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M'Whinnie, William, 105 Saltmarket.
Marquis, W. 39 Jamaica street.
Marshall, James, 45 Saltmarket.
Marshall, Wm. 59 Clyde st. Port-Dundas.
Mather, Mrs. 22 Broomielaw.
Mathieson, T. 23 Saltmarket, '
Moirj Janet, 37 Main street, Gorbals.
O'Rurk, William, 40 Stevenson street.
Potter, Thomas, 11G Canning st. Calton.
Rae, David, 46 Bell street.
Rowan j M. 269 Buchanan street.
Russell, Mrs. 52 Carrick street.
Semple, William, 93 Eglinton street.
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, 34 Broomielaw.
Smyth, John, 48 Princes street.
Stewart, Helen, 19 Lancefield quay.
Summers, Peters, 73 Candleriggs.
Swan, R. 16 Bridgegate.
Taylor, John, 57 Main street, Gorbftls.
Teunant, Mrsi 21 George street.
Thomas, D. 47 Gordon street.
Walker, Mrs. 9 Crown street.
Young, John, 452 Gallowgate.
Allan, Arthur, 12 London street.
Brown, Hugh, 213 Argyle street.
Campbell, James, & Co. Elliot Works,
Douglas street.
Cuthbert, John, 56 Old vennel.
Dick, William, 172 Argyle street.
Dohie, John, 205 Argyle street.
Doig, John, 68 Main street, Anderston.
Dron and Lawson, North st, Anderston.
Hannah, Alexander, 39 Kirk street and
24 Risk street, Calton.
Long, John Jex, 46 Trongate.
Lyle, Robert, Woodlands vale.
Mathieson, Alex. & Son, 24 Saracen's In.
Smith, David, 20, 22 St. Enoch wynd.
Webster, David, 28 Hill street, east.
Young, George, 56 Old wynd.
Robertson, Hugh, 308 Buchanan street.
Smith & Fleming, 18 Dunlop street.
West of Scotland Establishment, 312, Bu-
chanan street.
Jackson, Miss W. 64 S. Portland street.
Pritchard, J. & R. & Co. 82, 90 Mitchell st.
Scott, E. 21 Argyle arcade.
Scott, Mrs. J. and pattern-printing estab-
lishment, 21 Argyle arcade:
Smith, John, 25 Cochran* street.
Aitken, James, & Co; Cranstonhill, and
Hill street Foundries.
Aitken, James, of Murdoch, Aitken <f Co.
Alexander, Wm. mining, 124 St. Vin. st.
Avid, David,. 80 Canning street, Calton.
Bain& M'Whirter, 246 Eglinton street.
Barr, John, 100 Clyde street, Anderston.
Bartholomew, H. 122 Old Dalmarn. id.
Baxter, Malcolm, 123 Eglinton street.
Bell, R. B. & D. Miller, 32 St. Vine. pi.
Blench & Ramsay, Kerr st. St. James' rd.
Bourne, John, & Co. Ill Rutherglen loan.
Bowser & Cameron, M'Neil street.
Campbell, A. & Son, 120 Cheapside st.
Canal Basin Foundry Co. Port-Dundas.
Chaplin, A. & Co. Cranstonhill.
Cook, D. & Co. 100 Commerce street.
Craig, William^ & Co. 29 Go van street.
Crawford, David; 22 St. Enoch square.
Crawford; J. & E. Eagle Foundry, Port-
Dodds, R. 24 Pollock street, Paisley rd.
Downie, Robert, 1 Dixon street.
Dron and Lawson, North street..
Drummond, R. 69, 71 Canning street.
Duff, J. & Co. Oakbank Engine-works.
Edington, Thomas, & Sons, Phcenix Iron-
works, 50 Garscube road.
Elder, David, 19 Paterson st. Kingston.
Farquhar, Knox, & Co. 41 Keir st. Calt.
Forrest and Barr, 7, 9 Canal street and
394, 396 Dobbie's loan.
Forrest, J. and R. 6 Soho street.
Gilchrist, Archd. at Tod cf McGregor's.
Gilchrist, James, Cranstonhill Foundry.
Gray, James, & Co. 54 Washington st.
Haden, G. J. & G. N. 279 Parliamen. rd.
Hamilton, John, 1 Royal Exchange.
Hamilton, John, 112 West George street.
Harvey, G. and A., M'Neil street.
Harvey, R. 37 Paterson street.
Hoey, Kennedy, and M'Gregor, 56 Cook
street, Tradeston.
Hopkins and Bell, 21 Greenhead.
Howie, William, 45 Union street.
Inglis, A. and J. 60 Warroch street.
Johnston, R. mining, 204 W. George st.
Johnson, William, 166 Buchanan street.
Jones, John, Phoenix Iron Works.
Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Lawrie &.Co. Whiteinch.
Lawson, John, 50 Whitevale street.
Lawson & King, Mouutblue, Camlachie.
Lyle, W. and J. Woodlands road.
M'Creath, Win. 112 West George street.
M-Crindle, John H. 4 Newton street.
M'Dougall, Alex. HOClydest. Anderston.
M'Farlane, Duncan, civil, 87 Union st.
M'Laren, Robert, 32 Washington street.
M'Michael, John, 55 Diygate.
M'N aught, William, 26 Robertson street.
M'Onie and Mirrlees, Scotland st. ; office,
94 West street.
M'Onie, W. and A. 1 Scotland street.
Miller, William, 176 Victoria place.
Mitchell & Wallace, Camlachie Foundry.
Moore,. Ralph, mining, 24 St. Vincent pi.

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