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1690 Polwarth, Baron 1800 Henry Francis Hepburn Scott 1841
1701 Seafield, Earl of 1815 John Charles Grant Ogilvy 1853
1646 Selkirk, Earl of 1809 Dunbar James Douglas 1820
1489 Sinclair, Baron 1768 Charles St. Clair 1776
1686 Stratballan, Viscount... 1810 William Henry Drummond 1851
1606 Strathmore, Earl of. 1822 Thomas George Lyon Bowes 1846
1694 Tweeddale, Marquess of 1787 George Hay 1804
Abeecrojiby, Baron; b. 1838, s. 1852.
Seats, Tullibody, Clackmannanshire; Air-
thrie Castle, Stirlingshire.
Abixgee, Baron ; b. 1794, s. 1844, m.
1824. Seats, Inverlochy, Inverness-shire ;
Abinger Hall, Surrey. Residence in Lon-
don, 76 Jermyn Street.
Ashborton, JBaron ; b. 1799, s. 1848,
m. 1823. Seats, Loch Luichart Lodge,
Ross-shire ; The Grange, Hants ; Addis-
combe Farm, Surrey. Residence in Lon-
don, 82 Piccadilly."
Campbell, Baron ; b. 1779, m. 182!.
Seats, Hartrigge House, and Mount Uls-
ton, Roxburghshire. Residence in Lon-
don, Stratheden House, Knightsbridge.
GAMPEEDOWN,Earl of; b.1785, s. 1804.
m. 1805. Seats, Camperdown House,
Forfarshire ; Gleneagles Castle and Abe-
ruthven, Perthshire. Residence in Lon-
don, 1 Wilton Terrace.
Cawdor, Earl; b. 1790, s. 1821, m.
1816. Seats, Cawdor Castle, Nairnshire,
Stackpole Court, Pembrokeshire; Golden
Grove, Carmarthenshire. Residence in
London, 74 South Audley Street.
Douglas, Baron ; b. 1787, s. 1848, m.
1813. Seats, Douglas and Bothwell Cas-
tles, Lanarkshire ; Abbot's Inch, Renfrew-
shire. Residence in Loudon, 43 Grosvenor
Dunfermline, Baron ; b. 1776, in!
1802. Seats, Colinton House, Edinburgh-
shire ; Stubbing Court, Dertryshire. Re-
sidence in London, 7 Lower Brook Street.
Ellksmkre, Earl of ; b. 1800, m. 1822.
Seats, Oatlands and Hatchford, Cobham,
Surrey ; Worseley Hall, Lancashire. Re-
sidence in London, 18 Belgrave Square.
Erskine, Baron ; b. 1773, s. 1823, m.
1st, 1800, 2d, 1843, 3d, 1852. Seats,
Hampstead, Middlesex ; Buchanhill Cot-
tage, Sussex. Residence in London, 2
Pont Street, Belgrave Square.
i Fife, Earl of ; b. 1776, s. 1811, m.
1799. Seats, Duff House, Balvenie Cas-
tle, Rothiemay, Auchintoul, and Mont-
coffer House, Banffshire ; Innes House,
Morayshire; Mar Lodge, Skene House,
and Deign ty Castle, Aberdeenshire ; Car-
aldstone Castle, Forfarshire. Residence in
London, Union Club.
Glenelg, Baron; b. 1783. Residence
in London, H 4, Albany.
Keith, Baroness; b. 1788, s. 1823, m.
1817. Seats, Aldie Castle, Kinross-shire ;
Meikleour House, on the Tay, and Tulli-
allan Castle, on the Forth, Perthshire.
Residence in London, 110 Piccadilly.
Lovat, Baron; b. 1801, m. 1823.
Seats, Beaufort Castle, Inverness-shire :
Strichen House, Aberdeenshire. Residence
in London, Patterson's Hotel.
Macdonald, Baron ; b. 1809, s. 1832,
m. 1845. Seats, Armadale, Isle of Skye,
Inverness-shire ; Gunthwaite, Yorkshire.
Melville, Viscount ; b. 1801, s. 1851.
Seat, Melville Gastle, Edinburghshire.
Residence in London, 7 Portugal Street.
Minto, Earl of: b. 1782, s. 1814, m.
1 806. Seats, Minto, Roxburghshire ;
Melgund, Forfarshire ; Lockgellie, Fife-
shire. Residence in London, 48 Eaton
Noethampton, Marquess of ; b. 1816,
s. 1851. Seats, Castle Ashby, Northamp-
tonshire ; Compton, Winyates, Shipaton-
on-Stour, Warwickshire. Residence in
London, 145 Piccadilly.
Fanmure, Baron; b. 1801, s. 1852,
m. 1831. Seats, Brechin Castle and Pan-
mure, Forfarshire. Residence in London,
■15 Lower Brooke Street.
Portland,. Duke of; b. 1800, s. 1854.
Seats, Fullarton House, Ayrshire; Wel-
beck Abbey and Bulstrode, Nottingham-
shire; Bolsover Castle,Derbyshire; Bothell
Castle, Northumberland. Residence in
London, 19 Cavendish Square.
Rosslyn, Earl of; b. 1802, s. 1837,
m. 1826. Seats, Dysart House, Fifeshire j
Laigel House, Yorkshire. Residence in
London, Grillion's Hotel.
Rossmoee, Baron ; b. 1792, s. 1813,
m. 1st, 1820; 2d, 1846. Seats, Torsa
Cottage, Arran, Buteshire; Rosmore Park,
Monaghan ; The Dell, Windsor. Resi-
dence in London, Queen's Hotel.
Stratheden, Baroness. See CABir-
bell, Baron.
Salisbury, Marquess of; b. 1791, s.
1823, m. 1st, 1821; 2d, 1847. Seats,
Hatfield House, Herts; Childwall Hall,

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