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Baird, Jas. landing, 11 Clarendon place.
Balfour, Chas, sub-inspector olfactories;
house, Millshot cottage, Hillhead.
Banks, John H. stamps, 52 Virginia st.
Black, Rohert, 90 South Portland street.
Brown, Neil, water, 197 Duke street.
Climie, Robert, land, 1 Newton place.
Cowan, J. Caled. Ins. Co. 64 St. Vin. st.
Crawford, John, gas, 42 Virginia street.
Dalrymple, G. S. Wi. stamps, 86 Bath st.
Donaldson, James, 70 Bell street.
Ferguson, William, 152 "West George st.
Gemmell, A. land, 157 Crown street.
Gordon, Thomas, tide, 37 Paterson street.
Hamilton, R. S. 179 St. George's road.
Holm, John, inland rev. 52 Virginia st.
Houston, A. M'D. Police, cfc. 70 Bell street.
Johnston, N. Sun Fire Of. 20 Buch. st.
Johnston, Ron. land, 204 W. George st.
Kyle, Thomas, land, 145 St. Vincent st.
Kyle, William, 85 St. Vincent street.
Lauchlan, And. land, 58 St. Vincent st.
Liddell, C. Gas Office, 42 Virginia street.
Lyall, John, tide, Custom-House.
M'Call, Thomas, land, 48 Gordon street.
M'Dougall, N. Police, 47 S. Portland st.
M'Ghie, R. and T. mineral and land, 187
Buchanan street.
Maclure, Hugh H. land, 8 Prince's square.
Martin, Geo. land, 204 Brandon place.
Martin, J. of tonnage, 14 Robertson st.
Murdoch, R. road, 3 Royal Exch. ct.
Ramsay, William, 4 6 West George st.
Robertson, Richd. Lloyd's, 75 Jamaica st.
Robertson, Win, civil, 97 Union street.
Shanks, James, 23 Garscube place.
Smith, D. land, 37 West George street.
Smith, Jas. land, 54 St. Vincent street.
Tait, John, land, 123 West George street.
Thomson, James, Phoenix Fire Office, 68
St. Vincent street.
Tod, Peter, ship and cargo, 16 York st.
Walker, Rohert, stamps and taxes, 5.2
Virginia street.
Watson, Robert, land, 198 Buchanan st.
Weild, John, underim-iier, 91 Buchanan st.
Wharrie and Steel, land, 36 Renfield st.
Wilkie, James, ship and cargo, 16 York st.
Adamson, A. and W. 212 Argyle street.
Agnew, Peter, 4G Jamaica street.
Aird, John, 11 Buchanan street.
Alexander, Jolin, 3 St. Enoch square.
Alexander, Robert, 24 Hutcheson street.
Anderson and Allan, 1 94 Broomielaw.
Archibald, William, 246 Argyle street.
Bain, George, 9 Blacki'riars street.
Baird, James, 209 Cowcaddens.
Baird, Alexander, 233 High street.
Barclay, Ebenezer, 1 9 London street.
Beaton and Wilson, 2 St. Enoch square.
Bell, John, 20 Gallowgate.
Bennett, Archibald, 60 Maxwell street.
Black, James, 33 Trongate.
Black, Robert, 32 Argyle street.
Blackwood, J. and Son, 2 Jamaica street
and 211 Argyle street.
Blair, A. & Co. 7 Argyle street.
Blair and White, 12-1 Argyle street.
Borland and Fleming, 192 Argyle street.
Branigan, Hugh G. 119 Crown street.
Brodie, M'Leod, & Co. 2, 4 Exchange sq.
and 143 Queen street.
Brown,. Thomas, 24 St. Enoch square.
Brown, William, 323 Argyle street.
Bruuton, John, 2 Clyde terrace.
Buchanan, Andrew, 80 West Nile street.
Burgess, William, 31 Queen street.
Burt, William, 36 Gallowgate.
Cairns, Jas. & Son, 37, 39 London street.
Cairns, Joseph, 4 Saltmarket.
Cameron, Alexander, 30 King street.
Cameron, Daniel, 23 Oxford street.
Campbell, Charles, 44 Dundas street-
Campbell, John, 9 St. Enoch lane.
Campbell, James, 42 Eglinton street.
Carlin, John, 36 Queen street.
Carmichael, Duncan, 315 Argyle street.
Cavenie, J. 1 Glassford street.
Chalmers, Thomas, 88 M Alpine street.
Christie, John, & Co. 85 Union street.
Clark, D. C. & Co. 6, 10 Jamaica street.
Clark, James, & Co. 35 George square.
Clow, Henry, 66 Queen street.
Connor, John, 40 Union street.
Copland, John, 67 Oswald street.
Corstorphine, Nath. 27 St. Andrew sq.
Coulter, fflaa. 45 John street.
Courts, James, 5G Trongate.
Cowan, William, 171 High street.
Cowie, William, 54 Queen street.
Craig, William, 61 Tureen street.
Crawford, J. G. & Co. 100 Brunswick st.
Crawford, Wm. and Son, 76 Eglinton st.
Crocket, James, 3 St. Enoch square.
Cruickshanks, Charles, 207 Argyle st.
Currie, Archibald, 3 James Watt street.
Davies, John, 64 Queen street.
Dawson and M'Nicol, 50 Buchanau st.
Devine, Wm. 11 New City road.
Dick, John, 1 09 Argyle street.
Donald & Co. 50, 54 Argyle street.
Donald, John, & Co. 185 Argyle street.
Dougherty, Edward, 46 Kirk st. Calton.
Downie, Duncan, 111 Saltmarket.
Drew, John, 90 Eglinton street.
Drummond & Murray, 151, 153 Argyle st.
Drysdale, Hugh, 89 George street.
Drysdale, John, 240 Argyle street.
Duncan, Alexander, 1 South Portland st.
Dunn, William, 24 Hutcheson street.
Edgar, James, 327 Argyle street.
Ewing, John, 63 Stockwell.
Ewing and Wiugate, 79 Buchanau street.

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