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Incorporated bj' Royal Charter, 9 th &
10th Victoria, Chap. 48.
Patrons, His Grace the Duke of Argyll,
The Right Hon. the Earl of Fife, The
Right Hon. the Earl of Elgin and Kin-
cardine, The Right Hon. and Rev. Lord
Douglas, The Right Hon. the Lord Mon-
teagle, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop
of Ely ; President, The Hon. Andrew
Orr, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow;
Vice-Presidents, Robert Stewart, of Omoa,
ex Lord Provost, Alexander Hastie, M.P.,
James Gourlay, Joseph Bell, M.D., John
Macgregor, M.P., David Smith, William
Govan, Wm. West Watson, John Taylor,
Rev. M. Cochrane, A.M. ; Secretary, Jas.
Pearson, 11 West Nile Street.
The object of this Association is to
promote the knowledge and love of the
Fine Arts and their general advancement
by an extensive distribution of the Works
of Living Artists, and to elevate Art and
its Professors, by creating an increased
desire for their Works, and an improved
taste on the part of the Public.
Elmbank Place.
Henry Dunlop, President ; Michael
Rowand, William Campbell, Alexander
Dunn, Vice-Presidents ; Robert Thomson,
Secretary ; James Buchanan, Treasurer ;
Donald M'Donald, Janitor.
Directors — John Bain, John Blackie,
sen , Hugh Brown, William Brown, Chas.
Cunningham, Wm. Davie, Andrew Gal-
braith, Richard Kidston, Anderson Kirk-
wood, William M'Kinlay, Laurence Ro-
bertson, James Scott, Wm. W. Watson,
James Wright.
Classical, I. M'Burney, B.A., Joseph
Currie ; David Bonnar, Assistant.
Mathematics, James Reid; David Munn,
William Reid, Assistants.
Writing, John Gow ; William Slessor,
English, James Bell ; D. M'Gregor,
John Torrance, Assistants.
French and German, Alex. L. Finlay.
Drawing, T. Woolnoth.
The Session commences 1st August, and
closes 31st May.
13 Albany Place, St. George's Road.
The above institution provides mainly
for a thorough Engl sh and Commercial
Education, into which the Classical ele-
ment may or may not enter, as the parents
or guardians of pupils may think tit.
The course of instruction in the Latin
language embraces a period of two, or at
most three sessions, one hour per day, and
is conducted so as carefully to subserve
the English and Cjmmeicial course.
Thus, pupils not intending to follow any
of the learned professions may draw all
the advantages to be gained from a study
of the language, as aiding the acquisition
of a knowledge of Natural Science in the
higher branches of an English education,
and enabling the Commercial pupil all the
more easily and surely to master the Mo-
dern Languages.
Mr. J. Macpherson, Principal of the
Institution, is responsible to parents and
guardians for the educational manage-
ment, and all other working arrangements
towards carrying out effectively the course
of instruction selected for pupils.
Departments. — English, Commercial,
Classical, Mathematical, Foreign Lan-
guages, Fine Arts.
Branches. — Reading and Elocution,
Grammar and Composition, History and
Geography, Original Composition and
Logic. — Writing, Arithmetic, and Book-
keeping. — Algebra and Geometry, Plane
and Spherical Trigonometry. — Latin,
Greek, Antiquities, &c— French and Ger-
man, Spanish and Italian. — Drawing and
Painting, Piano-Forte and Singing, Fenc-
ing and Gymnastics, Dancing and Calis-
The "Western Collegiate" is arranged
for receiving Young Ladies, from five years
of age and upwards ; and while in all the
departments a separate division is reserved
for them, their educational course is the
same as that of the Young Gentlemen.
An advanced finishing course, exclu-
sively for young ladies, is formed yearly,
early in the session, by the several masters
in the various departments.
The session opens 1st August, and closes
15th June. Quarter-daj'S — 1st August,
19th October, 7th January, and 28th
The first division of the Elementary
Latin Class is formed in August; the
second division in October.
An English Alphabet Class is formed
each quarter-day.
Evening Classes. — The Winter Ses-
sion for students and young gentlemen in
business commences 19th October.
Prospectuses, containing terms, &c,
may be had of the principal booksellers,
or at the Academy, 13 Albany Place, St.
George's Road.

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