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205 M'Dougall, Angus.
M'Call, James.
209 Steven, Alexander.
Steven, James.
Powell, Thomas.
211 Thomas, James.
219 Murray, James, spirit merchant.
220 Jago, J. W.
Thomas, James.
Jarvie, J.
204 Maxton, L.
148 Nisbet, John.
142 Croll, James.
Hutton, John.
134 Boston, John.
Buchanan, John.
Porteous, J. D., P.O.
132 Clark, A. and P., fleshers.
130 M'Dermid, Hugh.
126 M'Nab, D., land agent.
Napier, James, dyer.
120 Sinclair, W., of Herald Office.
Adamson, Andrew, tailor.
104 Straney and Son, bootmakers.
100 Crawford, James, victualler.
94 Thomson, Andrew, grocer.
82 Miirlees, "William.
80 Beale, John Wood.
66 Mulholland, John, umbrella-maker.
64 Allan, Alexander, wine merchant.
56lRammage, John, bookseller.
36 Napier and Mirrlees, dyers.
26 Provan, John.
10 Crawford, Duncan, grocer.
6 Early, Mrs., broker.
2 Lynch, Wiliam, shoemaker.
6 Young, R. A., M.D.
8 Western Training Academy.
Bailie, James, head master.
White, James, teacher.
Dickson, Miss, young ladies' superint.
24 Thomson, Andrew A., of Customs.
18 Brown, David, shuttlemaker.
5 Orr, J., spirit merchant.
13 Cogan's, J. and R., Mill.
17 Miller, W., merchant.
55 Barr, Alexander, spirit dealer.
57 M'Kay, David, grocer.
78 Thomson, Thomas, tailor.
68 M'Ewing & Co,, painters.
42 Hamilton, T. and J., bobbin-turners.
8 Brodie, Alexander, spirit dealer.
400 Adam, John, df W. Adam and Son.
350 Neilson, William, contractor.
346 Bankier, John.
342 Deans, James.
332 Ramsay, James.
278 Forrest, James, miller.
120 Meek, John, writer.
Jeffray, Mrs. Robert.
20 Cochran, A., of A. and R. Cochran.
10 Wood, William, slater.
1 Todd, J. and W., watchmakers.
5 Williamson, Mrs. Wm., shoe shop.
7 Taylor, William, clockmaker.
9 Law, David, shoemaker.
11 Gebbie, James, bootmaker.
13 Slight, James, & Co., tobacconists.
15 Renton, George, Union Bank Branch.
17 Hutton, Alexander, tailor.
Hacket, J., tailor.
19 Bowman & Co., bootmakers.
21 Baird, William, bootmaker.
23 Galbraith, Robert, cloth merchant.
25 Deans, Mrs , tavern-keeper.
Maitland, John, bellman.
27 Henderson, W. C, confectioner.
29 Williamson, John, shoemaker.
31 Robertson, W., City Bank Branch.
33 Black, James, tailor.
Arkle, John, Bank tavern.
35 Waddell, James, eombmaker.
37 Hamilton. James, tavern-keeper.
Kinniburgh, James, Ayrshire tavern.
39 King, A., confectioner.
41 Ross, G., boot and shoemaker.
43 Old Exchange Loan Company.
Seton, John, tavern-keeper.
Rowat, Alex., wirecloth maker.
45 Anderson, Mrs. Robert, baker.
47 Jack, John, & Co., toy merchants.
49 Adams, C, smith.
M'Farlane, James, tavern-keeper.
51 Thornton, M., and Son, opticians.
53 Auchinvole, William, stationer.
55 Morrison, Miss M., furnishing shop.
57 Kelly, R. and W., stationers.
59 Laigh Kirk Close.
Kennedy, William, druggist.
63 Clydesdale Bank.
65 Spence, Wm., jun., ironmonger.
67 Gray and Son, lithographers.
Tron Church ; Rev. Dr. Boyd.
Wilson, W., house-factor.
69 Turnbull, James, & Co., hosiers.
71 Brown, John, house-factor.
Brown, S., stationer.
73 M'Quaker, Wm., hatter.
77 Inglis, Andrew, hatter.
83 Anderson, A. S., wine merchant.
87 Yuill, William, tobacconist.
89 Dalrymple, George, spirit merchant.
91 Turvey, George, jeweller
93 Thomson, J. and M., tea-dealers.
97, 99 Daly, Scott, & Co.
103 Cassels, William, hat manufacturer.

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