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9 M'Indoe & Buclianan, manufacts.
Symington, R. B., & Co., manufacts.
JI'Keclmie, R., & Son, manufacts.
Otto, Mrs., & Co , fringers.
Munn, James, calenderer.
Hunter and Blair, manufacturers.
15 Eaglesham Cotton- Yarn Warehouse.
M'Lean, \V., & Co., cotton-spinners.
17 Dallas, Peter, manufacturer.
19 Guardian Assurance Office.
Gardner, John, wrigbt.
Perry and Kennedy, drysalters.
Maitland, Wm., & Co., manufacts.
Taylor, John, jun., merchant.
Taylor, Tlioi&as, shawl-fringer.
"Anthony, Brown, warper.
Houston, J. & A., box-makers.
21 Property and Income-tax Assessor's
Office for Lower Ward of Lanark-
Kay, Alex., writer.
Mitchell, James, accountant.
23 M'Dermid, Duncan, com. mercht.
Mirrlees, Robert, organ-builder.
25 Smith, John, manufacturer.
Muir, John, & Co., merchants.
47 Stevens, John.
Mearns, J.
49 Tennant, Charles, & Co., chemists.
51 Crum, Walter, & Co., calico-printers.
Crura, J. and W , & Co.
53 Anderson, Thomas, jun.
KeiT, John, jun., manufacturer.
Orr, William, calenderer.
4G Walker, John, George hotel.
41 Stevenson & Campbell, com. merchts.
42 Clark, Allan, merchant.
Clark, Wm., merchant
34 Campbell, And., com. merchant.
Oats, John, stationer, &c.
Bryce, Wm., commission merchant.
30 Holmes, N. J., & Co., designers.
28 Taylor, John, jun., & Co., merchts.
Watson, Thomson, & Co., merchants.
Caldwell & Scolder, merchants.
Taylor, James, & Son, calenderers.
26 Nairn, John, & Son, wrights.
24 Western Friendly Society's Office.
Anderson, William, accountant.
14 Pickford & Co., town carriers and
12 Cameron, James, rectifier.
8 Wright, James, spirit dealer.
G Melville, Hugh, drysalter.
3 Blair, E., pawnbroker.
Ballantyne, James, manager.
Burmond, John, manufacturer.
Johnston, Alexander.
M'Vicar, James, tinsmith.
3^Robertson, James, ink manufacturer.
5 M'Leod, Alexander, leather-cutter.
9 Dunahoe, Christopher.
Christie, James, boot-closer.
Glassford, M., dressmaker.
Wright, David, reedmaker.
Williamson, Mrs., lodgings.
M'Kinlay, Mrs., midwife.
11 M'Laughlin, Charles, shoemaker.
13 Kirk, Thomas, grocer.
17 Kirk, Thomas.
21 Watson, Matthew.
Howat, Richard, tailor.
Park, David, fancy heddlemaker.
Turnbull, C., shoemaker.
Wright, Peter, mason.
Johnston, James, baker.
Mitchell, Mrs., lodgings.
33 Dunlop, George, spirit merchant.
39 Neilson, Robert, plasterer.
55 Dawson, Robert, engraver.
61 Hamilton, Thomas, baker.
60 Wilkie, Mrs., dressmaker.
Johnston, William.
M'Intyre, Angus.
58 M'Gillivray, C. R., M.D.
54 Miller, R., superintendent of lamps.
34 Station for police fire-engines.
30 Corbet, John, spirit dealer.
26 Smith, George, plumber.
Wylie, R., block-cutter.
West, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
22 Nisbet, Mrs. James, dairy.
20 Buchanan, Miss, lodgings.
18 Douglas, William, glove-cleaner.
14 Barony Parish Poor-rates office ; W.
Robertson, collector ; John Meek,
10 Liston, Robert, oil merchant.
Walker, James, slater.
6 Spiers, James R., butter merchant.
4 Coats, John, portioner.
32 Dunn, David, wine merchant.
Dunn, John.
34 Brown, Miss.
44 M'Whirter, W., cotton-waste rnerch.
47 M'Donald, Wm., glass engraver.
43 Penny, Mrs., furnishings.
31 M'Intosh, Donald, victualler.
11 Working Men's Temperance Read-
59 Donegan, M., victualler.
61 Gilchrist, Alexander.
65 M'Graw, Edward, shoemaker.
69 Gordon, William, grocer.
79 M 'Bride, Arthur.
89 Wilson, James, spirit dealer.
107 Orme, Alexander.
109 Urie, George, blacksmith.
100 Cook, D., & Co., engineers.
88 Crawford, William.

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