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Naismith, John, 11 Buchanan street.
Neilson & Anderson, 68 Glassford street.
Nicholson & Steven, 20 Buchanan street.
Niven, David, 58 Miller street.
Ogle, Andrew S. 1 South Frederick st.
Oliphant, Maxwell, & Stiven, 152 "West
George street.
Paterson, Francis, 20 Union street.
Paul, Daniel, 8 Prince's square.
Paul, John, 108 Hutcheson street.
Pollock, Archibald, 36 St. Vincent place.
Pollock, John, 41 Virginia street.
Pollock, Walter W. 13 John street..
Porter, James, 69 Glassford street.
Railton, Hugh/ 48 Queen street.
Reddie & Crighton, 4 Moore place.
Renison, William, 20 Buchanan street.
Ritchie, James, 13 Moore place.
Robertson, John M. 5 Hutcheson street.
Ross, Donald, 20 St. Enoch square.
Ross, K. & J. W. 16 St. Enoch square.
Russell, William, 67 West Nile street.
Rutherford, James, 132 S. Portland st.
Salmond, George, Procurator Fiscal, La-
narkshire, County buildings. Wilson st.
Scott, James, 153 Queen street.
Scott and Stevenson, 134 Hope street.
Service, James, 238 George street,
Sim, John, County buildings.
Simson, Thomas, 66 Hutcheson street.
Sinclair, Robert, 44 Miller street.
Smeaton and Skeoch, 38 West George st.
Smith, James, 5 Prince's square.
Smith and Wright, 99 St. Vincent street.
Speirs and Fraser, 128 St. Vincent street.
Steel, Douie, and Paul, 6 S. Hanover st.
Stewart, A. W. 68 St. Vincent street.
Stewart, John, 116 St. Vincent street.
Stout, Thomas, 32 St. Vincent place.
Strang, Yuile, and Keyden, 83 St. Geo.pl.
Strathern, Alex. 69 West Nile street.
Sword, Robert, 45 Virginia street,
Tainsh and Hutcheson, 55 W. Nile st.
Taylor, J. M. 20 St, Vincent place.
Taylor and Kirkland, 21 St. Vincent pi.
Taylor, Joseph, 213 Buchanan street.
Tennent, Andrew, 40 George square.
Thomson, Robert, 136 St. Vincent street.
Towers & Roberton, 48 West Nile st.
Turner, A. town clerk, City chambers.
Turner, Duncan, 37 Virginia street.
Walker and Carswell, 51 St. Vincent st.
Walker, Matthew, 51 St. Vincent street.
Walker, Robert, 54 Miller street.
Wardlaw, Wm. 62 Buchanan street.
Watkins, John, 40 George square.
Wilkie and Faulds, 46 George square.
Wright, Robert, 13 John street.
Wright, Thomas G. 99 St. Vincent st.
Young, George & Alex. 20 Buchanan st.
Young, James W. 37 Virginia street.
Young, P. T. County build. Wilson st.
Young, T. C. 72 Wilson street.
Aitken, James, 102 Virginia place.
Anderson, Forbes, 94 Miller street.
Blackwood and Smith, 8G Ingram street.
Blantyre Yarn Warehouse. — See Henry
Monteith 4' Co.
Brown, Wm. & Co. 71 Queen street.
Bow, John, 15 Candleriggs.
Boyd, R. & Co. 85 Queen st. and 2£
Royal Exchange court,
Campbell, Andrew, 34 Cochran street.
Campbell, Jas. & Co. 8 Ingram street.
Crabb, Jas. & Co. 52 Ingram street.
Dawson, Jas. 187 Buchanan street.
Falconer, R. & Son, 132 Argyle street
and 2, 4, 6 Buchanan street.
Falconer, W. and A. 5 High street.
Fisher, Watson, & Co. 6 Springfield ct.
Holmes, James, 40 Miller street.
Leslie, John, 12 South Hanover street.
M'Nair and Brand, 60 St. George's place.
Monteith, Henry, & Co. 11 George sq.
Morrison, George, & Co. 62 Queen street.
Munsie, George, & Co. Virginia buildings.
Neild, Edward, 78 Miller street.
Paterson, Robert, 31 Miller street.
Sandeman, David, 2 John street.
Sloan and Turner, 106 Virginia place.
Smith, John, & Co. 11 High street.
Thomson and Scott, 20 Ingram street.
Walker, Wm. 98 Miller street.
White, Robert, & Co. 98 Hutcheson st.
Young, Andrew, & Son, 73 Brunswick st.
Kidd, David Smith, 33£ St. Vincent pi.
Aitken, W. 38 Queen street.
Auchinvole, John, 4 Montrose street.
Knox, Andrew L. 10 St. Vincent place.
Knox, Robert, jun. 10 St. Vincent place.
Laird and Thomson, 69 Ingram street.
Merrylees, J. & Son, 1 S. Frederick st.
M'Laren, C. 20, 22, 24 Jamaica street.
Scott, J. & A. & Co. 81 Wellington st.
Sutherland, W. G. & Co. 27 Nicholson st.

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