B.
Jamieson, J., jun.
Jackson, W. C. W.
Johnstone, David
Johnstone, John S.
King, George
Kinnear, John G.
Kerr, Robert
Lamont, James
Lang, Hugh M.
Langtry, Robert
Laurie, James R.
Laurie, Robert W.
Lloyd, John
Lowndes, James
Lumsden, George
Macdonnell, A. R.
Macfie, Robert
Mackenzie, James
Mackenzie, Thos.
M'Kim, Robert
M'Lean, Col. Sir
Chas. Fitzroy
M'Leod, Norman A.
M'Nair, James
M'Naughtan, Peter
Mair, Hugh
Mair, David Knox
Maxwell, Francis
Middleton, George
Middleton, John
Middleton, Capt.
Miller, John, jun.
Muir, Alexander
Muir, Wm., Leith
Napier, Robert
Nisbet, J. M.
Orkney, Earl of
Orde, Sir John P.,
Oswald, Alexander
Parker, George
Paterson, Wm. R.
Paterson, W. C.
Rainey, George
Rankin, Andrew A.
Redfern, Wm. M.
Roberts, William
Richardson, David
Robertson, Robt. S.
Robertson, R. W.
Robertson, Wm.
Ronald, John, jun.
Rowan, John M. .
Scott, Jas., Kelly.
Scott, Lord John
Simons, William
Sieve wright, Jas.
Smith, George
Smith, James, Jor-
Smith, Robert
Steele, James
Stevenson, James
Stewart,Sir Michael
R. Shaw, Bart.
Stirling, James
Stirling, William
Swinburne, Lieut.
Thos. A., R.N.
Symons, Thos. Geo.
Taylor, Alex. M.
Taylor, Robert
Tennent, Hugh
Tennant, John
Thomson, R., Cas-
Thomson, Robert,
Watson, Wm. West
Wentworth, Fred.
Wingate, Andrew,
Young, James B.
The Yachts of this Club have the
special privilege, by -warrants from the
Lords of the Admiralty', of wearing the
Blue Ensign ; they have also the privi-
lege of entering the' ports of France,
Holland, &c, free of dues.
The Annual Regattas of the Club take
place at Greenock and other ports on the
Sir James Campbell, President ; Sir
Archibald Alison, Bart., Sheriff of Lanark-
shire, Vice-President ; Hill, Davidson,
Hill, & Clark, Secretaries and Treasurers ;
Stewart Murray, Consulting Curator ;
Peter Clark, Curator.
Directors — Sir James Anderson, M.P.,
James Hannan, David Mackinlay, James
Scott, Dr. James Watson, William Gour-
lie, from Proprietors. Dr. Walker Ar-
nott, Dr. Allen Thomson, Dr. J. P. Nicol,
from College.
Office, 118 Union Street.
Neil M'Neill, President; Wm. Melvin
and Wm. Fulton, Vice-Presidents ; John
Lamb, Treasurer ; Ebenezer Anderson,

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