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BROOM, Alex., of Gentles $ Broom; house, 152 Hill street, Garnethill.
Broom, David, & Co., manufacturers, 51 Brunswick street.
Broom, James, & Co., merchants, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram street.
Broom, James, of James Broom $ Co. ; house, 148 Hill street, Garnethill.
Broom, John and James, commission merchants, 36J George square.
Broom, William, bootmaker, 39 South Portland street ; house, 37 do.
Broom, William, builder, 160 Hill street, Garnethill.
Broom, M. A., milliner, 90 Cowcaddens ; house, 88 do.
Broomhill. Foundry, Port-Dundas.
BROUGHAM, John, lemonade manufacturer, 24 Hospital street.
BROWN, Alexander, of Brown and Austin; house, 192 Hope street.
Brown, Alexander, porter, Royal Bank ; house, Royal Bank buildings.
Brown, Alexander, teacher of languages, 2 Havanna street.
Brown, A. G., grocer and tea dealer, 90 Main street, Gorbals; ho. 6 Cavendish st.
Brown, A., flesher, 126 London street ; house, 50 Great Hamilton street.
Brown, Allan, family grocer, St. Anne's place; house, 219 Duke street.
Brown, Andrew, of Laughland and Brown ; house, Firbank, Pollokshields.
Brown, Andrew (late of the inland revenue), 55 Abbotsford place.
Brown, Anthony, warper and warehouseman, 1 9 Cochran street.
Brown, Archibald, spirit dealer, 83 Carrick street.
Brown, Archibald, & Co , silk, gauze, dress, and shawl manufac, 104 Virginia pi.
Brown, Archibald, & Co., blockmakers and joiners, 7 Paisley rd. ; ho. 61 Dale st.
Brown, Archibald D., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 54 Renfield street ; bedding
warehouse, 56 do.
Brown and Austin, seedsmen, nurserymen, florists, and fruiterers, 33, 34 Argyle
arcade, and Arcade Bank buildings, 1 08 Argyle st. ; nurseries, Kelvinside, Partick.
Brown, Bain, & Co., commission merchants, 51 St. Vincent street.
Brown, Brothers, chemists, druggists, and aerated water manufacturers, 110, 112
Trongate ; house, 24 Monteith row.
Brown and Cameron, fieshers, 24 Maxwell street.
Brown, Campbell, leather merchant, 163 Bridgegate.
Brown and Chadwick, engravers to calico printers, 15 Trafalgar street, Bridgeton.
Brown, Charles, at Dun. Brown <.f Co's. ; house, 60 St. Vincent crescent.
Brown & Co., grain and flour merchants, 11 Hope street.
Brown & Co., patent metallic cask manufactory, 5 Graham square, Gallowgate.
Brown & Co., warehousemen, 116 Candleriggs.
Brown, Colin, of John Boyce, jun., <§ Co.; house, 3 Mansfield place, Blythswood sq.
Brown, C. R. , and J. Macindoe, auctioneers of fine art and literary property, 119 St.
Vincent street.
Brown, C. R., ofC. R. Brown and J. Macindoe; house, 38 St. Vincent crescent.
Brown, C. Wilsone, of William Brown cf Co., 24 Stockwell street ; house, Wemyss,
Brown, D. Campbell, merchant and commission agent, 34 Cochran street ; house,
8 Mansfield place.
Brown, Daniel, pastry baker and confectioner, 60 Queen street ; house, 56 Dundas st.
Brown, David, joiner, cabinetmaker, and glazier, 392 Calderwood street; house, 42
Dundas street.
Brown, David, shoemaker, 159 Canning street, Calton ; house, 157 do.
Brown, David, shuttle, shuttle-mounting, weaving utensil maker, and turner, 18
Thomson's lane, Green street, Calton ; house, 2 Broomward pi., M'Kechnie st.
Brown, Rev. David, D.D., minister of St. James' Free Church ; ho. 9 Richmond st.
Brown, David, vocalist, Philharmonic tavern, 4 Dunlop street ; house, 11 Miller St.
Brown, Downes, & Co., wholesale grocers and tea merchants, 22 Dunlop street.
Brown, Duncan, & Co., drysalters and wool merchants, 43 Argyle street.
Brown, Duncan, of Duncan Brown <§ Co. ; house, 60 St. Vincent crescent.
Brown, Duncan, grocer, 2 Calton-mouth ; house, 4 Macfarlane street.
Brown, Duncan, janitor, Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street; house, do.
Brown, Duncan, grocer, victualler, and hamcurer, 59 Thistle street. ; house, do.
Brown and Dunlop, writers, and agents for the Argus Life Assurance Company, and
the Guarantee Society of London, 49 Virginia street.
Brown, Gavin, of Brown cj- Co., 92 Great Hamilton street.
Brown, George, merchant, Clarence place, 131 Sauchiehall street.
Brown, George, wine and spirit merchant, 92 Gallowgate; house, 35 Charlotte st.
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