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Allan, James, 18 Dunlop street.
Jack, D. 61 Jamaica street.
Lauder, James, 100 Garscube road.
Macdougall, Dougall, 33 Douglas street.
M'Indoe, Jas. 104 Main street, Bridgeton.
Manson & Co. 33 Virginia street.
Port-Dundas Blacking Co. 33 Douglas st.
Ross, Alexander, 6 Candleriggs.
Ross, Alexander, 67 Trongate.
Ross, Duncan Alexander, 153 Trongate.
Samson, William, 6 Old wynd.
Sheppard, Caulfield, 137 Gallowgate.
Wylie, Hugh, 13 Wilson street.
Adam, William, and Son, Millbank.
Buchanan, G. & Sons, 95 Candleriggs.
Cameron, P. & Co. 23, 27 Gramme street.
Clark & Co. 420 Gallowgate.
Clugston, John, & Co. Parcels or mes-
sages to be left at Cumming, Wallace,
& Co.'s, Queen street.
Cochran, Alexander, jun. & Co. 83 Mit-
chell street.
Crum, J. and W. & Co. Thornliebank
â– works and 51 Cochran street.
Cunningham, William, & Son, Clachan,
Campsie. Letters left at Rankin &
Co.'s, 67 Miller street.
Graham, John, High green, Townhead.
Greenfield Bleaching Co., Mearns ; 25
. West George street.
Hutton, George, & Co. 20 Tureen street.
M'Connell, J. and H. Orders left at 17
and 19 Wilson street.
M'Kinlay, Jas. & Son, Glenmill, Camp-
sie ; 33 George square.
M'Nab, John, & Co. 67 Brunswick st.
Miller, Robert, & Co. Bonnyridge, near
Denny; office, 62 West Nile street.
New City Road Bleaching Co. New City
Orme, M'Nab, & Adam, 25 West George
street and 8 East George lane.
Pender, James, and Sons, Clober. Orders
left at J. Davie's, 51 Brunswick place.
Rodger, William Carmyle. Orders left
at 82 Virginia street.
Strang, Adam, Hogganfield. Orders and
letters left at W. A. M'Farlane's, 15
Renfield street.
Stirling, David, Hogganfield. Letters left
at 1 Trongate.
Wallace, William, and Son, Burnbank.
Walker, John, Castlebank, Partick.
Young, James, and Son. Letters left at
80 St. Vincent street, 171 Ingram st.
or 108 Queen street.
Alexander, Wm. Windmillcroft and 25
West street, Tradeston.
Ballantyne, Charles, 43 Bridge street.
Barclay, R & Curie, 59 M'Alpine street.
Brown, Archd. & Co. 7 Paisley road.
Brockat, William, 20 York street.
Burley, R. & Co. 22 Dale st. Tradeston
Darroch and Espie, 12 Windmillcroft.
Fleming, John, & Co. 220 Broomielaw.
M'Leod, D. & Co. 4 Windmillcroft,
M'Millan, Duncan, 30 Windmillcroft,
Trench, T. 4 Centre street, Tradeston.
Wilson, J. 37 Trongate and 28 Saltmkt.
Wylie, W. & R, 25 Holmhead street.
Aitken, Miss, 48 George square.
Allan, Mrs. 3 Meadowside pi. Woodl. rd.
Baillie, Misses, 75 Renfield street.
Barlas, Misses, 8 Maxweltou place.
Brodie, Misses, 2 Provanside, Stirling's ro.
Campbell, Mrs. and Miss, 5 Nicholson st.
Campbell, Miss Maria C. 2 N. Coburg st.
Connell, Mrs. Dr. 6 Montague place.
Cunliff, Miss, 7 Elmbank place.
Davidson, Misses, 1 Greenlaw place.
Glasgow Institution, 138 Bath street.
Goldie, Mrs. R. 8 Nicholson street.
Gray, Mrs. P. 49 Abbotsford place.
Harley, Misses, 1 Claremont terrace.
Hastie, Misses, 12, 18 Burnbank terrace.
Hill, Miss, 1 Nithsdale place, Paisley rd.
Legendre, Misses, 148 Hill street.
Lutenor, Misses, 86 Bath street,
M'Donald, Misses, 124 South Portland st.
Macgowan, Mrs. and Misses, 3 Rochester
place, 379 Sauchiehall street.
M'Nee, Mrs. and Misses Birch, 2 Abbots-
ford place.
Mauger, Mrs., Orchard terrace, 258 West
Bath street.
Neilson, Misses, 135 Renfrew street.
Nicolson, Miss, 14 Newton place.
Panton, Rev. G. A. and Mrs. 242 St.
Vincent street.
Paterson, Miss, 28 St. George's road.
Pollock, Misses, 48 Holmhead street.
Reid, Misses, 3 Corunna street.
Taylor, Misses, 125 Clarence place.
Strang, Mrs. AVilliam, 17 Monteith row.
Stuart, Mrs. Robert and Miss Turnbull, 2
Newton place.
Walker, Mrs. 23, 30 St. Andrew's square.
Whitelaw, Mrs. & Miss Thomson, Hamp-
ton Court terrace, 232 W. Renfrew st.
Young, Misses, 11 Nicholson street.
Buchanan, Peter, & Co. 18 Bishop st.
Clutha Bolt Works, 8, 10 Adelphi street.

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