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young men in the prosecution of their
studies at any of the Universities or
other approved seminaries in Scotland.
Instituted 1822,
For assisting to Educate Young Men of
the name, especially such as give indica-
tion of talent and genius..
Sir John Athole Macgregor, Bart.,
Hereditary Patron ; Sir Jas. Macgregor,
Bart, President ; Colonel Sir Duncan
Macgregor, Inspector-General of the con-
stabulary foice of Ireland, and Alex.
M'Grigor of Kernock, Vice-Presidents.
James Watt Macgregor, 28 Jamaica
Street, and John Macgregor, 119 Bruns-
wick Street, Joint Collectors for Glasgow
and West of Scotland.
The general meetings of this Society
are held in Edinburgh.
Instituted 1841,
Send contributions of Ladies' Work, &c,
to the American National Anti- Slavery
Bazaar, held annually at Boston at Christ-
mas. Articles require to be sent to Glas-
gow Committee by 1st November.
Mrs. J. P. Nichol, Observatory, Partick,
President; Mrs. Robert Smith, 15 Wood-
side Terrace, and Mrs. Jn. Barr, 36 Com-
merce Street, Vice-Presidents ; Mrs. Jas.
Couper, Viewfield, Campsie Junction, and
Mrs. Anderson, 16 Richmond Street, Se-
cretaries ; Miss Paton, 16 Richmond Street,
Treasurer. With a committee of eleven
For reading the Scriptures to Blind Aged
Women. Instituted 17th March, 1817.
With a committee of twelve ladies. Mrs.
James Milliken, 72 New City Road,
Robert Lochore, sen., President ; Wm.
Thomson, Treasurer ; Thomas Brown,
Secretary ; Dr. William Weir, Robert
Lochore, jr., Malcolm M'Caul, James
Brown, Samuel Easton, jr.. and David
Smith, Directors.
The object of this institution is to
secure a fund for the support of the mem-
bers in advanced age. For this purpose
a certain payment is made annually or
quarterly, or a sufficient sum is sunk at
once by each member, entitling, after a
certain age, to an annuity for life. The
annuities, immediate or deferred, com-
mence at 30 years and above, at the
option of the member, and they amount
to any sum, from £5 upwards. Either
sex, of any age, is admitted.
James R. M'Nair, President ; Robert
Blackie, Treasurer ; Robert Nelson, late
President ; Thomas Shaw, late Treasurer ;
David Allan, Charles Griffin, Andrew
M'Tear, George Cameron, Wm. Murray,
Samuel Dunn, A. Rutherglen, Directors.
Andrew S. Ogle, Clerk ; Alexander For-
bes, M.D., Surgeon ; Wm. Milne, Officer.
P. Rankin, Preses ; R. Lyle, Treasurer;
John M'Kechnie, late Preses; John Baird,
late Treasurer; Crawford Ferguson, David
Ferguson, Wm. Brownlee, Adam Govan,
Wm. Blair, John M'Culloch, Robert Muir,
Arthur Dunn, Jonathan Hay, John Hut-
cheson, Directors ; Alex. Duncan, Thos.
Scott, Auditors; John M'Culloch, John
Baird, Key-keepers ; James Smith, Clerk ;
George Blackwood, Officer.
Instituted in the year 1743, and incor-
porated by Seal of Cause from the Magis-
trates and Town Council of Glasgow, 6 th
May, 1846.
The Society gives pecuniary aid to re-
duced stocking-makers, stocking-makers'
widows, and other indigent persons con-
nected with the trade.
Entry money one guinea, which (upon
a recommendation approved of by the So-
ciety) entitles to membership.
William M'Kinlay, Preses ; Jas. Thom-
son, Treasurer ; John Millar, late Preses.
Instituted 1811. Mrs. M'Call of Ibrox-
hill, President; Lady Anderson, 3 Blyths-
wood Square, Treasurer; Miss Urie, 4
Royal Terrace, Seeretan-.
This Society has for its object the relief
of indigent females above 60 years, pre-
vious to which they are visited at their
houses. Any person subscribing 20s., or
10s. for two years, is entitled to recom-
mend a pensioner. Thirteen ladies act as
visitors, who, with the office-bearers, meet
the first Monday of every month.

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