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Dunsmore, Jean, grocer and spirit dealer.
Eadie, John, violin-maker, Roughazie.
Forbes, James, engineer, Barrochnie.
Forbes, P., millwright and engineer.
Forrest, John, grocer, Eastmuir.
Gardner, Mrs., spirit dealer, Eastmuir.
Garrand, Andrew, teacher.
Hannah, John, post-office.
Law, Alexander, cartwright, Eastmuir.
Law, Alexander, of Wilson, Law, cf Co.
Law, Robt., agricultural implement, boiler
and machine maker, engineer, mill-
wright, and waggon builder.
Law, Robert, jun.
Lawson, Mrs. John, grocer, Eastmuir.
Leckie, Mrs., spirit dealer, Eastmuir.
Levy, James, grocer, Eastmuir.
M'Clure, Ashcroft, & Co., shawl-printers,
M'Farlane, George, tailor, Eastmuir.
M'Gregor, Jas., grocer, Cranhill cottage,
M'Intyre, Mrs. Jas., grocer, Roughazie.
Miller, John, corkcutter.
Miller, William, smith, Roughazie.
Park, Archibald, wright, Eastmuir.
Paterson, James, grocer and spirit dealer.
Paterson, John, spirit dealer, Sandyhills.
Paterson, R., spirit dealer, Barrochnie.
Perrit, Thomas, spirit dealer.
Pollock, Robert, tea dealer.
Ramsay, Robert, Sandyhill store.
Reid, John, spirit dealer, Eastmuir.
Richardson, Jas., grocer and spirit dealer.
Robertson, Geo., spirit dealer, Barrochnie.
Robertson, James, Shettleston tavern.
Squire, Robert, builder, Eastmuir.
Stark, William, joiner, Roughazie.
Stevenson, Miss, grocer.
Thomson, George, bootmaker, Eastmuir
Thomson, R., shoemaker, Roughazie.
Wallace, Thomas, grocer.
Waddell, Robert, grocer, Sandyhills.
Waddell, Thomas, Gartcraig.
White, Charles, spirit dealer.
White, William, teacher, Roughazie.
Adams, John, Larchgrove.
Buchanan, Wallace, Mount Yernon.
Campbell, Donald, Greenfield house.
Cruden, James, Wellhouse.
Grant, George, manuf., Barlanack house.
Hannah, Alexander, Sandyhills.
Henry, Charles, teacher, Barrochnie.
Houston, John, Sandyhill house.
Leckie, Rev. John, Earlybraes.
M"Ara, Peter, mercht, Springboag house.
M'Lean, John, jun., Gartcraig house.
M'Nair, R., coalmaster, Gartcraig cottage.
Mather, Reston, Provanhall.
Mather, Robert, Budhill.
Morrison, John G., Craigend.
Murdoch, James, Carntyne.
Murdoch, Robert, Cranhill.
Paterson, Adam, Garthamloch.
Paterson, Robert, coalmaster.
Ramsay, Robert, Wellhouse cottage.
Reid, James, Garthamloch.
Speirs, John, farmer, Gartcraig.
Stewart, Peter, Springboag cottage.
Todd, John, Glenduffhill.
Todd, Richmond, Southmains.
Turnbull, John, Birrlinnie.
Wilson, John P., Green.
A considerable portion of the district of
this village having recently been added
to the free delivery of Glasgow, parties
resident within the free circle are now
entered in the Glasgow Directory.
This will account for the disappearance
of many names hitherto entered here.
Aitken, Mrs., Eastpark.
Alison, Sir Archd., Bart., Possil house.
Allan, T., &Co., Springbank Ironworks.
Baird, Walter, builder.
Bonnie, James, Eastpark.
Berry & Anderson, Misses, Springbank
Retreat ; private asylum for ladies.
Bishop, James, grocer and spirit dealer.
Brinkley, John, & Co., flint and whiting
works, and flour miller, North Woodside.
Brown, Andrew, quarrier, Kippoch.
Currie, John, Firhill farm.
Cranston, George, Eastpark.
Caughie, David, Eastpark.
Davidson, James, Ruchill.
Downie, John, & Co., ironfounders, North,
Woodside Iron Works.
Fairbairn, Mrs., spirit dealer.
Falconer, Patrick, Hopehill house.
George, Robert, grocer.
Glennie, G., & Co.. Springbank Ironworks.
Gordon, Andrew, Kippoch store.
Grove, John, grocer and spirit'dealer.
Hannay, Dr., Bower Bank cottage, North
Harold, James, Kirklee.
Hunter, Sons, & Co., Glasgow Alum
Works ; counting-ho. 32 Buchanan St.
Jamieson, Patrick, Eastpark.
Kissock, Thos., grocer and spirit dealer.
M'Connell, J. & H., bleachers of cope
hank and webs. Orders left at Gibb
& Clarke's, 19 Wilson street.
M'Cosh, W., minibus proprietor, Eastpark.
M'Dougall, A., wine merchant, Eastpark.
M'Farlane, James, Venetian blindmaker
and joiner, North Woodside road.
M'Lachlan, C, flesher.

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