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Dykes, William, storekeeper, Forth street, Port-Duudas ; house, 1 Clifton Grove
crescent, Grove street.
Dykes, Mrs., portioner, 21 Adelphi street, Bridgeton.
DYMOCK, Misses, 58 North Hanover street.
EADIE, Andrew, 448 Argyle street.
Eadie, James, broker, 138 Stobcross street; lodgings, Alma place.
Eadie, James, at J. and J. Wright's ; house, 1 1 Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Eadie, James, of Crichton and Eadie ; residence, Dalmarnock house.
Eadie, Rev. John, D.D., LL.D., professor of Theology, and minister of United Presby-
terian Church, Cambridge street ; house, 13 Lansdowne crescent.
Eadie, John, carter, 16 North Coburg street.
Eadie, William, & Co., letterpress printers, 8 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street.
Eadie, William, of William Eadie if Co. ; house, 11 Hopeton place, Stirling's road.
Eadie, William, M.D., surgeon, 103 Sauchiehall street.
Eadie, Mrs., rag merchant, 146 Rottenrow.
Eadie, Ann, broker, 28 Pitt street.
Eagle Foundry, Port-Dundas.
Eagle Inn and Hotel, 59 Maxwell street.
EAGLESHAM, H., & Son, silk, woollen, and cotton yarn dyers, Springfield Works,
Shettleston. Place of call, H. Kennedy & Co.'s, 8 Prince's square.
Eaglesham, James, spirit dealer, 42 Ann street, Port-Dundas.
Eaglesham, James, of Leisk and Eaglesham, 239 George street.
Eaglesham, Mrs. John, victualler, 64 Brown street.
Eaglesham Cotton- yarn warehouse, 15 Cochran street.
EAGLESOME, Hugh, at Robert Wilson $ Co.'s; house, 54 Oxford street.
EARLY, Thomas, broker, 101 King street, Calton.
EARSTON, John, of Adam, Monteith, andEarston ; house, 138 South Portland street.
Earston, Miss, 138 South Portland street.
EASDON, George, wright and glazier, 11 Stormont street; house, 7 do.
East Regent Place Chapel, 100 Blackfriars' st. ; Rev. John Graham, D.D., minister.
Eastern Academy, Annfield house, Bellgrove street ; John Fergusson, teacher.
Eastern Accommodation Co., 44 Trongate.
Eastern District Police Office, 33 Stevenson street, Calton.
Eastern Loan Company, 482 Gallowgate.
Eastern Necropolis, Janefield, east end of Camlachie.
Eastern Public Baths, London road, Bridgeton.
Eastfield Colliery Office, coal masters, 25 St. Enoch square.
EASTON,' A. and A., brassfounders and gasfitters, 141 Renfield street.
Easton, David, M.D., 14 Green street, Calton.
Easton, James, umbrella maker, 112 Cowcaddens.
Easton, John, skinner, 13 Greenhead; house, 27 William street, Greenhead.
Easton, Dr. J. A., 93 West Regent street.
Easton, Robert, cabinetmaker, 79 Stockwell ; house, 44 West Howard street.
Easton, B., wine and spirit merchant, 12 Malta street, Gorbals; ho. 117 Hospital st.
Easton, R. F., of Crawford and Easton ; house, 15 Dalhousie street
Easton, Samuel, of Crawford and Easton ; house, 15 Dalhousie street.
Easton, Walter, at Phoenix Eire Office, 68 St. Vincent street; house, 9 Claremont st.
Easton, William, at William M'Ett'an's, 18 St. Vincent lane; ho. 41 St. Vincent cresc.
EATON, Andrew, portioner, 84 Muslin street, Bridgeton.
Eaton, Francis, & Co., masons, 2 Largo place, Rosehall street, City road.
Ebenezer Independent Chapel, 141 Waterloo street; Rev. William Scott, minister.
EBB ELS, Henry Ellis, chief clerk, Post-office ; house, 92 Regent terrace. Stirling's rd.
ECCLES, Jane, general broker, 65 Canning street, Calton.
Economic Life Insur. Co , 68 St. Vincent st.; A. W. Stewart, agent; ho. 112 Peel ter.
Economical Life Assurance Society, London ; agents, Thomsons, Ritchie, and Grail,
101 Miller street,
EDGAR, James, clothier, 327 Argyle street.
Edgar, James, cooper, 47 Dale street, Tradeston.
Edgar, John, cowfeeder, 104 Centre street, Tradeston; house, 102 do.
Edgar, John and Thomas, fleshers, 51 Main street, Bridgeton.

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