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All newspapers must be sent in covers, open at the sides, and no words or commu-
nication may be printed or written on sucb papers or covers, after the same shall have
been published, other than the name and address of the person to whom they are sent;
nor anything enclosed or concealed in either newspaper or cover. Newsvenders only
may print their names and addresses thereon. Newspapers may be examined by the
Officers of the Post-office ; and if there be any breach of the above regulations, the
packet is chargeable with treble the amount of postage to which a letter of the same
weight would have been liable. Any person contravening the law, may, at the option
of the Postmaster-General, be prosecuted as for a misdemeanour.
Clause of the Act of 1st Victoria, cap. 34, sec. 82.
" And be it farther enacted, that in all cases in which a question = hall arise, whe-
ther a printed paper is entitled to the privileges of a Newspaper or other publication,
hereby privileged, so far as respects the transmission thereof by the Post, under the
Post-Office Acts, the question shall be referred to the determination of the Post-
master-General, whose decision, with the concurrence of the Lords of the Treasury,
shall be final.
Writing or marks are allowed on a Newspaper passing by Post between any one
part of the United Kingdom, and any other part, provided that a postage of one penny
be paid, by means of a stamp conspicuously fixed outside the cover or folded News-
paper. But the privilege is confined to writing or marks on the Newspaper itself,
and is not to extend to the cover. Any writing or marks other than the address on
which, or (if the postage be not prepaid as above) on the Newspaper itself, will sub-
ject the Newspaper to the same rate of Postage as that to which an unpaid letter of
the same weight is liable.
Newspapers Posted in Town addressed to any part within the town delivery,
charged, paid or unpaid, Id.
Newspapers printed or published in any of the Channel Islands, or in the Isle of
Man, and sent by the Post between any of such Islands and Great Britain or Ireland,
or sent by the Post in Great Britain or Ireland, will be liable to the full letter rates of
Postage, according to the scale lor charging inland letters, with the exception of such
as are printed in the French Language.
are delivered free of Postage at any place within the British dominions. Those for
persons who have removed may be forwarded by Post, free of charge, provided they
have not been opened at the place to which they were originally addressed.
Newspapers liable to the Stamp Duty may be forwarded to the British Colonies
and Possessions, by her Majesty's packet-boats, free of the duty of postage, provided
the same be duly stamped, made up open at the ends, and put into any Post-Office
within seven days after the day of publication.
Newspapers may also be forwarded to the Colonies, by private ships, for a postage
of One Penny each, and to Foreign Countries for a postage of Twopence each, to be
paid when posted, tinder the same regulations as to date, cj-c.
For days of despatch and Bates of Postage, see the Alphabetical List of Foreign
Newspapers arriving from British Colonies or " Foreign Parts," to which they are
despatched free, are delivered free of postage. From places abroad to which they are
not despatched free, they are charged on delivery, Twopence each; excepting those
brought by the closed mail through France, which are charged Threepence, or Five-
pence each. All newspapers must be printed in the language of the country from which
they are sent.
Printed Prices Current, having obtained the sanction of the Lords of the Trea-
sury, pass through the Post-Office to the Colonies and Foreign parts at One Penny
each, provided they contain simply the names and prices of articles ; the names and

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