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Letters, whether containing Coin or not.
can be registered on payment of a fee of
6d., in addition to the Rates of Postage,
Inland, Colonial, or Foreign. On those
to France, or passing through France, at
double the usual rates of Postage. On
those to Prussia, or passing through Prus-
sia, the Prussian Registration Fee of 3d.
must be paid in addition to the British.
On those to Russia and Poland, via Bel-
gium, an additional rate of 3£d. under
£ oz., 7d. under 1 oz., &c. Thus, for a
letter not exceeding \ oz., the charge will
be ordinary Postage, lljd. ; additional
Postage, 3^d. ; British Registration Fee,
6d. ; Prussian do., 3d. ; total, 2s. A
printed acknowledgment will be given to
any person registering a letter. Regis-
tered letters will be taken at the Bar Win-
dow and the Receiving -houses within half
an hour of the closing of the Box for the
particular Mail by w 7 hich they are to be
despatched. Letters for Registration ad-
dressed to places within the United King-
dom, must be paid by affixing a sufficient
number of Stamps, andthe Registration Fee
must be paid in Stamps ; when addressed
to parts abroad, they may be paid either
hi money, or by means of postage stamps.
In case of Foreign, Colonial, or Ship
Letters, it must be clearly understood that
Registration can only extend to the port
of shipment. Letters, however, addressed
to France, and Letters passing through
France, are exceptions to this rule, the
French Post-Office undertaking to pro-
vide for their security till they shall have
been delivered, if addressed to France, and
as long as they remain in the French ter-
ritory, if passing through France.
The arrangements for carrying out the
system of registration have been made
with the view of insuring the safe delivery'
of Eegistered Letters. On their delivery,
the parties to whom they may have been
addressed will be required to acknowledge,
in writing, their receipt. Parties trans-
mitting Bank Notes, Bank Post Bills,
Drafts, Jewellery, §c, should invariably
secure their transmission by Registration ;
and persons having occasion to send by
post small sums, are recommended to make
use of
which is open every week-day, fast-days
excepted, from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. The
charge for such Orders is 3d. on sums not
exceeding two pounds, and 6d. on sums be-
tween two and five pounds. No Order will
be given for sums beyond this amount ;
but if the sum to be transmitted exceeds
five pounds, as many Orders may be taken
out as will make up the sum to be sent.
In cases where the personal attendance
of the party to whom an Order is payable
is inconvenient, if the Order is receipted
(his or her name written in full), and the
person presenting the Order be able to give
full information as to the Christian name,
surname, address, and occupation of the
person who transmitted the money, pay-
ment will be made, but not unless these
conditions are complied with. Orders will
not be granted in favour of any person
unless the Christian name of such person
can be given by the party obtaining the
Order. Orders cannot now be granted in
favour of the " Secretary" of any Society,
the "Publisher" of a paper, &c. Incases
of Firms the initials only are required.
A Money Order must be presented for
payment before the end of the Second
Calendar Month after that in which it was
issued (for instance, if issued in January,
it must be presented before the end of
March), otherwise a new order will be
necessary, for which a Second Commission
must be paid ; and if it be not presented
for payment before the end of the Twelfth
Calendar Month after which it was issued,
the money will not be paid at all.
After an Order has been once paid, by
whomsoever presented, the office will not
be liable to any further claim.
The Towns upon which Money Orders
can be drawn are marked in the lists.
The Newspaper Box closes 5 minutes earlier for the Mails marked in the list 7.20 p.m.
and 7,50 p.m., and 30 minutes later for those marked at 10.15 p.m.
When two places are mentioned, reference must be made to the latter for the
Hours of Despatch.
The Offices upon which Money Orders can be granted have the letter " m " prefixed.
m Aberbrothwick, see Arbroath.
Aberehirder, 9 miles from Banff.
m Aberdeen, 9.45 a.m. and 7.20 p.m.
m Aberdour, 6.30 a.m. and 7.20 p.m.
m Aberfeldy, 9.45 a.m.

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