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77 Stevenson, Win., & Sons, spinners.
81 Crawford, Daniel, wine merchant.
83 Gray, David, & Son, clothiers.
85 Royal Exchange Court.
Gordon and Leitch, writers.
Fleming & Wilson, manufacturers.
Frame, Colin, bookbinder.
Short, Win., & Co., metal-brokers.
Murdoch, Robert, road surveyor.
Gillespie, George, merchant.
Brace, Edmond, & Co., wine merchs.
Buchan, W. R., writer.
Hutchison, Robert, merchant.
Wingate, Son, & Co., merchants.
Walker, A. and J., & Co., spinners.
Lang, D. and J. L., writers.
Whitelaw, Matthew, com. mer.
Miller, Robert, agent.
Wyetb, Steere, & Co., merchants.
Torrance, G. & D., manufacturers.
Boyd, Robert, & Co., merchants.
Williamson, J. & R , wine merclits.
Miller, James, Son, & Co., merchts.
87 Greenshields, A., & Co., clothiers.
89 Kerr, Malcolm, stationer.
145 M'Donald and Lambie, manufacts.
Douglas, Thos. D., & Co., in. brokers.
Davis, D., and Son, jewellers.
MacTavish, Hugh, wine merchant.
1-17 British Telegraph Office.
151 Lawrie, John, spirit merchant.
153 M'Laren, John, insurance broker.
King, Alexander, merchant.
M'Night, James, & Co., merchants.
Fulton, Peter, & Co , com. merchts.
Coats, J. and T., thread manufacts.
Anderson, D. and J., manufacturers.
Mann, John, accountant.
Dick, Alexander, writer.
Scott, James, accountant.
Matheson, George, merchant.
Watson, David, & Co., com. agents.
155 Smith, Brothers, confectioners.
157 Lightbodjr, James, spirit merchant
148 Clyde, W. and T., stationers.
146 Sage, John, tobacconist.
144 Smith, T., temperance hotel.
Burnet, J. B., writer.
Fairley and Watson, gingham manf.
142 Lawson, Henry, & Son, coach props.
140 Whyte, James, & Son, upholsterers.
138 Campbell, John, seed merchant.
136 Frazer, James, stationer.
132 Muir, John J., & Co., manufacts.
Davie, William, jun.
128 Halle & Co., commission merchants.
110 British Linen Co.'s Bank.
108 Kyle, Morrison, bookseller.
106 Mackie, John, bookseller.
104 Carswell, Allan, sen., builder.
102 Murray, D., & Co., clothiers.
100 West Ingram Coui:t.
Gibson, George, merchant.
100 M'Nangbten and Cochran, merchts.
Hinshaw, William, & Co., manufcs.
MAslan and Sinclair, do.
Marshall, J. and A., manufacturers.
Brown and Wilson, do.
Lean, John, and Sons, muslin do,
Mair, John, & Co., do.
Broom, James, & Co., do.
Thomson, William, & Co., do.
Cairns, John, & Co., cotton brokers.
Wilson, R. and G., merchants.
98 Robson, James, confectioner.
96 Foster, W. A., bootmaker.
94 Findlay and Neilson, trunkmakers.
84 Robertson, John, druggist,
82 Steel and Penney, bootmakers.
80 M'Lellan, Adam, clothier.
78 Canada Court,
M'Arthur, D., & Co., manufacturers.
Anderson, James, & Co., merchants.
Stamp Office.
Lockhart, J. S., distributor of stamps.
Brown, S. R., and T, manufacturers.
Dunn and Lyon, lace merchants.
King, John, and Son, manufacturers.
72 Tennent, Walter, perfumer.
70 Brand and Mollison, dyers. .
68 Donaldson, Alexander, saddler.
66 Clow, Henry, clothier.
64 Davies, John, clothier.
62 Queen Court.
Walker, Hugh, & Co., manufacts.
Colvill, John, agent.
Fyfe, Henry, and Son, manufacturers.
Anderson, J. W., & Co., manufacts.
Anderson and Gray, manufacturers.
Dick, G. C, & Co., merchants.
Morison, George, & Co., merchants.
Kaye, Findlay, & Co., merchants.
Cross, William, manufacturer.
Morison, John, jun , merchant.
Vallance & Co., de laine printers.
Fairlie and Wark, manufacturers.
60 Brown, Daniel, coufectioner.
58 Cree, John, watchmaker.
56 Milne & Co., clothiers.
54 Cowie, William, clothier.
50 Bowie, C. T., painter.
48 Downie and M'Clure, drysalters.
Downie, John, merchant.
Railton, Hugh, winter.
Scobie and Flint, accountants.
M'Intosh, John, & Co., lace manufs.
Paterson, James, merchant.
Rae, John, clothier.
44 Weir, Robert, & Co., papermakers.
Dunn, Thomas, stationer.
42 Prasky, H. L., cigar importer.
40 Dale, William, M.D.
38 Blackie and Son, publishers.
Gem m ell, Andrew, writer.
Laurie, T. W., agent.
Duncan, David, agent.

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