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Brown, John, merchant, 91 Buchanan street; house, Broomhall cot., Polloksbields.
Brown, John, jun., of Brown and Sharp ; house, 42 Windsor ter., St. George's road.
Brown, John, house factor, 71 Trongate; house, 41 Charlotte street.
Brown, John, victualler, 38 Main street, Bridgeton ; house, 9 do.
Brown, John, court-house keeper, 1 East Clyde street.
Brown, John, perfumer and hairdresser. 3 Glassford street ; house, 89 John street.
Brown, John, broker, 65 Tureen street ; house, 17 Bellgrove street.
Brown, John, provision merchant, 140 Gallowgate ; house, 8 Charlotte street.
Brown, John, hosier and shirtmaker, 8 Caudleriggs ; house, 68 Cumberland street.
Brown, John, & Co., storekeepers, 25 Watt street; house, Hoodie's court.
Brown, John, designer, 3 West Nile street; house, 48 Shamrock street.
Brown, John, & Co., fruiterers, 2, 4 Glassford street.
Brown, John, R.N., 1 Cumberland street.
Brown, John, at J. and R. Cogans, Graham square; house, 1 Annfield place.
Brown, John, grocer, 126 London read.
Brown, John, house factor, 48 Great Hamilton street.
Brown, John, of Brown and Mucarlhur ; house, 1 Annfield place.
Brown, John, family grocer, 171 Sauchiehall street.
Brown, John, spirit merchant, 1 Graeme street.
Brown, John, spirit dealer, 66 Green street, Calton ; house, 68 do.
Brown, John, of William Brown and Son; house, 4 Stow place, Paisley.
Brown, John, measurer, 185 Duke street.
Brown, John, coalmaster, 106 Hill street, Garnethill.
Brown, John Ritchie, M.D., at Dr. M'-Kenzie's, 188 Buchanan street.
Brown, J. and M., greengrocers and fruiterers, 54 St. George's road.
Brown, J. T. J. and R., engravers to calico printers, 67 M'Alpine street.
Brown, Joseph R., 17 Whitevale.
Brown, Joseph, grocer, 139 Wain street, Gorbals ; house, 156£ do.
Brown, Joshua, wright, trunk and packing-box maker, 30 George square and 273
George street; house, 123 North John street.
Brown, Keir, and Brown, warehousemen, 114 Trongate.
Brown and Macarthur, commission agents, 32 West George street.
Brown, Malcolm, wine and spirit merchant, 91 Main street, Anderston ; ho. 93^ do.
Brown, Malcolm, dairyman, 51 M'Alpine street.
Brown, Matthew, of Strang, Brown, (f Co.; house, 77 Hill street, Garnethill.
Brown, Matthew, cartwright, 151 Castle street.
Brown, Mathieson, spirit merchant, 144 Garscube road.
Brown, M. and J., nursery, seedsmen, and florists, 29 Glassford street; nursery, east
end of Duke street ; house, Haghill, Duke street.
Brown, M. and W., jun., & Co., merchants, 35 St. Vincent place.
Brown, Neil, collector and assistant-surveyor, Glasgow Water Works Office ; house,
197 Duke street.
Brown, Neil, commission agent, 240 Broomielaw quay.
Brown, Niven, eating-house keeper, 111 Gallowgate.
Brown, Patrick H., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 129 Dundas street; house, 411
Parliamentary road.
Brown, P. D., at Anderson and Gray's, 62 Queen street, Queen court.
Brown, Peter, bread and biscuit baker, 56 Nelson street; house, 9 Stirling street.
Brown, Peter, traveller, at J. and W. Campbell 6; Co.'s; house, 48 Abbotsford place.
Brown, Peter, jun., of Broivn, Bain, $ Co.; house, 103 Bath street.
Brown, P. M'Taggart, merchant, 166 Buchanan street; house, 14 Royal crescent.
Brown, Quintin, of J. and Q. Brown; house, 49 Cadogan street.
Browne, R., Bennett, and Young, insurance brokers, 12 Royal Exchange square.
Brown, Robert, at £>. and A. Cuthbertson's, 110 West George street; house, 34
Paterson street, Kingston.
Brown, Robert, confectioner, 335 Argyle street.
Brown, Robert S., bookseller and stationer, 71 Trongate; house, 41 Charlotte street.
Brown, Robert, wood merchant, trunk and packing-box maker, 71, 73 Mitchell
street; house, 73 West Nile street.
Brown, Robert, confectioner, 76 South Portland street.
Brown, Robert, of Sherriff, Brown, cf- Co. ; house, 24 Monteith row.
Brown, Robert, commercial traveller, with Gowland, Brothers, § Co. ; house, 3 Rose-
land terrace, South Cumberland street.

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