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Cliraie, Robert, 1 Newstead place, Govan
road, and 26 Great George street, West-
minster, London.
Collie, James, 6 Clifton place.
Gale, W. & J. M. 172 Buchanan street.
Henderson, James, 7 Exchange place.
Johnston, Ronald, 204 West George st.
Johnson, Wm. 166 Buchanan street.
Kirkland, Alex. 4 Bothwell street.
Kyle, Wm. 85 St. Vincent street.
Laughlen, Andrew, 58 St. Vincent street.
Maelure, Hugh H. 8 Prince's square.
M'Call, Thomas, 48 Gordon street.
M'Crindell, John H. 4 Newton street.
M'Farlane, Duncan, 87 Union street.
M'Ghie, R. and T. 187 Buchanan street.
Mackain, D. 23 Miller street.
Martin, George, 204 Brandon place.
Miller, Daniel, 32 St. Vincent place.
O'Neill, Charles, Police Chambers, South
Albion street.
Ramsay, William, 46 West George street.
Rankine, W. J. Macquorn, 59 St. Vin. st.
Rigby, William, 666 Duke street.
Ritchie, James, Glasgow Gas-works and
42 Virginia street.
Robson, Neil, and mining, 95 Wellington st.
Russell, George H. 204 West George st.
Robertson, W. mining, 97 Union street.
Shanks, James, 23 Garscube place.
Sharp and Tinn, 5 Dixon street.
Simpson, George, 52 Renfield street.
Smith, David, 37 West George street.
Tait, John, 123 West George street.
Thomson, James, 82 West Nile street.
Timperley, John, 63 Abbotsford place.
Watson, Robert, 198 Buchanan street.
Adam, James, 9 Claremont street.
Anderson, J. R. 27 Abbotsford place.
Anderson, Dr. William, 256 Renfrew st.
Anderson, Peter, 34 Hill street.
Arnot, William, 27 Elmbank place.
Arthur, Alex. 34 Hill st. Garnethill.
Bannatyne, Archd. 12 Rutland crescent.
Barr, James, D.D. 190 St. Vincent st.
Bates, Stewart, D.D. 1 Cornnna street.
Beattie, Alexander 0., M.D., D.D. 163
Hill street, Garnethill.
Blyth, George, 2 Chatham place.
Borland, John W. 90 Regent terrace.
Boyd, Dr. James, 5 Woodside terrace.
Bremner, Robert, A.M. 10 Kingston pi.
Brown, David, D.D. 9 Richmond street.
Buchanan, Dr. R. 2 Sandyford place.
Burgess, W., A.M. Wakefield villa, Pol-
Caie, Thomas. Letters, &c, left at the
Religious Institution Rooms, 12 South
Hanover street.
Chisholm, Archibald, 1 Stanhope street.
Chisholm, John, 68 Abercromby street.
Chisholm, R. 68 Abercromby street.
Chisholm, Valentine, Oak street.
Cochran, Matthew, of St. Peters, 202
Renfrew street.
Cody, Thomas, 12 Monteith row.
Cooper, George, 38 Portugal street.
Cowe, Robert, 36 Lansdowne crescent.
Craik, James, D.D. 15 Sandyford place.
Crosskey, Henry, 60 St. Vincent cres.
Cumming, Alexander, 1 1 Carlton place.
Currie, P. 45 Abbotsford place.
Danaher, James, North Woodside road.
Dumphy, Richard, 68 Abercromby street.
Duncan, Walter, 24 Lynedoch street.
Eadie, John, D.D. LL.D. 13 Lansdo. cr.
Edmund, John, 5 Annfleld place.
Edwards, John, 37 Monteith row.
Fenner, Thos. P. M.A. 5 Abbotsford pi.
Ferguson, Fergus, 71 Parson street.
Findlay, James, 36 Whitevale.
Fleming, Thomas S. 16 Cleland street.
Fleming, Wm. D.D. 8 College court.
Forbes, A. Gruar, 106 Woodbine place,
St. George's road.
Forbes, John, D.D. 100 West Regent st.
Forbes, P. of St. Mary's Catholic Church,
68 Abercromby street.
Fraser, Alexander, 27 Richmond street.
Galletti, Joseph A. 38 Portugal street.
Gault, R. Randolph terrace, 152 Hill st.
Gibson, James, 29 Kingston place.
Gillan, Robert, D.D. Meaclowpark house.
Gordon, James, 94 Bellgrove street.
Graham, John, D.D. 136 Stirling's road.
Gray, John, 34 Great Clyde street.
Haddin, John, 2 Binnie pi. Monteith row.
Hanly, Patrick, Oak street.
Henderson, Dr. James, 4 Mansfield place.
Henderson, Thomas, 44 George square.
Henderson, William D. 116 South Port-
land street.
Hill, Alexander, D.D. professor of Divi-
nity, 12 College court.
Hiller, O. Prescott, 114 West Nile street.
Jackson, Thomas T. D.D. 5 College.
Jamieson, Robert, D.D. 156 Randolph
terrace, Garnethill.
Jeffrey, George, 28 Whitevale.
Johnstone, D. 13 Monteith row.
Johnston, David, 34 Kent street.
Johnston, Robert, 56 Dundas street.
Johnston, Gilbert, Govan Free Church,
Dean park, Govan.
Johnston, John B. 13 Monteith row.
Ker, John, U. P. 16 Annfield place.
Kirk, Robert, chaplain, Town's Hospital.
Lambie, Andrew, 379 St. Vincent street
Laurie, Alex. 222 Eglinton street.
Leek, Alex. 115 N. Montrose street.
Lees, William, 76 Abbotsford place.
Lindsay, William, D.D. Cloverbank,
Lorimer, John G. D.D. 6 Woodside pi.

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