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M'Phun, W. R., bookseller.
Keliey, J. and A., jewellers.
Muirhead and Arthur, watchmakers.
Glass and Duncan, booksellers.
Miller, John, lace warehouse.
Scott, J., engraver.
George & Co., lithographers.
Buchanan & Son, watchglass makers.
Begg, Mrs., lodgings.
Logan, William, engraver.
Ritchie, A., Albion tavern.
Baird, Walter, watchmaker.
M'Lean, Miss Catherine, milliner.
Donaldson, J. & P., jewellers.
M'Leod, John, bookseller & stationer.
Campbell, Hutcheson, stationer.
Chambers, W. & R.
Sydney Couiit.
Duncan, Daniel F., engraver.
Norwell, James) &. Son, auctioneers
and valuators.
Fingland, T., & Co., wine merehts.
Craig, Thomas, paper-ruler.
Mowatt, Alexander, printer.
Neville, R. IT., clothier.
Maclure, David, & Son, printers.
Wright, John, & Co., printers.
Breckenridge, Mrs.,"- tavern keeper.
Melvin, Brothers, warehousemen.
Sinclair, Archibald, printer.
Miller, J-. & J., cork manufacturers.
M'Coll, Hugh, clothier.
Stewart, R., goldsmith & jeweller.
Aitchison, L., jeweller.
Flemington, John, straw- hat mart.
52, 54 Donald, John, & Co., clothiers.
Hyam, Benjamin, outfitter.
Campbell, John, confectioner.
M'lntyre, D., hosier.
Smith, Thomas, printer.
Lawson, George, cabinetmaker.
Bell, David, watchmaker.
Martin, Peter, -watchmaker.
Shaw, J., hosier and glover.
Fyfe, T., straw-hat warehouse.
Meiklejohn, John, coffee-house.
Black, Robert, clothier.
Hunter, Robert, tailor.
Morton, David.
Park, John, & Co., bootmakers.
Wylie and Lochhead, carriage hirers.
Virtue and M'Nuir, fruit> merchants.
M'Farlane and Semple, working-
Hamilton, John, bookbinder.
M'Phail, Neil, engra.er.
Skirving & Blackwood, auctioneers.
M'Nair, bookbinder.
M'Kay, Alexander, jun., tailor.
Jackson, Edward, hosier.
Hart, Hugh, druggist.
Gall, A. & H., clothiers.
Park, Thomas, & Co., bootmakers.
12 Mann, Simpson, & Buyars, merchts.
10 Menzies, Andrew, undertaker.
8 Donald and Neville, jewellers.
4 Muirhead, T., & Co., warehousemen.
15 Auld, William.
7 M'Kenzie, A., old vinegar store.
11 Brodie, Mrs. James, spirit merchant.
65 Cameron, John, spirit dealer.
61 Hampton, Samuel, broker.
3 Miller, W. M., teacher of music.
5 M'Call, William, wright.
21 Stirling, Robert.
25 M'Phail, Dugald, tailor aud clothier.
27 Morrison, Charles, wright.
28 Allan, Robert, singer
Walker, Thomas.
22 Farson, Alexander, tea merchant.
Stewart, James.
8 Liddell, Mrs.
6 Beck, Mrs., lodgings.
4 Forsyth, Peter, bootmaker.
12 M'Leod, Miss.
18 Hamilton, John.
20 M'Omish, Robert.
Buchanan, William.
22 M'Naughtan, John.
77 Southwell, Samuel, ropespinner.
129 M'Callum, Robert, contractor.
48 Carrick, David, turner.
50 Carrick, Robert, teacher.
52 M'Millan, Neil, spirit dealer.
62 Bowstead, Thomas, metal-refiner.
76 Lemon, A., heckler & ropespinner.
84 Callum, John, contractor.
BATH L&.WE, East.
1 M'Ewan, James, upholsterer.
11 Anderson, John, slater.
14 Lockbart, John, plumber.
3 M'Farlane, Hugh, teacher.
Rattray, Mrs. P., milliner.
5 M'Intosh, Thomas, painter.
Boucher & Cousland, architects.
9 St. George's Club.
11 Fleming, William, writer.
Fleming, Mrs. John.
21 Galloway, Alex., accountant.
25 Sasine Office.
Hill, Thomas.
Anderson, J. and W., & Co., meres,
Harvie, Black, & Co., merchants.

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