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38 Legate, Miss J. B., teacher, School
of Industry, New road ; house,
35 Whitevale street.
99 M'Arthur, D., smith, VVestmuir.
204 Macaulay, J. B., teacher, Barony
Parochial School, 36 New road;
residence, Wester Carntyne.
M'Culloch, John, toll contractor, 128
Great Eastern road.
18 M'Ewan, Jas., house-factor, Helen-
vale street, Great Eastern road.
242 M'Feat, Thos., Great Eastern road.
11 M'Kerracher, R., wright, Burgher st,
202 M'Nee, Wm, spirit dealer, Gt. E. rd.
200 M'Pherson, Alex., slater, Gt. E. rd.
M'Laughlin, Rev. Patrick, Roman
Catholic clergyman, Dalbeath cot.
13 Malloch, D., teacher, Westmuir.
29 Marshall, John, grocer, Westmuir.
281 Martin, A., beamer, Gt. Eastern rd.
244 Mather, Jas., flesher, Gt. Eastern rd.
321 Millar, Allison, victualler, Gt. E. rd.
16 Moffat, John, purchaser, Parkhead
and Westmuir Economical Society,
Westmuir street.
18 Moffat, Thos., cowfeedsr, New road.
379 Montgomery, H., grocer, Gt. Ea. rd.
333 Muir, Robert, Post-off., Gt. East. rd.
305 Murray, J., grocer and spirit dealer,
319 Great Eastern road.
361 Naismith, Mrs., tea dealer, Great
Eastern road.
378 Orr, John, spirit dealer, Burnbank
tavern, Great Eastern road.
116 Phail, Alexander, carter, Camlachie.
Parkhead Forge Company, manu-
facturers of every description of
forgings, New road; Wm. Rigby,
manager, Netherfield; ho. Duke st.
90 Rae, Andrew, carter, Camlachie.
224 Rae, Wm., carter, Gt. Eastern road.
40 Ramsay, Robert, tailor, Westmuir.
94 Rennie, A., sheriff-officer, Camlachie.
363 Richardson, Wm., beamer, Gt. E. rd.
236 Robb, Wm., carter, Gt. Eastern rd.
195 Robertson, Charles, superintendent,
Eastern Necrop. ; ho. 195 Gt,E. rd.
117 Russell, Alex., saddler, Camlachie.
61 Russell, Alex., grocer, Camlachie.
194 Sommerville, W., carter, Gt. E. rd.
80 Steedman, George, commercial tra-
veller, Dalmarnock street.
Stark, T., & Co., brickmakers, Yeate
street, Camlac. ; house, Porter st.
62 Steel, Thomas, victualler and grocer,
99, 62 Great E. road ; house, 5
Coalhill street, Camlachie.
Stevenson, Wm., farmer, Newlands.
7 Strachan, Thomas, smith, Burgher st.
Stewart, John, spirit dealer, 53 Dal-
marnock street.
Taylor, Henry John, Springbank.
94 Tudhope, Wm., wright, Camlachie.
15 Waddell, James, grocer, 'VVestmuir,
comb and spoon manufacturer, 35
Trongate ; works, 15 Westmuir st.
25 Wallace, Wm., and Sons, bleachers,
Burnbank. Letters and orders
left at 5 W. Nile st. ; ho. B.bank.
Wallace, James, of Wm. Wallace <§
Son; ho. Burnbank. Letters left
at 5 West Nile street.
345 Watson, Gilbert, baker, Gt. E. road.
11 Watson, R., gro. spir. dea , We.-.tmuir.
58 Wellwood, S., spirit dealer, Gt. E. rd.
Wilson, Geo., Dalmarnock Colliery.
108 Wilson, Wm., spir. dea., Camlachie.
143 Wilson, Wm., grocer, Westmuir.
286 Wilson, Wm., flesher, Gt. E. road.
Willison, Mrs , spirit dealer, 48 New
road, Parkhead.
192 Winning, J., spir. dealer, Westmuir.
Young, Thomas, surgeon and drug-
gist, 70 Gt. Eastern road.
274 Young, Wm., surgeon, Gt. E. road.
David Tod, Esq., senior magistrate.
Moses Hunter, Esq., Robert Paterson, Esq.,
junior magistrates.
David Barr.
Robert Dick.
James Napier.
David Ralston.
George Richmond.
Alex. C. Shanks.
James Thomson.
John Walker, jun.
John White.
Jas. Paterson, M.D., M.R.C.S.E., surg.
William Robertson, surveyor.
Gavin Paisley, treasurer.
M. Walker, clerk.
Paul M'Coll, superintendent of police,
and fiscal.
Aikman, Peter, Hamilton crescent.
Aikman, Thomson, Hamilton crescent.
Aitken, James, Beachwood.
Aked, John Smyth, finisher, Jordanbank.
Allan, Arthur, Laurelbank.
Allan, John, Laurelbank.
Allan, William, wine and spirit mercht.
Alexander, J. S., Westfield ter. Partickh.
Anderson, Archd., painter, Hayburn cot.
Anderson, Rev. Henry, Meadowbank pL
Anderson, John, Hamilton crescent.
Anderson, John, Windsor place.
Anderson, John, builder, 14 Douglas St. ;
yard and office, Anderson street.
Anderson, William, Hamilton crescent.
Anderson and Kennedy, grocers, wine and
spirit merchants, Windsor place.

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