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119 Murray, William.
121 Black, Alexander, grocer.
123 King, Mrs., grocer.
J 31 Crawford Place.
Smith, James, confectioner.
Brown, John, wood merchant.
Johnston, Mrs.
143 Fleming, John, clerk.
145 Mudie, John, clerk.
147 Scott, Mrs. John, grocer.
151 Halliday, William, shoemaker.
155 North Ure Place.
157 M'Gilvray, Mrs., cowfeeder.
161 Dunn, Andrew.
Stephen, William.
185 Wright, Robert
Ure, Miss.
199 Biggar, John, cooper.
196 M'Lean, John, messenger-at-arms.
, M'Lean, William, agent.
190 Fairley, Mrs., lodgings.
152 Cowan, John, accountant.
Cleland, Mrs., cowfeeder.
Twaddle, Mrs. W., coal agent.
146 Wallace, Alexander, smith.
Newall, John.
Praser, Mrs., lodgings.
144 Newall, Mrs. John, spirit dealer.
140 Cuthbert, William, tassel-maker.
136 Ferguson, George, spirit dealer.
112 Dean Place.
Walker, Robert.
Jamieson, Miss, lodgings.
M'Call, William.
Barnett, Hugh, wright.
Hunter, John.
102 Lambert, William, coal agent.
100 Campbell, Mrs. A., spirit dealer.
96 Hutcheson, Mrs. James.
74 Smith, John, cowfeeder.
68 Williamson, Peter.
66 Liddell, Robert, spirit dealer.
60 Stobo, William, spirit merchant.
50 Henderson, Thomas, grocer.
42 Hagerty, John, grocer.
6 Aitken, D. T., teacher.
1 New Zealand Co.'s Otago Office.
Young, J. H., &Co., manufacturers.
Roxburgh, Richardson, & Co., mers.
3 Gardner, William, optician.
5 M'Laren, Alexander, clothier.
7 Brydon, Wm., & Son, bell-hangers.
9 Duncan, A., & Co., Italian wareho.
10 Monarch Assurance Company.
Smythe, George, agent.
8 Smith, George, watchmaker.
1 Anderson, William.
M'Clure, John.
Macmillan, John.
2 Sloan, David.
3 Sharp, John.
Penney, S. M.
4 Russell, John.
MTndoe, Mrs.
5 Brown, Thomas.
1 Gray, James, manufacturer.
3 Hinshaw, William, manufacturer.
4 Muirhead, John William, writer.
5 Baird, Charles R., writer.
6 Graham, Mrs. P.
Lang, William.
7 Dobbie, W. IL, merchant.
8 M'Culloch, Andrew.
9 Shaw, William.
10 Irvin, Samuel, merchant.
11 Cunningham, Charles, writer.
12 Lorrain, W. S., merchant.
13 Thomson, James, shipbuilder.
14 Brown, P. M. T., merchant.
15 M'Caui, Malcolm, merchant.
East Entry, North Side.
1 Electric Telegraph Co.'s Office.
2 Chamber of Commerce.
4 Public Sale Rooms.
6 Anderson, W. A., merchant.
8 Thomson, T., & Co., insur. brokers.
Reading Room.
Stevenson, J. S., insurance agent.
Stevenson, Robert, secretary.
North Entry.
1, 2 M'Kechnie, D. W., adj. of ave.
3 Murison, James, insurance broker.
4 Wingate, Jas., & Son, insur. brokers.
Sooth Entry.
2 Euing, William, insurance broker.
M'Cowan, David, insurance broker.
Birrell, Wm., insurance broker.
Walker, R. J., merchant.
Guild, Wm., & Co., merchants.
4 Kay, Alex., & Co., insur. brokers.
5 Sugar Sample Room ; W. M'Gregor.
North Area.
Stewart, George R., com. merchant.
Fletcher, N., ship agent.
Walker, Wm., ship agent.
South Area,
Stuart, R., & Co., booksellers.
Weekly Register Office.
Sellar & Robertson, insur. brokers.
Furlong, Chas. Harman, agent.
Gibb, John, agent.
Stewart, John, land agent.
1 Hamilton, John, engineer.
Mather & Piatt, engineers.
3 Kerr, A., writer and sharebroker,
7 Frame, T., merchant.

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