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Weir, William, jun., & Co., sewed-muslin manufacturers, 17 South Frederick street.
Weir, William, flesher, 4 King street ; house, 73 Hutcheson street.
Weir, William, joiner, South Wellington street ; house, 197 Thistle street.
Weir, Mrs., furniture-print glazer, 43 Sauchiehall lane.
Weir, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 56 John street, Bridgeton.
Weir, Mrs., silk embroiderer, 189 George street.
WELCH, Charles, pianoforte maker, 46 Shamrock street.
Welsh, James, -wine and spirit merchant, 103 Canning street, Calton.
Welsh, John, tinsmith, 107 Hydepark street ; house, 7 North street.
Welsh, William, draper and hosier, 94 Abercromhy street.
Welsh, Mrs. D., furnishing shop, 125 George street.
Wellington Pottery, 604 Gallowgate; Mrs. Williamson.
"Wellington Spinning and Weaving Works, Govan street.
Wellpark Free Church, Ark lane, Duke street.
WELL WOOD, John, victualler, 17 George street, Mile-end.
WEMYSS, Robert, at Peter Buchanan cj- Co.'s ; house, Crow road, Partick.
WENLEY, Mark, of the inland revenue ; house, 4 Franklin terrace.
Wesleyan Association Chapel, Canon street.
Wesleyan Chapel, 29 John street; Rev. Jacob Stanlej', minister.
Wesleyan Reformed Church, Lesser City Hall; Rev. Thos. S. Fleming, B.A., min.
WESTE, John, reedmaker, 55 Bell street.
West, William, portioner, 95 Crown street.
West End Tea Company, 310 Argyle street.
West of England Fire and Life Insurance Co. Agents : Ralph Wardlaw, Company's
Offices, 44 St. Vincent place ; James Wilkie, 135 Buchanan street ; and Alex.
Black, 13 Prince's square. Fire-engine station, 30 East George lane, behind the
Company's offices in St. Vincent place. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
West of Scotland Electro-Plating and Gilding Establishment, 312 Buchanan street ;
George Robertson.
West of Scotland House and Lnnd Register Office, 11 Union st. ; John Dunn, agent.
West of Scotland Malleable Iron Co., 11 West Nile street; Jas. Anderson, manager;
house, 11 Canning place.
West of Scotland Marbled, Enamelled, and Stained Paper Works, 22 Argyle street.
West Barns Brewery, Dunbar ; D. Reid, 25 Stockwell street, agent.
WESTENHOLZ & Co., merchants and corn factors, 40 Union street.
Western Bank of Scotland, 10 Miller street; John Taylor, manager.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 70 Canning street ; Andrew Reid, agent.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 350 Argyle street , H. Maclachlan, agent ; house,
60 Hill street.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 73 South Portland st. ; Wm. Thomson, agent.
Western Bank of Scotland branch, 211 Cowcaddens street ; N. Purves, agent.
Western Club House, 147 Buchanan street ; Alexander Milne, manager.
Western Friendly Society's Office, 24 Cochran street ; Wm. Anderson, manager.
Western Life Assurance and Annuity Society, London ; Neil Johnston, agent, 288
Buchanan street.
Western Medical Hall, 156 New City road.
Western St. James' School, 8 East Clyde street ; James Muir, teacher.
Western Training Academy, 8 Thistle street, Sauchiehall road ; James Bailey, rector.
— See Advertisement in Appendix.
WESTLANDS, Laidlaw, & Co., hat and cap manufacturers, Howard court, 12 Howard
street, and 72 Great Clyde street.
Westlands, Robt., of Westlands, Laidlaw, # Co.; house, 33 Paterson st, Kingston.
Westminster Fire Office, 21 St. Vincent place; P. S. Honeyman and Alexander
Allan, agents. ^■'" v &' i -'^^^l~~
Westminster and General Life Assurance Association, 21 St. Vincent place; P. S.
Honeyman and Alex. Allan, agents.
WESTON, Thomas, teacher of the violin and violincello, 43 Maitland street.
Westport Shipping Office, 13 Dixon street; R. M. Peare, agent.
WHARRIE and Steel, land surveyors, 36 Renfield street.
Wharrie, Thomas, of Wharrie and Steel; house, 10 Ayr place, Carnarvon street.
Wharrie, Mrs, 10 Avr place, Carnarvon street.
WHEATLEY, Albert Hill, of George Thomson $ Co. ; ho. 130 South Portland st.
Wheatley, Mrs., 130 South Portland street.

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