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®° Consult this List when the Name sought for in the General Directory
is not found.
Allan, William, agent, 233 High street.
Alexander, Robert, of Alexander <f Co. • house, 113 Renfrew street.
Arnott,- John, 11 West Campbell street.
Arthur, James, & Co., bleachers, Barterholm ; office, 249 Argyle street.
Ballantyne, Andrew, poulterer and provision merchant, 231 Sauchiehall street.
Boyle, Robert, & Co. ; house painters, 73 Union street.
British Provident Life and Fire Assurance Co., London; Wm. Bissett, 303 Argyle
street, agent.
Brown, David, joiner, cabinetmaker, and glazier, 392 Parliamentary road.
Bunton, James, & Co., merchants, 147 St. Vincent street.
Buchanan, W. M., & Co., brickmakers and builders, 56 Howard street.
Cameron, Wm., of Cameron, Dalziel, <f Co., 18 Great George street, Hillhead.
Campbell, Archibald, grocer, 55 Carrick street.
Campbelton Distillery Co., Campbelton ; Duncan M'Millan, 45 Dunlop street, agent.
Caldwell, James, St. Mungo Inn and Tavern, 314 New Dalmarnock road.
Campbell and Christie, iron-founders.
Campbell, William, clothier, 11 Union street.
Cash, Robert, 35 Gallowgate.
Chalmers, J. A. & W., coal merchants, 3 South Portland street.
Cosmopolitan Glass Co., London ; Craig, Bissett, & Co., 303 Argyle street, agents.
Craig, Bissett, & Co., general commission and assurance agents, 30o Argyle street.
Crawford, Andw., & Co., dyewood merchants, 44 Norfolk street.
Cumming, James, 60 Renfrew street.
Darnly, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 303 Argyle street.
Dickson, John, sponge merchant, 222 Holm street.
Dobbie, Joseph, of R. Alexander, fy Co., 86 West George ; st. ; ho. 122 Sauchiehall st.
Dods, B. W., & Co., merchants, 54 George square.
Dods, B. W., of B. W. Bods 4 Co., 54 George square.
Douglas, Mrs., fruiterer, 188 Broomielaw street.
Edinburgh & Leith Brewing Co., Edinburgh; Duncan M'Millan, 45 Dunlop St., agent.
Fellows, George, sheriff officer, 45 Marlborough street.
Fisher, Robert, victualler, 26 Little street, Calton; house, 1 King street, Mile-end.
Ferguson, James, builder and mason, 32 Cumberland street.
Fisher, John, clerk, Glasgow and South Western Railway, 9 Cathcart street, Gorbals.
Fleming, R. W., measurer, 4 Bath street.

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