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addresses of the parties dealing in such articles must be excluded. Each copy to be
made up in the same form as a Newspaper, with covers open at the end.
The title of the publication must be written or printed immediately above the
address; and any other writing than such address, name, initial, or mark for reference
of any kind, calculated to convey information as to the party by whom such publica-
tion is forwarded, will subject the same to full letter rates of postage.
Every Price Current to be posted within seven days after each publication ; and
no one can be forwarded a second time without being charged with full letter postage.
All other Prices Current and Commercial Lists, published in the United
Kingdom, if duly stamped, and under the weight of two ounces, will be treated as News-
papers, and enjoy the Newspaper privileges, the sanction of the Postmaster-General
having been previously obtained.
Printed Prices Current and Commercial Lists, from the British Colonies,
France, Belgium, and Holland, are now admitted into the United Kingdom at the
reduced rate of Id. each, whether conveyed by Packet or by Private Ship.
Printed Prices Current and Commercial Lists, from any foreign country,
except France, Belgium, Holland, Prussia, and China, are admitted into the United
Kingdom at the reduced rate of 2d. each.
Prices Current and Commercial Lists, from the British Colonies, passing
through the United Kingdom, are liable to a Postage of 2d. each, to be paid at the
time of being posted.
Prices Current and Commercial Lists, from the British Colonies, passing
through France, Belgium, or Holland, to the United Kingdom are liable to a Postage
of 2d. each.
Printed Prices Current and Commercial Lists, to China, via Southampton,
2d. each ; via Marseilles, 3d. each. From China, via Southampton, 3d. each ; via
Marseilles, 5d. each.
Letters, whether containing Coin or not, can be registered on payment of a fee of
6d., in addition to the rates of Postage, Inland, Colonial, or Foreign. On those for
delivery in France, the charges, besides the Registration Fee, will be the English
rate to France, in addition to double the French rate. On those to Prussia, or passing
through Prussia, the Prussian Registration fee of 3d. must be paid, in addition to the
British. On those to Russia and Poland, via Belgium, an additional rate of olA. under
^ oz., 7d. under 1 oz., &c. Thus, for a letter not exceeding \ oz., the charge will be
ordinary postage, ll^d. ; additional postage, 3^-d. ; British Registration fee, 6d. ;
Prussian do., 3d. ; total, 2s. A printed acknowledgment will be given to any per-
son registering a letter. Registered letters will be taken at the Bar Window and the
Receiving- Houses within half an hour of the closing of the Box for the particular Mail
by which they are to be despatched. Letters for Registration addressed to places
within the United Kingdom, must be paid by affixing a sufficient number of Stamps,
and the Registration fee must be paid in Stamps ; when addressed to parts abroad,
they may be paid either in money, or by means of Postage Stamps.
In case of Foreign, Colonial, or Ship Letters, it must be clearly understood that
Registration can only extend to the port of shipment. Letters, however, addressed
to France, and Letters passing through France, are exceptions to this rule, the French
Post-Office undertaking to provide for their security till they shall have been delivered,
if addressed to France, and as long as they remain in the French territory, if passing
through France.
The arrangements for carrying out the system of registration have been made with
the view of insuring the safe delivery of Registered Letters. On their delivery the
parties to whom they may have been addressed will be required to acknowledge, in
writing, their receipt. Parties transmitting Bank Notes, Bank Post Bills, Drafts,
Jewellery, cj-c, should invariably secure their transmission by Registration ; and persons
having occasion to send by Post small sums, are recommended to make use of
which is open every week-day, fast-days excepted, from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. The charge
for such Orders is 3d. on sums not exceeding two pounds, and 6d. on sums between
two and five pounds. No order will be given for sums beyond this amount ; but if

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