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MONLY, James, spirit dealer, 16, 18 New wynd.
MONOCK, Mrs. Jean, milliner and staymaker, 242 Gallowgate; house, 240 do.
MONRO, Thomas, manager, waiting and refreshment rooms, Steam-Boart wharf ;
house, 256 Argyle street.
MONTEITH, Adam, and Earston, writers, and agents for the Palladium Life As-
surance Society, 73 St. Vincent street.
Monteith, Adam, of Monteith and Earston ; house, 3 Greenvale pi., Woodlands road.
Monteith, Andrew, carter, 187 New Dalmarnock road.
Monteith, Henry, & Co., bandana and yarn warehouse, 11 George square and 132
Queen street ; printing and dye works, Rutherglen bridge and Blantyre.
Monteith, Henry, of John Monteith cj- Co. ; house, 2 Clifton st, Somerset place.
Monteith, James, and Son, bootmakers, 28 Bridge street ; house, 30 do.
Monteith, James, clerk to the subdivision of the lieutenancy, 42 West George street ;
house, 320 St. Vincent street.
Monteith, J., wine and spirit merchant, 387 Argyle street ; house, 391 do.
Monteith, John, and Black, writers, 46 West George street.
Monteith, John, & Co., calico-printers, 88 St. Vincent street.
Monteith, Peter, of J. Monteith and Son, 30 Bridge street.
Monteith, Robert, house factor, 81 Trongate.
Monteath, Rev. Robert Knox, of Hutchesontown Church, Hospital street.
Monteith, Mrs. William, furnishings, 44 Green street, Caltou ; house, do.
Monteith, Mrs., 187 New Dalmarnock road.
MONTFLEURY, Alexander de, of James Miller, Son, cj Co. ; ho. 60 St. Vincent cres.
MONTGOMERIE, Alexander, wright and builder, 89 Pitt street ; ho. 8 Kinning st.
Montgomery, Alexander, spirit dealer, 30 Anderston quay.
Montgomery, Alexander, manager, Dalmarnock Colliery; ho. 223 Dalmarnock road.
Montgomery, Archibald, M.D., surgeon, 10 Saltmarket; house, 74 London street.
Montgomery, Daniel, cork manufacturer, 1 Muirhead st., Gorbals ; ho. 41 Adelphi st.
Montgomerie and Fleming, writers, 62 Miller street.
Montgomery, Hugh, carter, 13 Well street, Calton.
Montgomery, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 26 Bedford street ; house, 119 Upper
Crown street.
Montgomery, Hugh, pastry baker and confectioner, 392 Argyle street.
Montgomery, James, bootmaker, 108 King St., TradestOD ; house, 110 do.
Montgomerie, John, wine and spirit dealer, 60 Wallace street, Tradeston ; ho. 50 do.
Montgomerie, John, & Co., manufacturing chemists; works, 24 Bishop street, Port-
Dundas ; house, 92 Bath street.
Montgomery, John, horse dealer, 629 Gallowgate.
Montgomerie, Matthew, of Montgomerie and Fleming ; residence, Kelvinside house.
Montgomery, Robert, Suspension Bridge tavern, 44, 46 Maxwell street.
Montgomery, Robert, warper, 27 Wilson street.
Montgomery, Mrs., lodgings, 50 North Albion street.
MOODY, Andrew, agent and broker, licensed to sell by auction, 19 Royal Exchange
square ; house, 9 West Regent street.
Moody, David, 48 Rutherglen road;
Moody and M'Clure, writers, agents for the North British Insurance Company, 26
Gordon street.
Moody, Robert, writer, of Moody arid M'Clure; house, Kirkfield cottage, Bothwell.
Moody, William, letter-carrier, P.O. ; house, 68 Crown street.
MOONEY, Charles, spirit dealer and coal agent, 155 Garngad road.
Mooney, James, M.D., surgeon, 67 Main street, Gorbals; house, 73 do.
Mooney, Patrick, medical botanist, 47 Charlotte street and 149 Loudon street.
MOORE, A., coal agent, 130 Castlemilk place.
Moore, Alexander, broker, 9 Wallace street, Tradeston,
Moore, Francis, coal agent, 13 Little Hamilton street.
Moore, John, haircutter and perfumer, 291 Sauchiehall st. ; house, 299 do.
Moore, John, smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 65 Govan st. ; house, 115 Thistle st.
Moore, M. M., of W. B. Huggins cf- Co. ; house, 13 Sandyford place.
Moore, Ralph, mining engineer, 24 St. Vincent pi. ; ho., Dalmarnock cot., Bridget on.
Moore, Samuel, of Bowie ty Moore, 124 Trongate.
Moore, William, spirit dealer, 27 St. Ninian street ; house, 32 Adelphi street.
MORE, Alexander, & Son, engineers and millwrights, 33 Montrose street.
More, Andrew, Cliftonhill Coal Co., Monkland Canal basin; house, 44 Glebe st.

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