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Murray, Jas., spirit dealer, Broomhouse.
Murray, Wm., farmer, West Daldowie.
M'Arthur, Wm., merchant, Boghead cot.
M'Call, James, merchant, 4 Bothwell St.
Glasgow ; house, Daldowie.
M'Dougall, Robert, Egypt cottage.
M'Feat, Walter, postmaster.
M'Uwham, James, grocer, Broomhouse.
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, overseer, Clyde Iron-
works, Clyde village.
M'Lean, D., boot & shoem., Broomhouse.
M'Lean, James, clerk, Clyde Ironworks.
M'Neil, Donald, flesher, Tollcross.
Naismith, J., grocer and spirit dealer,
Neilsou, William, house-factor.
Park, Colin, spirit dealer.
Pentice, Mrs. Isa., spirit dealer, Fullerton.
Rankin, James, farmer, Kenmuir.
Rennie, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer.
Rennie, William, grocer and spirit dealer.
Ritchie, George, wright, Broomhouse.
Rodger, Alexander, store-keeper, Fuller-
ton Clyde Store.
Rodger, Wr., bleaching-master, Carmyle.
Rodger, Wm., bleaching-master, Carmyle.
Russell, Wm., clerk, John Pitts, Carmyle.
Scott, Robert, Greenockhill.
Smith, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer.
Smith, Thomas, teacher, Carmyle.
Spiers, Mrs. John, spirit dealer.
S pitta] 1, Robert, carter.
Steven, Robert, surgeon, Fullerton.
Torrance, Richard, farmer.
Turnbull, James, farmer, Boghall.
Turnbull, Wm., farmer, West Daldowie.
Turner, James, grocer, Broomhouse.
Turner, Thomas, grocer, Broomhouse.
Wallace, G-, cart & millwright, Carmyle.
Wallace, W., cart & millwright, Carmyle.
Walker, Hugh, manufacturer.
Watson, Alex., spirit dealer, 267 Great
Eastern road ; residence, Tollcross.
Williamson, Miss, Boghead cottage.
Wilson, Wm., bootmaker, Broomhouse.
Wilkie., John, carter.
Wood, Charles, grocer
Young, Jas., house-factor, Point cottage.

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