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King, Mrs. 223 Gallowgate.
Logan, Mrs. 182 West Nile street.
M'Donald, A. and M. 263 Buchanan St.
M'Donald, Mrs. 108 Stockwell.
M'Dougall, Mrs. 20 Nelson street.
M'Glashan, Duncan, 17 George street.
Maclntyre, Mrs. 7 West Regent street.
M'Kechnie, John, 14 Main st. Calton
Mair, Misses, 186 Hope street.
Mann, Mrs. 48 Oxford street.
Miller, James, 70 Brunswick street.
Miller, Miss, 283 Sauchiehall street.
( Moffat, Mrs. 1 6 Nelson street.
Moffat, Miss, 57 Argyle arcade.
Morrison, Robert, 9 London street.
Monoch, Mrs. Jean, 242 Gallowgate.
Muir, Misses, 186 Hope street.
Robertson, Misses, 195 Pitt street.
Scoon, Jacob, 1 3 East Nile street.
Slater, Robert, 71^ Eglinton street.
Smith, Mrs. 6 Nelson street.
Strong, Mrs. W. 10, 12 Nelson street.
Waddell, Misses, 50 Argyle arcade.
Watson, A. 37, 38 Argyle arcade.
Weir, James, 99 Main st. Bridgeton.
White, Mrs. 157 Sauchiehall street.
Wilkie, Misses, 17, 18 Argyle arcade.
Wilson & Mathieson, 54, 58, 60 Candler.
Begg, Wm. 301 Parliamentary road.
Bell and Bain, 15 St. Enoch square.
Blackie, W. G. & Co. 50 St. James' road.
Collins, Wm. & Co. Ill N. Montrose st.
Mackenzie, William, 45, 47 Howard st.
Lymburn, James, 89 Gallowgate.
Wilson, Thomas, 202 Main st. Bridgeton.
Black and Robson, 13 Princes square.
Buchanan, T. G. & L. M. Kerr, 157
Buchanan street.
Cairns, Charles, 57 West Nile street.
Clapperton, John, 3 West Nile street.
Cunningham, Charles, 82 West Nile st.
Dow, George C. 25 Gordon street.
Forrester, Robert, 24 Renfield street.
Foulds, John C. 64 Buchanan street.
Grahame, A. H. 57 St. George's place.
Hamilton, Dundas, 8 Prince's square.
Kerr, Archibald, 3 Royal Exchange pi.
Kerr, Henry, 33 Renfield street.
Kerr, L. M. 157 Buchanan street.
M'Cowan, Robert, 17 Gordon street.
M'Ewan, Andrew, 28 St. Vincent place.
Macgeorge, John, 135 Buchanan street.
Mackirdy, John L. 58 St. Vincent street.
M'Lachlan, Hugh, 71 Queen street.
M'Lean, William, 98 Fife place.
Miller, John, 71 Queen street.
Outram, D. E. 77 St. Vincent street.
Paul, Daniel', 8 Prince's square.
Penney, S. M. 16 St. Vincent place.
Reid, A. & Co. 73 St. Vincent street.
Robson, George, 13 Prince's square.
Watson, James, 32 St. Vincent place.
White, Peter, 20 Buchanan street.
Wilkie, George B. 135 Buchanan street.
Wilkie, James, 135 Buchanan street.
Buchanan, Younger, & Co. 40 St. Enoch
wynd, off Howard street.
Dixon and Dow, 25 Gordon street.
Kerr, Anderson, & Brodie, 33 Renfield st.
M'Clelland, J as. and Son, 128 Ingram st.
M'Cowan, Robert, 17 Gordon street.
M'Ewan and Auld, 28 St. Vincent place.
M'Farlane, G. 116 St. Vincent street.
M'Naughtan & Hamilton, 8 Prince's sq.
Mudie, William, jun. 109 Fife place.
Neilson, Wm. 69 Glassford street.
Reid, A. & Co. 73 St. Vincent street.
Robertson, Laurence, jun. 65 St. Vincentst.
Tassie, Hugh, and Sons, 120 Buchanan st
White and Gardner, 20 Buchanan street.
Wilkie, Brothers, 135 Buchanan street.
Berwick, John, 43 West Milton street.
Dick, James, 103 South Portland street.
Frazer, James, 30 West Paterson street.
Fyfe, James, Bank street, Port-Dundas.
Henderson, W. 112 Blythswood terrace.
M'Grouther, James, East Canal bank.
Alexander, Mrs. 168, 170 W. Regent st.
Blair, Mrs. Archd. 17 Rutherglen loan.
Bogle, J. Y. 294 Argyle street.
Boyle, Miss E. 40 Candleriggs.
Boyle, Misses, 46 Eglinton street.
Brown, Mrs. R. 5 Richard street.
Christie, Misses, 445 Argyle street.
Darby, Mrs. James, 59 Princes street.
Duncan, Thomas, 146 Trongate.
Edwards, Mrs. Adam, 119 Gallowgate.
Fairley, Miss A. 82 George street.
Ferguson, J. 351 Argyle street.
Fleming, Joseph, 105 Trongate.
Flemington, J. 65 Buchanan street.
Flemington, John, 52 Argyle stieet.
Fletcher and M'Innes, Misses, 106 St.
Vincent street.
Fowle, Misses, 74 Canning street.
Fraser, M. & M. 109 Main st. Bridgeton.
Fraser, Mrs. D. 112 New City road.
Fyfe, Thomas, 34 Argyle street.
Gardiner, Alexander, 168, 170 Trongate.
Gilmour, Miss, 22, 23 Argyle arcade.
Glassford, Miss, 31 Marlborough street.
Hamilton, Miss Helen, 103 Renfrew st

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