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Handyside, N., of N. and R. Handyside; house, 32 Lynedooh street.
Handj^side, R. B., ofN. and R. Handyside ; house, 298 Bath crescent.
HANLON, Mrs. P., vegetable dealer, Bazaar; house, 12 Stirling square.
HANNAN, James, merchant, of Henry Monteilh cj- Co.; house, 17 Woodside terrace.
HANNAY, Alexander, baker, 110 Cowcaddens ; house, 1 Kelvingiove place.
Hannah, Alexander, brace, bit, and auger maker, 39 Kirk street and 21 Risk street
Calton ; house, 22 Monteith row.
Hannay, Anthony, of Kelly c$* Co.; house, 1 Scotland street, Woodlands road,
Hannah, John, ham-curer, 21 South Albion street.
Hannah, Matthew, victualler, 23 Canning street, Calton ; house, 25 do.
Hannay, Peter M , at Kelly cj- Co.'s ; house, 1 Claremont street, Royal crescent.
Hannah, Robert, grocer, 60 King street, Tradeston.
Hannah, Robert, furnishing shop, 115 Main street, Bridgeton.
Hannah, Thomas, spirit merchant, 41 Gordon street; house, 45 do.
Hannah, William, of A. and P Rintoul; house, 10 S:irnng squaxe.
Hannah, Mrs., 9 Columbia place, New City road.
Hannah, Mrs. David, furnishing shop, 229 New City road.
Hanoverian Consul, J. D. Sheppard, 57 Buchanan street.
HANSON, George, dealer in second-hand goods, 103 New wynd.
HARAW, Henry, barometer, watchmaker, and jeweller, 34£ King street, Tradeston.
HARBISON, John, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Ferguson street, Cowcaddens.
HARBOUR-Master's Office, 16 Robertson street.
HARDIE, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 5 Greenhill street : house, 3 do.
Hardie, Alexander, baker, 15 Grove street; house, 13 do.
Hardie, Captain James, 1 1 Greenlaw place.
Hardie, E. and J., boot and shoemakers, 14 London street.
Hardie, Henry, machine and spindle maker, 55 Duke street.
Hardie, James, baker, 190 Sauchiehall street.
Hardie, Robert, spirit merchant, 495, 497 Gallowgate.
Hardie, Stark, and Co., silk, calico, and de laine printers, Locherfield. Letters left at
Archibald Fraser's, 9 Queen street.
Hardie, Thomas, ship smith, 7 Dale street, Tradeston; house, 24 Scotland street.
Hardie, William, teacher of English, 144 West Regent street.
Hardie, Mrs., lodgings, 23 George street.
Hardie, Mrs., lodgings, 43 West Regent street.
HARDIMAN, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 111 Stobcross street.
HARDMEAT, Charles, manufacturer of smoke-consuming apparatus, Prideaux's
patents, 59 St. Vincent street.
HARGAN, James, svving-borit proprietor, 160 Saltmarket.
HARKER, George, fruit merchant, Bazaar ; house, 9 College street.
I1ARKIN, John, teacher of music, 171 West Nile street.
Harkin, John, wright and glazier, 80 King street, Calton.
HARKNESS, Adam, oil and colour merchant, and glazier, 66 Canning street; house,
68 do.
Harkness, Adam, muffin baker, 11 Taylor street; house, 22 do.
Harkness, Adam, Canal brewery; house, 212 St. George's road.
Harkness, John S., wright, 160 Main street, Anderston ; house, 180 do.
HARLE, Thomas, physician, 106 Montrose street.
HARLEY, Andrew, of D. Harley cf- Co. ; house, 53 Abbotsford place.
Harley, David, & Co., cotton-yarn merchants, 22 John street.
Harley, James, from W. and JR. Turner's. Letters left at the Post-office. Residence,
Harley, William, starcher, 66 Rose street, Hutchesontown ; house, 156 Crown street.
Harley, William, stationer and account-bookmaker, 57 Ingram st. ; ho. 21 Grafton st.
Harley, Misses, boarding-school, 1 Claremont place.
HARPER, Andrew, provision merchant, 11 Stirling street; house, 37 Gneme street.
Harper, James, tailor and clothier, 7 Stanhope street.
Harper, John, 13 Ronald street.
Harper, Samuel, merchant, 99 Waterloo street.
Harper & Son, agents fur the United Kingdom Life Insurance Co., 99 Waterloo st.
Harper, Miss O, milliner and dressmaker, 147 West Regent street.
HARRIS, A., wholesale jeweller and watch manufacturer, and foreign coin ex-
changer, 1 Argyle arcade.

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