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Harris, Andrew R. W., accountant and house factor, patent agent, and agent for the
Birbeck Life Assurance Company, 2 Howard street ; residence, Findlay cottage,
Mount Pleasant, Camlachie. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Harris, Edmund, colourman and tobacconist, 13 Clyde street, Anderston.
Harris, James, bootmaker, 42 Nelson street ; City house, 1 Antigua place.
Harris, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 82 North street ; house, 10 Richmond St.
HARRISON, Charles, commission agent, 5 Hutcheson street.
Harrison, John, shipmaster, 42 Gloucester street, Kingston.
Harrison, W., commercial teacher, 189 George street.
Harrison, Margaret, Bankhead dairy, 69 North street, Anderston.
HARROWER, David, at W. Hunter §■ Co.'s ; house, 42 Port-Dundas road.
Harrower, George, wine and spirit merchant, 71, 73 Hutcheson street.
HART, Hugh, wholesale and retail chemist and druggist, 18 Argyle street, 5 Virginia
street ; house, 5 Provanside.
Hart, James, of Robert Hart $ Co. ; house, 54 West Regent street.
Hart, John, tailor and clothier, 2 Carlton court.
Hart, John, agent, National Bank of Scotland ; house, 165 Hill street, Garnethill.
Hart, John, grocer and provision merchant, 40 Maitland street ; house, 1 Milton st.
Hart, Robert, & Co., manufacturers, 25 South Frederick street.
Hart, Robert, & Co., rag merchants, 10 Lancefield St. ; house, 168 St. George's road.
Hart, Thomas, patentee for Jacquard. check loom, 255 George street.
Hart, William, procurator-fiscal, County buildings, Wilson st. ; ho. 5 Greenlaw pi.
HARTLEY, A. M., professor of elocution, 21 Florence place.
Hartley, James, & Co., Wear Glassworks Office, 14 Turner's court ; F. A. Barrow, ag.
HARVEY, Alexander, and Son, dyers ; works, Govanhaugh. Place of call, W. A.
Foster's, 96 Queen street.
Harvey, Alexander, of Alex. Harvey and Son; house, 4 South Wellington place.
Harvey, Alexander, jun., of G. § A. Harvey; house, 4 South Wellington place.
Harvie, Alexander, of Harvie and M'Gavin; house, Kirn, Dunoon.
Harvie, Black, & Co., merchants, 25 Bath street.
Harvey, Charles, shoemaker, 41 Risk street.
Harvie, Douglas, carter and coal agent, 223 New Dalmarnock road; house, 221 do.
Harvey, George, of Alex. Harvey and Son, and G. and A. Harvey; house, 4 South
Wellington place.
Harvey, G. & A., engineers and machine-makers, Albion Machine Works, M'Neil st.
Harvey, Hugh, and Sons, wrights, Killermont street ; house, 282 Buchanan street.
Harvey, J. E., wine and spirit merchant, 229 Buchanan street and 2 Bath street;
house, 344 St. Vincent street.
Harvey, James, surgeon, 47 Cambridge street; consulting-rooms, 251 High street.
Harvey, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21, 23 Candleriggs ; house, Paisley.
Harvie, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 23 Hope street; house, Kennishead.
Harvie, James, mahogany merchant, 23 Hope street.
Harvey, James, tailor and clothier, 41 Main street, Bridgeton ; house, 45 do.
Harvey, John, 23 Gloucester street, Kingston.
Harvie, John, horse dealer, 32 Great Clyde street; house, 96 South Portland street.
Harvie, John, of W. cf J. Harvie ; house, 80 Wellington street.
Harvey, John and Robert, & Co., distillers, Dundas hill, Port-Dundas; office, 76
Maxwell street.
Harvey, John, wine and spirit merchant, 25 London street.
Harvey, John, at Robert Alexander tj - Co.'s; house, Walmer place, 129 Hospital st.
Harvey, John, ofHarveys, Wilson, <$• Co.; house, 219 St. Vincent street.
Harvey, John and William, & Co., distillers, Yoker; office, 76 Maxwell street.
Harvie and M'Gavin, grain millers, Anderston Grain Mills, 27 Washington street.
Harvey, Robert, master of engineering and mechanical drawing, Mechanics' Institu-
tion, at D. Cook § Co.'s; house, 37 Paterson street.
Harvey, Robert, of 'John and Robert Harvey ; house, Pinkston.
Hervey, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 77 Stockwell street.
Harvey and Watson, ironmongers and ship chandlers, 24 Clyde place.
Harvie, W. and J., timber merchants, 75 North Wellington street.
Harvey, William, rag merchant, 33 Bell street.
Harvie, William, of W. and J. Harvie; house, 339^ Argyle street.
Harvey, William, jun., of John Gourluy § Co.'s, Port-Dundas; house at the works.
Harvey s, Wilson, & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 191 Trongate.

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