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Campbell, T. B. and Co. 30 Both-well st.
Colvin, William, 54 St. Vincent street.
Donaghy, Hugh, refiner, 51 Turner's ct.
Daunt and Moffat, 59 St. Vincent street.
Dunn, Andrew, 135 Buchanan street.
Edmiston and Mitchell, 25 Gordon st.
Hahn, Augustus, 98 Fife place.
Handyside, H. 45 Union street.
Henry, Brothers, 8 Dixon street.
Johnston, William, 49 Mitchell street.
Kibble, James, & Co. 24 Turner's court.
Kidston, A. G. & Co. 61 Great Clyde st.
Lang, D. Marshall, 147 St. Vincent st.
Lynass, John, GO Washington street.
M'Ewan, J. and Son, 2 N. Exchange ct.
Morris, James, 32 St. Vincent place.
Murray, John, 25, 27 Buchan street.
Oughterson, George, 23 St. Enoch square.
Paterson, Gilbert, & Co. 48 Gordon st.
Peare, R. M. & Co. 13 Dixon street.
Rose and Jeffreys, 172 Buchanan street.
Seligmann, H. L. 135 Buchanan street.
Short, William, & Co. 2 Royal Exchange
Thomson, F. & Co. 33 West Nile street.
Tolmie, Alex. 166 Buchanan street.
Watson, James, and Co. 81 St. Vincent
Woodrow, A. and Son, 17 Gordon street.
Wright, Hay, 17 Gordon street.
Campbell, Mrs. A. 106 Rutherglen loan.
Glass, Mrs. John, 20 St. Andrew square.
Mackay, Mrs. M. 22 Oak st. Anderston.
M'Kinlay, Mrs. 9 College street.
M'Laren, Mrs. 9 West Milton street.
M'Lean, Mrs. D. 2 Anderston quay.
Morrison, Mrs. 12 Pollokshaws road.
Pearson, Mrs. 2 Havanna street.
Rolls, Mrs. 8 St. Nicholas place.
Taylor, Mrs. 204 Stirling's road.
Anderson, James, & Co. 80 Hill street.
Austin, William, 12 Bothwell street.
Clyde Grain Mills, Commercial road.
Currie, John, & Co. 61 Oswald street.
Drysdale, Thos. 14 Market street.
Forrest, James, Town's-mill road.
Galbraith, John, & Son, 6 Commercial rd.
Galbraith, W. & J. Bishop street, Port-
Dun das.
Gilmour & Roberts, 132 Port-Dundas rd.
Harvie & M'Gavin, 27 Washington st.
Muir, Matthew, and Sons, 21 Clyde place.
Reid, Gordon, Ladywell street.
White, John, Scotstown mills, Partick.
Wilson, Robert, Partick.
Wilson, Wm. Rockvilla.
Reid, John, burr, 160 Main st. Anderstn.
Adam, Mrs. 1 Glassford street.
Adams, Misses, 54 Brougham place, Ren-
frew street,
Agnew, Mrs. A. 58 Hope street.
Aitken, M. and E. 20 Burnside street.
Alexander, Mrs. 168, 170 W. Regent st.
Algie, Misses, 223 Gallowgate.
Anderson, Mrs. David, 109 Ashburton pi.
Anderson, Miss, 139 Clarence place.
Anderson, Misses, 101 Renfrew street.
Anderson, Misses, 339J Argyle street.
Arnott, Miss M. 33 Nelson street.
Banks, M. and E. 145 London street.
Bayne, Miss, 79 George street.
Beauchop, Miss M. 23 George street.
Beattie, Misses, 184 West Regent street.
Begg, Alexander, 65 Jamaica street.
Bissett, Miss, 181 Holy rood pi. N. C. rd.
Bogle, J. Y. 294 Argyle street.
Bookless, Mrs. 44 Sauchiehall street.
Boyle, Miss E. 40 Candleriggs.
Broadfoot, Miss, 36 St. Andrew street.
Brockie, Misses, 51 West Regent street.
Broom, M. A. 90 Cowcaddens.
Brown, Miss E. 41 North Albion street.
Brown, Mrs. John, 44 West st. Tradeston.
Brown, Mrs. R. 5 Kichard street,
Brownlie, Wm. 15 Adelphi street.
Bruce, Misses, 47 Sauchiehall street.
Bruce, Misses M. S. & Co. 45 London st.
Bruce, Mrs. A. 35 Nelson street.
Bryson, J. G. 34 Bridge street.
Buchanan, Ann, 24 West Campbell st.
Callender, Miss, 38 Sauchiehall street.
Campbell, Mrs. 51 John street.
Campbell, Mrs. 71 London street.
Chalmers, Mrs. 209 St. Vincent street.
Ghisholm, Miss, 33 West Richard street,
Chomar, Mrs. G. D. 201 Buchanan st.
Christie, Miss, 46 St. Georges road.
Christie, Miss, 445 Argyle street.
Cowan, Miss, 41 Robertson street.
Cruden, Miss, 69 Dale street.
Cullen, Misses, 169 Great Hamilton st.
Currie, Misses, 86 M 'Alpine street.
Cuthbertson, Mrs. C. 13 London street.
Davidson and Westwater, 197 Elgin pi.
Pitt street.
Dougall, Mrs. 222 Buchanan street.
Douglas, C. & A. 17 South St. Mungo st.
Drinnan, Misses, 282 Buchanan street.
Duncan, Stewart, & Co. 1 Ingram street.
Duncan, T. 146 Trongate.
Dunlop, Hugh, 158 Trongate.
Dunn, Mrs. 22 Nelson street.
Edwards, Mrs. 119 Gallowgate.
Fairley, Miss A. 82 George street.
Ferguson, M. and E. 54 Gallowgate.
Ferguson, Catherine, 476 Gallowgate.

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