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Stewart, Alexander, 55 London street.
Stewart, John, 57 Duke street.
Stewart, John, 44 Eglinton street.
Stewart, R. and A. 89 Glassford street.
Stewart, William, 49 Commercial road.
Stewart, William, 149 Castle street.
Stewart, Mrs. A. 5 Main's street.
Stewart, Mrs. James, 24 Graham square.
Stewart, Mrs. 22 Centre street.
Stirling, John, 18 William st. Cowcad.
Stirling, J. and Son, 701 Gallowgate.
Stobo, William, 60 Rottenrow.
Strang, Andrew, 76 Cowcaddens.
Stroak, David, 68 Commerce street.
Struthers, Robert, 6 Robertson street.
Sturge, John, 100 Garngad road.
Tait, John, 31 Broad street, Mile-end.
Tannahill, John, 20 Canning street.
Taylor, Robert, & Co. 173 Garngad road.
Thomson, Alex. 26 Crown street.
Thomson, Archd. 75 Main st. Bridgeton,
Thomson, H. 218 Main street, Bridgeton.
Thomson, Hugh, 28 Saltmarket.
Thomson, James, 394 Parliamentary rd.
Thornton, Terence, 103 Saltmarket.
Todd, William, 462 Gallowgate.
Tollance, James, 143 Canning street.
Topping, William, 256 Parliamentary rd.
Torrance, Archd. 316 Argyle street.
Torrance, Mrs. 146 Stobcross street.
Touzean, James, 267 St. George's road.
Tulloch, T. 23 Milton street.
Turnbull, John. 106 Main street, Gorbals.
Ure, James, 25 Millroad st. Calton.
Ure, Thomas, 111 Reid st. Bridgeton.
Vallance, William, 41 George square.
Waddell, Archibald, 656 Gallowgate.
Waddell, A. 616 Gallowgate.
Waddell, David, 150 Gallowgate.
Walker, George, 2 Pollokshaws road.
Walker, John, 146 Cowcaddens.
Wallace, Hugh, 40 Port-Dundas road.
Wallace, James F. 131 Garngad road.
Wallace, James, 6 1 Carrick street.
Wallace, John, 75 Maxwell street.
Wallace, Mrs 11 Kirk street, Townhead.
Wares, David, 54 M'Alpine street.
Warnock, Andrew, 126 Saltmarket.
Watson, John, 180 Pollokshaws road.
Watson, John, 8, 10 Queen street.
Watson, Mrs. T. 12 Clyde st. Anderston.
Watson, Mrs. William, 53 Clyde place.
Watson, Mrs. Jane, 93 Finnieslon street.
Webster, Alex. 9 Main street, Gorbals.
Weir, Alexander, 21 Clyde terrace.
Weir, Archibald, 365 Gallowgate.
Weir, Robert, 728 Gallowgate.
Weir, Mrs. 56 John street, Bridgeton.
White, C. & R. 101 Gallowgate.
White, Donald, 189 Castle street.
Whyte, William, 47 Castle street.
White, William, 659 Gallowgate.
Wilkie, James, 13 King street, Calton.
Wilkie, Samuel, 41 Broad street, Mile-end.
Williams, Laurence, 25 Brown st. North.
Wilson, Thomas, 66 Stockwell street.
Wilson, William, 36 Maxwell street.
Wilson, Mrs. James, 31 Normal place.
Wood, G. 150 Old Dalmarnock road.
Woodburn, James, 106 North Hanover st.
Woodburn, Mrs. 28 Burnside street.
Wotherspoon, J. -35 Main st. Anderston.
Wotherspoon, T. 20 Broad street.
Wright, Alexander, 142 So. Rose street,
Wright, Mrs. 170 Port-Dundas road.
Wright, Mrs. D. 94 Broomielaw.
Wright, Mrs. J. 347 Gallowgate.
Wright, Mrs. James, 8 Cochran street.
Wylie, John, 9 Drury street.
Wyper, John, 500 Gallowgate.
Young, David, 24 Graham square.
Young, James, 2 Cambridge street.
Young, John, 17 Moore street.
Young, William, 38 New wynd.
Young, William, 46 Cook street.
Young, Mrs. 99 Kirk street, Calton.
Cohen, Joseph, 78 Stockwell.
Dickson, John, 222 Holm street.
M'Leod, Brothers, 47, 53 Glassford street.
Murphy, Edward and A. 53 Montrose st.
Wotherspoon, John, 75 Robertson street.
Anderson, James, 36 Surrey street; office,
49 West George street.
Wilson & Co. 16 Candleriggs.
Wotherspoon, Robert, 40 Dunlop street.
Young and Strang, 128 Ingram street.
Hamilton, Robert, & Co. 53 Candleriggs.
Harley, W. 66 Rose st. Hutchesontown.
Lindsay, John, & Co. 13 Brown street.
M'Connell, T. and W. 16 Duncan st. 13
Little street, and 1 3 Coulter's lane.
Roberton, William, 107 Montrose street.
Shanks, Robert, 86 Blackfriars street,
Simpson, W. Graham st. Dalmarnock rd.
Wilson, Alexander, 15 North St. Mungo st.
Wilson, Andrew, 167 Stirling's road.
Those marked a are also Librarians.
a Adam, G. & Co. 21 Crown street.
a Adshead, N. 1 84 Argyle street.
Allan, Miss, 404 Argyle street.
Aitken, John, 133 New City road.
Auchinvole, Wm. 53 London street and
6 Main street, Bridgeton.

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