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Patersou, James, 37 Adelphi street.
Peacock, Thomas, 30 Garscube place.
Rankin and Gray, 93 Union street.
Reid, James G. 78 Brown street.
Renton, John, 48 Stockwell street.
Riva, J. and M. 147 High street.
Russell, James, 9 South Portland street.
Simms and Donaldson, 10 Stockwell st.
Smith and Fleming, 18 Dunlop street.
Trought, Stephen E. 21 Renfield street.
"Warren, William, 95 Argyle street.
Clark, James, 130 London street.
Duncan, John, 150 London street.
Finlay, Walter, 236 Duke street.
Harvie, John, 32 Great Clyde street.
Leggat, William, 47 Young street.
Lockhart, John, 12 Wellington street.
M'Kindlay, James, 3 So. St. Mungo st.
Mather, John, 290 Duke street.
Montgomery, John, 629 Gallowgate.
Otta, Charles, 151 Gallowgate.
Ricketts, Daniel, Charing-cross, North st.
Stark, James, Rosebank, Garngad road.
Tiernan, John, 62 York street.
Train, Richard, 290 Duke street.
Warnock, James, 182 Gallowgate.
Yuille, Archibald, 33 Cathedral street.
Mitchell, Arthur, 79 Grove street.
Murphy, James, 107 So. Wellington st.
Neilson, William, Craig's quarry, Town-
mill road.
Scott, William, 286 Garscube road.
Angus, John, & Co. 20 New wynd.
Burrett, T. & Co. 110 Renfield street.
Dick, Alex. 105 Stockwell street. — See
Advertisement in Appendix.
Glasgow Chain-cable and Anchor Manu-
factory; Archd. M 'Vicar, 17 Robertson
street and 64 Anderston quay.
Hamilton, Robert, 27 Tureen street.
M'Alpine, Colin, cable, 5 Brown street.
M'Gillivray, Walter, 13 Windmillcroft,
Broom ielaw.
M'Vicar, Archibald, 17 Robertson street,
and Hydepark, corner of West street.
Paterson, William, and Sons, 19 Ann st.
and Windmillcroft.
Yuill, James, 5 Ropework lane and 19
Jackson street.
Allan, A. and J. 127 Candleriggs.
Buchanan, James, 62 Howard street.
Buchanan, Joshua, and Son, 16, 18
Wilson street.
Dorman, John, jun. 25, 27 Albion street.
Dunlop, James, 47, 49 Brunswick place.
Fulton, James, 9 1 Argyle street.
JafFray and Gunion, 87 Candleriggs.
M'Culloch, James, Bazaar.
Naismith, Daniel, & Co. 71 Candleriggs.
Osborne, Alex. Bazaar, and 34 Canon st.
Osborne, Robert, 105, 107, 109 Candle-
riggs and 120 Brunswick street.
Roy, James, and George, 53 Candleriggs.
Stevenson, J. 11 Wilson street.
Stevenson, Thomas, 106 Candleriggs.
Cameron & Blakeney, 76 Great Clyde st.
Dobbie, Alexander, 20 Clyde place.
Galletti, John, 24 Argyle arcade.
Gardner & Co. 21 Buchanan street.
Gardner, William, 3 Royal Bank place.
Griffin, Richard, & Co. 40 Buchanan st.
M'Gregor, Duncan, 38 Clyde place.
Marr, J. & R. & Co. 27 North Albion st.
Scotland, G. D. 16 Hutcheson street.
Walker, M. M'N., at D. McGregor's, 24
Clyde place.
White, James, 14 Renfield street.
Anderson, James, & Co. 80 East Hill st.
Anderson, J. 17 Nicholson street.
Barrowfield Chemical Works, Duncan st.
Brown, R. & J. 8 Broad st. Mile-end.
Cameron, James, 43 Cavendish street.
Donaghy, Hugh, 51 Turner's court.
Dunn & Co. 5, 7 Paterson st. Anderston.
Frew, John, Port-Dundas.
Garroway, R. and J. & Co. 69 Queen st.
Graham, Malcolm, & Co. 438 Gallowgate.
Greenvale Chemical Co. Greenvale.
Hope, Alexander, 101 Hutcheson street.
Hunter, Sons, & Co. Springbank ; office,
32 Buchanan street.
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co. 77 Union st.
Hurlet Chemical Works; office, 160 West
George street.
Inerarity & Co. Ill Clyde st. Anderston.
Irvine & Bryce, 128 Bishop street, Port-
King, D. & Co. Camlachie. Letters left
at 649 Gallowgate.
Lauchran, John, 24 Govan street.
Liston, Alex. & Co. 109 Virginia street.
Loughran, John, 24 Govan street.
M'Aulav & Co. 60 New street, Calton.
M'Geachy and M'Farlane, 80, 82 Port-
Dundas road.
M'Lintock, W. 38 Kirk street, Gorbals.
M'Nab, John, 22 Buchan street
Miller, Alex. Charlotte st. Port-Dundas.
Miller, G. & Co. 89 Rumford st.; office,
83 Jamaica street.

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