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No. 2. — Room Vents.
Sweeping Room Vents, with Register or Kinnaird Grates, on ground floor,
On first floor, - -
On second floor and upwards, .....
Houses of one or two apartments, -
No. 3. — Shops, Banks, Warehouses, and Public Offices.
Sweeping each Vent on ground flat, .....
Do. do. on first flat, -
Do. do. on second flat and upwards, -
No. 4. — New Tenements.
Cleaning Chimney of New Tenements, - - - - - 4
No. 5. — Charitable Institutions.
For Charitable Institutions within the boundary, - - - - 4
No. 6. — Extra Work.
For the first hour, - - - - - - -16
Each hour thereafter, - - - - - - -10
In order to prevent, as much as possible, chimneys taking fire, the magistrates re-
commend to the inhabitants to get their chimneys swept every six weeks, and not to
employ or admit to their houses, or to the roof thereof, any chimney-sweeper not
having a badge, or who refuses to produce the same when demanded. The magistrates
also recommend to the inhabitants to keep the hatchway, or other access to the roof
of their houses, properly secured ; and not to intrust the key to any chimney-sweeper
who has not a badge, in order to prevent theft and destruction to property.
Soldiers on the recruiting service, &c, are billeted on the houses of the inhabitants,
in regular rotation, with the following exceptions, viz., Parish-ministers and School-
masters, Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Faculty of Procurators, Widows, and
Unmarried Ladies not in business, and who do not keep Lodgers, and Paupers.
Occupiers of houses at £3 and under £5 yearly rent, two men for any number of
days under a week ; at £5 and upwards, two men for two weeks, or the remainder of
the month, which may happen to be seventeen days.
Any person refusing the billet is subject to a penalty of Five Pounds.
When inconvenient to furnish the soldier with a bed, it is customary to pay a pri-
vate 3d. for each night, and a sergeant, 4d.
On the 4th, 5th, and 6th of the month, after the billet has expired, a penny for
each day for each man will be repaid, by presenting it to the Quarter-Master, 5 Great
Hamilton Street. Attendance from 11 till 2 o'clock.
Tonnage, Crane, Weighing, and Shed Dues, leviable on Goods Imported
or Exported at the Broomielaw.
harbour dues.
Sailing Vessels, - - - - - . 2d. per Ton Register.
Steam do. - - - - - 2d. "
River Steamers, plying within Cumbrae Lighthouse, - Id.
Id. per Ton per Week extra charged after 24 Working Days.
Extracted from Act 6 Geo. IV., cap. cxvii., passed 10th June, 1825.
tonnage dues.
Grain, Meal, Flour, and Potatoes, - - - - Is. 0d. per Ton.
Bar, Sheet, Hoop, Rod, Scrap, and Pig Iron, - - - 0s. 7d. "
Coal, Bricks, Lime, Limestone, Freestone, Whinstone, Manure,
Pantiles, &c, - - - - - - 0s. 2d.
Guano, - 0s. 2d. "

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