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BRAID, Alexander, hairdresser, 7 Kirk street, Townbead.
Braid, Alex., cabinet and picture-frame maker, 8 Buchanst. ; ho. 45 John st.
Braid, Thomas, builder, 26 Robertson street.
BRAMWELL, Misses, dressmakers, 132 Renfrew street.
BRAND, David, Temperance hotel, 126 Union street.
Brand, John, spirit dealer, 31 Saltmarket.
Brand, John D. B., merchant, 104 Virginia place; house, 15 Claremont street.
Brand and Mollison, dyers, 70. Queen street; works, 74 Milton street.
Brand, Robert S. M., commission merchant, 105 South Portland street.
Brand, William, of M'Nair and Brand; house, Barshaw, near Paisley.
Brand, William, of Brand and Mollison ; house, 7 West Prince's street.
Brand, Mrs. A., 141 Goorge street.
BRANNIGAN, Hugh G., tailor and clothier, 119 Crown street.
BRANNAN, P., rag and waste mercht., 12 Main st., Gorbals ; ho. 103 Saltmarket.
Brannan, Agnes, broker, 56 King street, Tradeston.
BRANSTONE, Thomas, lieutenant of police, Western district ; ho. 25 Grace street.
BRASH, Robert, sen., cooper, 100 Maxwell street.
Brash, Robert, jun., cooper, 4 Wallace street, Tradeston.
Brash, Walter, of Mitchell and Brash ; house, 17 Buckingham terrace.
Brash, William, spirit dealer, 80 M'Alpine street.
BREAKENRIDGE, John, shoemaker, 65 Eglinton street ; house, 1\ do.
BREBNER, John, of&'cobie, Brebner, and Levach; house, 16 Abbotsford place.
BRECHIN, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 94 George street.
BRECKINRIDGE, Mrs. James, tavern keeper, 62 Argyle street.
BrsEDiSHOLM Coal Co., 5 Cathcart street.
BREEN, James, fruit salesman, Bazaar, Candleriggs ; house, 141 George street.
BREMNER, Duncan, baker, 334 Gallowgate.
Bremner, D., merchant, 56 Howard street.
Bremner, Rev. Robt., A.M., of Free Gorbals Church, 26 King street, Tratleston ; ho.
10 Kingston place.
Bremner, William, plasterer ; yard, Apsley place ; house, 71 Abbotsford place.
BRENNAN, Patrick, M.D., 2 Monteith row.
BRERETON, Mrs., professor of the pianoforte, 13 Columbia place, Scotia street.
BRICELAND, Mrs. Michael, china and glass warehouse, 92 Main street, Gorbals.
BRIDGE, Samuel, fruiterer, 226 George street,
Bridgegate Church (Established), 14 East Clyde street; Rev. James Mitchell,
minister; house, 28 Abbotsford place.
Bridgeton Bowling Green, 237 Main street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Church (Estabd.); Rev. G. Simpson, A.M., minister, Dale st., Bridgeton.
Bridgeton District Registry Office, Mechanics' Institution, 46 Canning St., Alexanuer
Waddell, registrar ; house, 72 Canning street.
Bridgeton Free Church, John street, Bridgeton ; Rev. Alexander Wilson, minister.
Bridgeton Old Victualling and Baking Society; 98 Main street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Public Library and Reading Room; William Wishart, librarian and sta-
tioner, 97 Main street; house, 92 John street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Public. School, 94 Main street, Bridgeton.
Bridgeton Victualling Society, 176 Main street, Bridgeton; Robert M'Naught.
BRIDIE, Mrs., Free St. Matthew's School, 161 Main St., Anderston; ho. 177 do.
Bridie, Miss J., brush and basket warehouse, 92 West Nile street,
BRIGGS, Thomas, manufacturer of patent rope and twine, cart and railway covers,
tarpaulin, oil-cloth canvas, &c, 85 Candleriggs street and 100 Brunswick street.
BRISBANE, Peter, cowfeeder, 163 West Graham street.
Britannia Life Assurance Company, 288 Buchanan street; Neal Johnston, agent.
Britannia Mutual Life Association, 288 Buchanan street; Neal Johnston, agent.
British American Land Co.'s Office, 3 Royal Exchange court; G. Gillespie, agent,
British Asphalte Company, asphalte manufacturers; office, 62 Buchanan street; works,
Port-Dundas road; Gregory Bird, manager.
British and Continental Daily Express Parcel Agency, 17 Miller street.
British Guarantee Association; D. and A. Cuthbertson, 110 Fife place, "West George
street, and S. M. Penney, 16 St. Vincent place, agents.
British Empire Fire and Life Assurance Company, 12 South Hanover street ; Robert
Walker, junior, agent.
British and Foreign Steam Navigation Co.; G. and J. Burns, 9 Buchanan street.

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