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UNIVERSITY.— Founded 1450.
Chancellor — James, Duke of Montrose, Elected 1837
Vice- Chancellor — The Principal, 1823
Rectoi — Duke of Argyll, 1854
Dean— W. Lockhart, Esq., M.P 1854
Principal — Duncan M'Farlan, D.D 1823
Divinity 1530 Alexander Hill, D.D 1840
Natural Philosophy 1577 William Thomson, M.A 1846
Moral Philosophy 1577 William Fleming, D.D 1831
Logic 1577 Robert Buchanan, M.A 1827
Greek 1581 Edmund L. Lushington, M.A 1838
Humanity 1637 William Ramsay, M.A 1831
Mathematics 1691 Hugh Blackburn, M.A 1849
Oriental Languages 1709 Duncan H. Weir 1850
Civil Law 1713 George Skene 1855
Practice of Medicine 1713 John M'Farlane, M.D 1852
Anatomy 1718 Allen Thomson, M.D 1848
Church History 1720 Thomas Thomson Jackson, D.D... 1851
Practical Astronomy. 1760 J. P. Nicol, LL.D 1836
Natural History 1807 William Couper, M.D 1829
Surgery 1815 James A. Laurie, M.D 1850
Midwifery 1815 John M. Pagan, M.D 1840
Chemistry 1817 Thomas Anderson, M.D 1852
Botany..*. 1818 G. Walker Arnott, LL.D 1845
Materia Medica 1831 John Couper, M.D 1834
Institutes of Medicine 1839 Andrew Buchanan, M.D 1839
Forensic Medicine 1839 Harry Rainy, M.D 1840
Civil Engineering 1840 Lewis D. B. Gordon 1841
Waltonian Lecturer.
Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the Eye, William Mackenzie, M.D.
Nathaniel Jones, Librarian; , Sub-Librarian ; William Couper, M.D.,
Keeper of the Museum ; Laurence Hill, LL.B., Factor of the College; Thomas
Anderson, M.D. , Clerk of University; Hugh Blackburn, Clerk of College; John
Calder, Bedellus; Lachlan M'Pherson, Janitor; Chamberlain, vacant.
Hunterian Museum. — Open every lawful day to visitors, from 1 1 a.m. till 3 p.m.
in summer, and from 12 noon till 2 p.m. in winter. Dr. William Couper, Curator ;
Daniel Halloran, Keeper.
Founded 1796.
William Murray, F.G.S., President;
Walter Crum, Honorary Secretary; Wm.
Ambrose, Secretary.
James M'Clelland, Andrew Bannatvne,
William Balfour, William M'Lean, John
Wilson, Dr. James Watson, Managers.
Natural Philosophy, Dr. Taylor.
Chemistry, Dr. F. Penny.
Mathematics, Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigo-
nometry, Mensuration, Surveying, &c,
A. Laing.
Anatomy, Dr. M. S. Buchanan.
Surgery, Dr. R. Hunter.
Practice of Medicine, Dr. A. Anderson.
Materia Medica, Dr. Easton.
Institutes of Medicine, Dr. E. Watson.
Medical Jurisprudence, Dr. Crawford.
Midwifery, Dr. Paterson.
English Grammar, Composition, History,
Elocution, Geography, Astronomy, and
Use of Globes, James Brown.
German Language and Literature, J.
French, N. Meyer.
Museum. — This extensive collection of
Natural Histor3', Antiquities, and other
curiosities, is now open to the public
every lawful day, from 11 a.m. till 3
p.m., in a splendid suite of apartments in
the University Buildings, George Street.
John Jardine, Janitor and Keeper.

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