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John Ewing, Kelvingrove, Duncan Smith,
Major Robertson, L. Hamel, J. R. Rich-
ardson, Alexander Woodburn.
Council. — W. Weir, M.D., George
M'Farlane, John Taylor, jun., Dr. Row-
ney, James Home, J. F. Stewart, W. W.
Mitchell, Otto Kasalack, B. Eekhout, A.
S. Lang, J. Stewart, Ralph Sillars.
Instituted 1830.
Earl of Eglinton and Winton, Patron ;
George Anderson, President ; James Rose,
Vice-President; Robert W. Laurie, Se-
cretary; John Jeffray, Treasurer; Hilliard
& Chapman, 56 Buchanan Street, Skate-
Council. — Dr. James Jeffray, G. Mid-
dleton, Alexander Muir, Wm. Connal,
jun., Robert Hamilton, George Lumsden,
Robert Lockhart, John Campbell.
Skating Pond, Petershill.
Instituted 1841.
His Royal Highness the Prince Albert,
Patron; the Duke of Hamilton, President ;
the Duke of Montrose, the Duke of Ar-
gyll, the Earl of Eglinton and Winton,
Lord Belhaven and Stenton, Sir Archibald
Campbell, Bart, of Succoth, M.P., Sir
James Campbell of Strathcathro, Sir
Archibald Alison, Bart. Sheriff of Lanark-
shire, William Lockhart of Milton Lock-
hart, M.P., Colonel Mure of Caldwell,
M.P., Alexander Hastie, M.P., John
Gordon of Aitkenhead, A. Campbell of
Blythswood, William Stirling of Kier,
M.P., Alex. Dennistoun of Golf hill, Jas.
Lumsden of Yoker, D. Carrick Buchanan
of Drum pell er.
Committee of Management. — The Hon.
Robert Stewart, Lord Provost of Glasgow,
Chairman ; Wm. James Davidson of
Ruchil, Vice-Chairman ; C. Hamilton
and C. W. Broun, Honorary Secretaries ;
Robert Alexander Kidston, Acting Sec.
Sir James Anderson, M.P., Thomas Daw-
son, C. C. Mackirdy, Major Campbell,
James Wylie Guild, George Brown,
Robert Young, A. G. Macdonald, D. C.
Rait, Alex. Harvey, Charles H. Wilson,
John Houldsworth, Edward D. James,
A. Roxburgh, Paisley, A. P. Paton,
The object of the Art Union of Glasgow
is, briefly, to aid in extending amongst the
community a knowledge of the Fine Arts,
by the purchase and dissemination amoDgst
the Members of meritorious works. A
Subscription of One Guinea constitutes
Membership for one year. The whole
Subscriptions, after deducting the necessary
expenses, are devoted to the purchase of
Pictures, Drawings, Sculptures, Engrav-
ings, and other Works of Art.
Queen Street,
Receives regularly all the London, English,
Provincial, Scotch, and Irish Newspapers ;
also Commercial Lists, French, German,
Colonial, Canton, and American papers,
with all the leading Reviews, Magazines,
&c. Open daily from 7 morning till 10
evening. Strangers, who are introduced
by subscribers, not charged unless they
attend for more than four weeks. Officers
in garrison are permitted the free use of
the rooms. Chairman, James Hutchison ;
Deputy- Chairman, Thos. D. Douglas.
Directors. — James M'Hardy, Thos. D.
Douglas, L. Robertson, James M'Cle-
land, Archibald Smith, Richard Kidston,
John Henderson, James Ellis, James
Hutchison, Robert Aitken, Michael Row-
and, Robert Black, John White, James
Lumsden, and James White. Secretary
and Treasurer, Robert Stevenson.
This Room is supplied with all the
London Newspapers, and those of the large
provincial towns in England, Scotland,
and Ireland, Commercial Lists, &c, be-
sides American and West India News-
papers ; also Magazines and Reviews.
Strangers, when introduced by a sub-
scriber, not charged, unless they attend
for more than four weeks. Officers in gar-
rison or on permanent duty permitted the
free use of the Rooms.
Superintendent, William Connell.
151 George Street.
Entry f transferable), 15s. ; Annual Con-
tribution, 10s. 6d. ; Re-entry to former
readers, 2s. 6d. — Volumes in the Li-
brary above 16,000.

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