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Instituted November, 1833.
Lecture Room, Baronial Hall.
Library Rooms, 16 Eglinton Street.
The Lord Provost and Town Council,
Patrons ; Bailie Pearson, President ;
Hay Dall, Vice-President ; Alexander
Struthers, Treasurer ; Robert Ferns, Se-
Object — The Diffusion of Science and
Literature among the working classes,
by means of Lectures and a Library.
In connection with the Church of
Rev. Dr. Craik, Convener ; J. G. Kin-
near, Treasurer ; Joseph Douglas, Rector ;
Miss Walker, Matron ; John Jeffrey,
Students' Hall. — Classics, Geography,
History, Arithmetic, Book-Keeping, Eng-
lish Literature, Principles of Teaching,
and Religious Knowledge, J. Douglas ;
Mathematics, Department of Science and
Art, E. M. Dixon; French, J. Douglas;
Music, W. H. Lithgow ; Needlework,
Miss Walker.
Practising Schools. — Senior Depart-
ment, Matthew Wilson ; Junior, James
Macaulay ; Initiatory, Edward Calvert ;
Infant School, Miss Reid ; Music, W. H.
Lithgow ; Needlework, Miss Walker.
In connection with the Free Church.
Thomas Morrison, Rector ; Rev. Dr.
Buchanan, Convener; D. Stow and R.
Thomson, Hon. Secretaries ; N. Steven-
son and A. Buchanan, Treasurers.
Senior Department, George Adam and
W. Kay; Juvenile, D. B. Hutcheson and
Edmund Boyd ; Model School, David
Donaldson ; Initiatory, D. Caughie and
M. Caughie ; Industrial Department, E.
Chamberlain and E. Mitchell ; Classical
Tutor, D. Smith ; Mathematical Tutor,
P. M'Kay; French, Dr. Boak ; Music, H.
Lambech ; Drawing, School of Design ;
Janitor, John Watters.
President, Rev. Dr. Muir ; Treasurer
and Secretary, H. Cogan ; Directors,
Robert Findlay, Rev. Dr. Smyth, Rev.
Principal Macfarlan, Rev. Dr. Forbes,
Wm. Hamilton, Rev. Dr. Henderson, Rev.
Dr. Lorimer, Rev. Dr. Buchanan, Rev.
Dr. Paterson, William Brown, William
L. Ewing, Jas. Buchanan, Robt. M'Haffie,
Charles M'Kenzie, Rev. Dr. Craik, Rev.
Dr. Barr, Rev. Dr. Jamieson, Sir J.
Campbell, Rev. Dr. Hill, James Bogle,
James Playfair, James Hannan, Lord
Provost, Magistrates, Dean of Guild, and
Deacon Convener; Teacher, J. R. Russell;
Music Teacher, James Fyfe.
Sir Archd. Alison, Bart., F.R.S., Pre-
sident ; Sir James Anderson, M.P., James
Hannan, Vice-Presidents ; Archd. Gal-
braith, Hon. Secretary ; W. W. Watson,
Treasurer; Chas. Heath Wilson, A.R.S.A.,
R.I.A., Superintendents; Robt. Greenlees,
First Master, Drawing and Painting; Geo.
Mossman, First Master, Sculpture ; James
Copeland, First Master, Mechanical Draw-
ing; Miss Elizabeth Patrick, Walter Yuil,
James Campbell, Enoch Copeland, Pupil
Teachers; Duncan Brown, Janitor.
Hours of Attendance. — Morning
Class from 7 to 9 ; Evening Class from 8
to 10, Fees, 3s. per Month; Apprentices,
2s. per Month. Female Class, from 10 to
12 Noon, Fees, 4s. and 5s. per Month.
Private Classes. — Females, Three
Days per Week, from 12 to 2 p.m., £1, Is.
per Quarter ; Males, Two Days per Week,
from 12 to 2 p.m., 15s. per Quarter.
Founded in the 12th Century.
Committee of Management on the High
School and Education — The Hon. Audrew
Orr, Lord Provost, Bailie M'Dowall,
Bailie Gourlay, Bailie Harvey, James
Hannan, Dean of Guild ; Sir Jas. Ander-
son, M.P., Wm. M'Lean, Thos. Pearson,
John Fleming, Andrew Paterson, William
Brodie, John Stewart, David Y. Stewart,
James H. Young. William W. Watson,
Convener; Bailie Gourlay, Sub-Convener;
David Gowdie, Janitor.
Classical, 1st, 3d, and 5th Classes, P.
M'Kinlay, LL.D.
Classical, 2d and 4th Classes, F. R.
Low, LL.D.
French and German, Felician A. Wolski.
English, R. Simpson.
Mai hematics, Geography, Arithmetic,
and Natural Philosophy, James Brvce,
jun., M.A., F.G.S.
Writing and Book-Keeping, Allan
Drawing and Painting, J. A. Hutcheson.
The Session commences on 1st October.
The Vacation begins about 15th June,
and ends on the fitst Tuesday of August.

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