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Smyena, by French Packet, via Marseilles, on the 7th, 17th, and 27th of each month,
payment optional, Is. 3d., 2s. Id., 3s. 4d., 4s. 2d., 5s. 10d., under J, ^, f, 1, and
\\ oz. respectively. Newspapers, 2d. each. For other routes see Constantinople.
South Australia. See Australia.
Spain, payment obligatory, by Southampton, 6th, 16th, and 26th of each month,
1.20 p.m., and when any of these days fall upon a Saturday, the mails are made up
on the following morning, 2s. 2d. under \ oz., 4s. 4d. under 1 oz., and so on ; or
daily by Calais, 10d., Is. 3d., 2s. Id., 2s. 6d., and 3s. 9d., under J, |, §, 1, and \\
oz. All letters, except for Cadiz and Vigo, are sent via France, unless addressed
" by Packet from Southampton." Newspapers free via Southampton ; via France, £d.
Styria. See Austrian Dominions.
Sumatra. See Archipelago, Indian.
Surinam, payment obligatory, 1st and 16th of each month, 1.20 p.m., 6d. under
£ oz., Is. under 1 oz., &c. Newspapers, 2d. each.
Swan River. See Australia.
Sweden, payment optional, via Belgium, unless otherwise addressed, Is. 2d. under
J oz., &c. ; or via France, daily, Is. 4d., 2s. 3d., Ss. 7d., 4s. 6d., 6s. 3d., under |-, £,
f, l,and 1J oz. ; or by Private Ship, 6d. under J oz., &c. Newspapers, via France,
2d. ; via Private Ship, Id. ; via Belgium, free.
Switzerland, daily, payment optional, unless otherwise addressed, via France, lid.,
Is. 5d., 2s. 4d., 2s. 10d., and 4s. 2d., under J, J, f, 1, and \\ oz. respectively; or
via Belgium, lOjd. under ^ oz., &c. Newspapers, via France, 2d. each; via Bel-
gium, free.
Sydney, Government of New South Wales. See Australia, except that letters
addressed to go by Private Ship to Sydney, or any other part of New South Wales,
can be sent unpaid. The rates of postage by Private Ship to Sydney is lid. under
^ oz., and other parts of New South Wales, Is. Id. under £ oz., &c.
Syra. See Greece.
Syria. See Beyrout.
Tahaiti, payment obligatory, by Private Ship, unless addressed otherwise, 8d. under
£ oz., &c. ; or via Panama, 2s. under J oz , &c. ; Newspapers, 2d. each.
Tampico. See Venezuela.
Tenedos, payment optional, via Belgium, Is Id. under h oz., &c. Newspapers, lid.
under £ oz., &c.
Tennessee, State of. See America, United States of.
Texas. See America.
Tchesme. See Tenedos.
Tobago. See Indies, British West.
Transylvania. See Austrian Dominions.
Trep.izond. See Tenedos.
Trinidad. See Indies, British West.
Tripoli. See Barbary.
Tunis, payment obligatory, by French Packet, via Marseilles, unless otherwise
addressed, Is. 3d., 2s. Id., 3s. 4d., 4s. 2d., 5s. 10d., under J, J, f, 1, and lj oz. re-
spectively. Newspapers, 2d. each.
Turkey and the Black Sea, except Constantinople, Smyrna, Gallipoli, Mytilene, and
the Dardanelles, (which see.) Payment obligatory, via Belgium, daily, except
Saturday, unless otherwise addressed, 8d. under £ oz , &c. ; or via France, paid or
unpaid to destination, Is. 10d., 3s. 3d., 5s. Id., 6s. 6d., 8s. 9d. ; or by French
Packet, via Marseilles, payment optional, 2d, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22d, 27th, of each
month, 7.20 p.m. ; when the month has 31 days, letters may be posted on the 28th;
when any of these dates fall on a Saturday, letters must be posted the previous
evening, 7.20 p.m., Is. 3d., 2s. Id., 3s. 4d., 4s. 2d., 5s. lOd. ; or via Marseilles, by
British Packet, 7th and 23d of each month, 7.20 p.m., payment obligatory, Is. 4d.,
Is. 9d., 3s. Id., 3s. 6d., 5s. 9d., under J, ^, f, 1, and 1^ oz. respectively; or via
Southampton, payment obligatory, 3d and 19th of eacfi month, 1.20 p.m., lid.
under J oz., Is. lOd. under 1 oz., &c ; or by Direct British Packet. Newspapers,
via France, by French Packet, via Marseilles and by Southampton, 2d each ; via
Belgium, Id. each ; and by British Packet, via Marseilles, 3d. each. Note. — -It is
recommended that all letters addressed " British Fleet," or to the "Land Forces of
Her Majesty serving in Turkey," should be prepaid.
Turk's Island, 16th of each month, 1.20 p.m., payment obligatory, Is. under \ oz.,
^ &c. Newspapers free.

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