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Henderson, E. 67 Eglinton street.
Lambie, Miss, 129 New City road.
M'Gunn, Isabella, 418 Argyle street.
MTntosh, Miss, 184 Hope street.
M'Kinnon, Mrs. 87 Nelson street.
M'Laren, Miss J. 14 Brunswick street.
M'Lean, Misses M. and J. 67 Cheapside.
Miller, John, 76 Argyle street.
Milne, Miss Elizabeth, 208 Hope street.
Morrison, Misses, 21 Castle street.
Muir, Armour, & Robertson, 25 Queen st.
Muirs, Connell, and Brodie, 28 Royal Ex-
change square.
Muirhead, Miss, 1 04 Sauchiehall street.
Keid, Mrs. J. 78 Govan street.
Robertson and M'Ewan, 5 Union street.
Russell, A. andM. Misses, 223 Main St. so.
Simpson, Mrs. David, 105 Canning street.
Sommervilles, 275 Sauchiehall street.
Spaven, Mrs. 30 Eglinton street.
Stewart, John, manufacturer, 38 Queen st.
Stewart, Miss. 43 Glassford street.
Taylor, MissE. 24 Great Hamilton street.
Thomson, Mrs. D. 29 North Coburg st.
Walker, James, 61 South Portland street.
Weatherhead, Mrs. 135 West Nile street.
Wilkie, Misses F. and J. 57 Buchanan st.
Williamson, Misses, 35 Renfrew street.
Wilson and M'Nab, 245 High street.
Anderson, Alexander, 43 Virginia street.
Hovle, Martin, & Co. 43 Virginia street.
M'Ewan, W. Sons, & Co. 14, 16, 18 Os-
wald street.
M'Ewing, John, & Co. 13 Virginia street.
Murdoch & Doddrell, 21 Virginia street.
Wilson, James, 71 Alston street.
Wilson, Taylor, & Co. 71 Alston street.
Addison, John, C.E. Caledonian Railway,
Buchanan street.
Baker, Richard, Police, eastern district.
Bayly, Captain John, Ordnance, 205 St.
Vincent street.
Caie, Rev. Thomas, city mission, 75 St.
George's place.
Carrick, John, streets, Police Chambers.
Cowan, Thomas, Sighthill Cemetery.
Cox, George M. Eastern Public Baths,
London road.
Fleming, James, Old Men's Asylum.
Forsyth, John, Custom-house.
Gault, Rev. R. Free Church A. P. M.
152 Hill street.
Gillespie, William, railway, south side.
Griuiond, William, schools, 326 Parlia-
mentary road.
Howatt, W. Gorbals Burying ground, 102
Hospital street.
Johnston, W. buildings, 133 Waterloo st.
M'Coll, Paul, Police, Partick.
M'Farlane, R. Clyde Police, 10 Robertson
M'Ghie, James, M.D. Royal Infirmary.
M'Intosh, Dr. A. M.D. Asylum, Gartnavel.
M'Kay, George, Police, central district.
M'Neil, Robert, G. G. Water Company.
M'Whirter, John, Night Asylum.
Miller, David, buildings, 37 Paterson st.
Miller, Robert, lighting, 54 College street.
Milne, James, Forth cj - Clyde Canal, Port-
Dundas; house, 158 Garngadhill.
Newlands, R. buildings, 9 Bellgrove.
O'Neil, Charles, streets, 66 S. Portland st.
"O'Neil, James, Police, 435 Argyle street.
Parker, Richard, sen. 102 Stirling's road.
Paul, James, locker, Customs.
Porter, Francis, Police, northern district.
Ramsay, Robert, traffic, Paisley road.
Robertson, William, Southern Necropolis.
Scott, J. of Markets, 34 Canon street.
Sinclair, R. Caledonian Railway, 138 West
George street.
Slight, Ninian, Necropolis.
Smart, James, Police, 75 Charlotte street.
Smith, James, Engineer, 28 St. Enoch sq.
Smith, W. Queen St. Station, E. § G. R.
Stewart, James, Caledonian Railway.
Stewart, William, Caledonian Railway.
Stirling, John, County prisons, 71 Duke st.
Thomson, John B. Edin. <J' Glas. Rail.
Thomson, Robert, Blind Asylum.
Troup, A. Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow.
Turner, Alex. Fire Engines, Police Office.
Waddell, Alex. Calton Mech. Institution.
Waters, Thomas, cleansing, 54 York st.
Wilson, Arch. Assist. Police, 4 Adelphipl.
Wilson, Charles H. School of Arts, 16
Ingram street.
Buchanan, William, 174 New City road.
Dobson, Thomas, 3 West Campbell street.
Fulton, William (late), 14 Shamrock st.
Pearson, John, 5 Great Hamilton street.
Ridley, William, 24 Burnside street.
Russell, Robert W. 5 East Russell street.
Swan, William, 25 Bellgrove street.
Carlile and Stirling, 3 Saltmarket.
Hilliard and Chapman, 56 Buchanan st.
Hilliard, W. B. 148 Buchanan street.
Stirling, James, 88 Gallowgate.
Dick, A. 16 Buchanan court, 105 Stock-
well street.

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