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The Publishers of the Glasgow Post-Office Directory beg to renew
the expression of their thanks for the measure of favour hitherto enjoyed. -
In the present volume the Local Institutions and Societies may now be
considered complete — the Stamp Duties, which in former volumes were
abridged, are now given in greater detail — the Eegistration Districts for
Births, Marriages, and Deaths, into which the city has been divided, have
been introduced, so that parties can be at no loss where to apply, when
circumstances require their compliance with the recent Act of Parliament.
The Map of the City has been revised, on which is laid down, among
other places, the West-end Park and Buildings. It is to be hoped that
these additions, combined with that care and attention bestowed on the
compilation of the work in its more important departments, will entitle
the Publishers to come before the Public on this occasion with some
claims upon their support and patronage.
1st June, 1855. J
v 1 D
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