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74 Marshall, Andrew, spirit merchant.
72 Henderson, Thomas, surgeon.
70 Fraser, John, furrier.
68 Lindsay, Alexander, surgeon.
66 Wilson, Thomas, baker.
64 Boyd, John, hairdresser.
62 Devlin, John, pawnbroker.
60 Weir, W., Brothers, & Co.
Weir, John, commercial traveller.
M'Farlane & Graham, silver-platers.
Brock, James, tobacconist.
58 Wales, Henry, rope manufacturer.
52 M'Farlane, Mrs., spirit dealer.
48 Craig, Peter, japanner.
Steel, David, brassfounder.
Sawers, James, joiner.
Parker, David.
Blair, Elizabeth.
46 M'Lay, James, & Co., ropemakers.
44 Ferrie, William, upholsterer.
42 Levenston, Dr. M. J.
40 Gardner, Mrs. J., cowfeeder.
38 M'Laren, John, brassfounder.
Adamson, Alexander, coppersmith.
Grassick, Peter, lastmaker.
36 Buchanan, John, provision mercht.
34 Craig, John, grocer.
32 Panton, George, and Son.
Aikman, Richard.
30 Wilson, John, spirit dealer.
28 M'Farlane, H., & Co., tobacconists.
26 Arbuckle, Mrs., corkcutter.
24 Milne, J. & W. S., stationers.
Morrison, James, lithographer.
Garrick Coffee-house.
Brown, William, & Co., colour mer-
M'Nair, Robert.
Brown, C. Wilsone.
22 M'Haffie, James, tinsmith.
20 Wilson, James, provision merchant.
14 Wood, Alex., & Sons, ironmongers.
12 Duff, William, spirit dealer.
10 Simms and Donaldson.
8 Forrest, Mrs., furnishing shop.
6 Ramsay, John, spirit dealer.
4 Smart, Thomas, grain merchant.
7 Easdon, George, wright.
13 Milne and Co., coach-builders.
12 M'Naught, George, and Co., saddle-
tree makers.
7 Dalrymple, G. W., remnant ware-
9 M'Gregor, W., beadle, Calton Church.
19 Kane, John, wireworker.
49 Smith, Mrs.
51 Young, Andrew, victualler.
22 Collector of assessments office for the
Eastern district; W. Peat, collect.
7 Sommerville, Richard, tea dealer.
,Carmiehael, N., spirit merchant.
Suffolk Street Accommodation Com-
pany; R. Muir, manager.
9 Muir, Richard.
Campbell, John, victualler.
M'Kay, John, house-painter.
6 Lightbody, Mrs.
S Ferguson, James.
5 Fisher, James, spirit merchant.
6 Adams, Robert, spirit dealer.
8 Hetherington and Sons, file-cutters.
1 Wright, William H.
2 M'Qualters, Miss.
Ferguson, Peter, plumber.
Cree, Thomas, manufacturer.
3 Christie, Mrs.
62 Somerville, And., smith & bellhang.
68 Tosh, Mrs. John.
Shaw, Alex., contractor.
70 Martin, William, letter-carrier.
John Knox's Free Church.
7 M'Kenzie, Robert, beadle.
9 Campbell, Alex., slater & plasterer.
23 M'Ready, Miss, dressmaker.
43 M'Farlane School.
63 Findlay, Malcolm, spirit merchant.
50 Wright, Thomas.
M'Killop, Alex.
48 Anderson, James, chemist.
28 Cochran, James, slater.
22 Campbell, A., cabinetmaker.
16 Stewart, A., soda-water maker.
3 Walker, Peter, wright.
7 Kirk, Thomas, engineer.
1 Durie, Mrs. William.
Stenhouse, Mrs.
7 Whyte, David, machine maker.
41 Whitelaw, Alex., soapmaker.
74 Sydney Street Spinning Company.
70 Wotherspoon, J., & Co., grind, mills.
54 Wallace, J , jun., & Co., weav. mills.
38 M'Farlane, Colin.
Lightbody, William, wright.
28 Wallace, Thomas, dairyman.
14 Sinclair, G;::ge, victualler.
1 Gate-Lodge of '. ;:x'01dMan's Asylum.
5 Gray, James.
Stirling, Mrs., losings.
Barrie, Mrs. Jamcj lodging?.

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