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life subscribers only were admitted to the
privilege of taking out any of the books;
but in the year 1848, the Directors, with
a view of making the Library more gene-
rally useful, agreed- to admit also annual
subscribers, who enjoy the same advan-
tages as the life subscribers.
The library of Mr. Stirling, which
formed the nucleus of this collection, con-
sisted of from 600 to 700 volumes, and,
besides the books purchased by the direc-
tors, the Library has received many valu-
able additions from various donors, among
whom may be particularly mentioned the
late William Jamieson, jun., and James
Bogle, Esquires. — The number of volumes
in the Library is now about 13,000.
The Library is open daily from 10 to 4,
and 7 to 9, excepting Saturdays, when it
is closed at 12.
Life Subscription, £b os. Annual Sub-
scription, 15s. the first year, ar.d 10s. 6d.
yearly afterwards.
From the Town Council. — Hon. Andrew
Orr, Lord Provost, President; James
Playfair, Alexander Harvey, Juhn
From the Merchants' House. — J. Han-
nan, Dean of Guild ; Hugh Cogan, J. A.
From the Presbytery of Glasgow. — Eev.
Eobert Ja.niesou, D.D. ; Eev. David
Kunciman, D.D. ; Eev. Eobert Gillan,
From the Faculty of Physicians and
.Surgeons. — Thomas Watson, M.D. ; John
Aitken, M.D ; George Buchanan, M.D.
'^Extraordinary Directors, in virtue of
Donations. — James Bogle, Vice-President ;
William Euing.
From the Subscribers. — Joseph Fleming,
W. P. Allardice, William Cocke}-, Secre-
tary ; William Balfour, William Brodie,
E. S. Cunliff, George Skene, Eev. Wm.
Symington, D.D.
J. B. Simpson, Librarian.
Ingram Street.
Extraordinary Directors — The Plight
Hon. the Earl of Eglinton and Winton,
President; Walter Crum, Alex. Harvej',
William West Watson, Vice-Presidents.
Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., Sir James
Anderson, M.P., Henry Glassford Bell,
W. G. Blackie, Walter Buchanan, James
A. Campbell, William Campbell, William
Gourlie, Daniel Macnee, Eobert Kapier,
Eobert Stewart, Hugh Tennenr. Sir
James Anderson, M.P., Walter Crum,
William Johnston, James M'Clelland,
Trustees. Ordinary Directors — Bailie
Gourlay, Chairman ; George Sutherland,
Vice-Chairman ; Thomas Kennedy, Trea-
surer ; John Bell, A.M., W. O. Callender,
Colin Campbell a, Matthew Dick, Donald
Fisher, Thomis Kennedy a, F. E. Low^
LL.D., John Macharg a, Moses Provan a,
J. C. Eeid, J. B. Bryson, George Suther-
land a, Alex. Anderson a, C. E. Brown a,
Thomas Brown, Eobert Falconer, Bailie
Gourlay a, Charles Griffin n, A. H.
Maclean, George M'Leod «, John Mann,
John Marshall, Wm. Neilson, Wm. A.
Smith. [ Those marked a constitute the
Executive Committee.] John M'Kinnell,
The object of the institution is to place
within the reach of the public the fullest
and most recent information on all sub-
jects of general interest, whether commer-
cial, literary, or scientific ; to provide an
agreeable place of resort in the intervals
of business ; to excite, especially among
young men, a taste for intellectual and
elevating pursuits ; to secure the means
of its gratification by affording the utmost
facilities for systematic study in the vari-
ous branches of useful knowledge, and to
combine these with opportunities for the
enjoyment of invigorating exercise, and
improving and refining relaxation. Terms
of Subscription — Life Member's Ticket,
transferable, fifteen guineas ; ditto, not
transferable, ten guineas. Member's An-
nual Subscription, one guinea ; Lady's
Annual Subscription, seven shillings and
sixpence. Half-yearly Subscribers, 12s.
first, and 10s. second half-year. Quar-
terly Subscribers, 7s. 6d. first, 6s. 6d.
second, 5s. third, and 4s. fourth quarter.
Members and subscribers are enrolled at
any time, the tickets dating from the
period of entry. Annual Tickets may be
transferred in the event of a member leav-
ing Glasgow.
Office, 52 Queen Street.
Eobert Smith, President ; Eev. William
Eeid, Wm. Menzies, M.D., TIks. Knox,
and E. Murray, Edinburgh ; Eev. Thos.
C. Wilson, Dunkeld ; Eev. Alex. Hannay,
Provost Bough, Dundee ; Wm. Service,
sen., Culcreuch ; and Eobert Lockhart,
Kirkcaldy, Vice-Presidents ; Wm. Ser-
vice, jun., Treasurer; John S. Marr, Sec.

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